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    [GA - AT VOTE - FOR] Protected Working Leave

    Against Reason: According to the definition of a worker in the resolution, people who engage in part-time work, freelancing, or contractual work on a weekly basis would need to be provided paid working leave. Given these are often short jobs that provide additional income source for many...
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    [GA - PASSED] Repeal "Landfill Regulation Act"

    For Reasons: 1) The mandate of creating a separate agency is pointless. Many nations may delegate landfill work to private corporations through tenders or use public corporations. This one is trivial and I understand it does not necessarily pose an undue burden. 2) The resolution uses this...
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    Results: November 2020 Judicial Election

    Congratulations to Justices Vivanco, SaintPeter, and Lord Lore
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    Voting: November 2020 Judicial Election

    Court Justice: 1. < Vivanco > 2. < saintpeter > 3. < Honeydewistan > 4. < Comfed> Would you like to reopen nominations? < No >
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    [GA - PASSED] Landfill Regulation Act

    Against This landfill has no coverage on how poor countries fund the compliance costs.
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