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    Himika Storage

    Himikan Wildcat (Lynx)
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    Himika Storage

    The minimum wage in Himika is currently 0.00, meaning that there is no federal minimum wage. Some jurisdictions however, have their own minimum wages set. Nationally, efforts to establish a Minimum wage have usually been met with stark opposition from many in politics and in business.
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    2020 dem primary spam points

    First candidate to get 1,885 delegates (spam points) wins the nomination: Every Saturday the candidate with the least number of delegates (spam points) gets knocked off the list. Otherwise usual rules apply!! Michael Bennet: 0 Joe Biden: 0 Bill de Blasio: 0 Cory Booker: 0 Steve Bullock: 0 Pete...
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    Himika Storage

    Vaccine skeptics and general skepticism of the process remains prevalent in Himika, despite many Governmental organizations urging the use of vaccines. Myths such as the “vaccines cause mental illness” claims also exist within Himika. However, the trend of vaccine skepticism has gradually eroded...
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    The sale of most narcotics within Himika are banned and punishable by death, or a prison sentence between 10 to 25 years with a 700 H (Himikan Yen) fine slapped on to that. However, medical cannabis is fully legal, with license, and is even encouraged by some localities.
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    Local News Topic

    THE DUCKMAN: TRUTH UNVEILED ARTICLE 1: HISTORY The Himikan Duckman, or the Akumahiru (The Demon Duck) within Himika, is an elusive cryptid animal tracked by many cryptozoologists and hunters of the truth. It is most often reported as living in the regions west of the Himikan North-South...
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    Himika Storage

    Civil Rights in Himika: - Voting Rights Act of 1973 passed April 19, 1973 = Rights to vote extended to every legal citizen in Himika 18 or older, and may not be infringed for any reason other than a felony crime. - Civil Rights Act of 1973 passed April 21, 1973 = Discrimination on the basis of...
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    Himika Storage

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    Himika Storage

    Himika is a nation on Meterra, with 178,947 sq. km. with a population of 69,408,289 and 387.87 people psqkm. The population is 84.89 percent Sinnitic, mainly ethnically Himikan, 14.8 of Gotic descent, mainly from Maloria, and .31 percent being other races.
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    Pan-Gotic Union

    Minister Kiriyama clapped his hands together before speaking. "Now that I have your attention, the Foreign Affairs Minister will be talking on behalf of Himika.", he said loudly. "We have recently applied to join the Pan-Gotic Union as an observer nation to better help us extend goodwill and...
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    Syrixia's Worldbuilding Game

    President Baker has an affinity for sniffing markers that cause a small high, and also refluttering various internet memes.
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    Pan-Gotic Union

    The United Republic of Himika humbly requests that the body grant it Observer Status due to its past as a former colony of one of the body's members, Maloria-Kanada, and it's large minority population of Gotics that reside within the nation. Signed, President Luke D. Baker Foreign Affairs...
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    Meterra Economic Treaty Association

    The United Republic of Himika would like to request to join the Meterran Economic Association and petitions the body for full membership. Signed, President Luke Baker Minister Dana Kiriyama
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    World Leaders Information Thread

    Birth Name: Luke Ford Baker Official Title: President of the United Republic of Himika Styles: His Exalted Highness, the President of the United Republic of Himika Honors: Commander-in-chief Previous Offices: Governor of Umihi (2001-2009) Senator from Umihi (2009-2019) Party: Himikan...