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    Voting: January 2020 General Election

    Delegate: 1. Felis 2. Nessuno 3. mcmasterdonia Would you like to reopen nominations? No Vice Delegate: Robespierre Would you like to reopen nominations? No Attorney General: Hopps Would you like to reopen nominations? No Speaker: Deropia Would you like to reopen nominations? No
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    Training Operations

    They forced me out of my armchair. Was not comfy. Did some detags. *Rat pun.* Regions detagged: Kola The Democracy Pact The New Pacific The Outer Rim The Hegemony Soldiers participating: Malphe Zazumo Bobberino Quietdad Rom Ocelot Doez PROMOTIONS: @Doez is promoted to Private First Class for...
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    World Cleanup (NPA/SPSF/RRA/ERN): 29 September 2019

    Was a very fun and efficiently done op. Glad to work with so many other orgs ^-^
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    Training Operations

    NPA did a tag thing this minor. Fendas too busy with N-day so much fun was had. Four people showed up with a notice of like 2 minutes so :D for that Regions: Devious Tyrant Soldiers: Bobberino (trigger) Agadir (point) Zazumo Malphe
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    Minister of Defense Appointment

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    The Vexillum Billum

    I mean, I'm not 100% sure people understand how much the TNP flag has been played around with. By me, by dozens of other people, for fun or to come up with a new TNP flag or a new NPA flag etc etc. You could probably find a pretty similar flag to lots of obvious designs somebody could propose...
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    The Better Banner Bill

    Yeh this makes way more sense to me than the other alternatives that have been proposed. I don't think the whole how-to-tell-if-official-dispatch thing is really an issue, if it's not posted by TNL then it's not official right? If someone can't just check the author then not our issue. If they...
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    The Vexillum Billum

    Yeh it has the same symbolism (white wave things were always in the flag, north star was added in with the current version I think so a bit newer) which is why I said it's not a bad flag, but it's still a massive deviation from all the previous TNP flags. It's always been that blue-white-blue...
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    The Vexillum Billum

    I'm not sure. Have always liked the TNP flag even if it doesn't make very much sense vexillologically speaking and changing it that drastically does feel pretty weird, though I do get the reasoning and defo not a bad looking flag. ergh
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    [SC - Passed] Condemn The New Inquisition

    I believe some people in other place have been pulling the "they're dead and gone so it doesn't matter" argument. Also worth noting that WALL is probs pretty biased towards voting against, though idk how much of a consideration that is for peeps rn.
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    Count to 10 before Bobberino posts

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    Resignation Stuff

    Due to some external pressures I'm trying to cut down on my responsibilities on NS + I don't think I've been fulfilling these jobs properly lately. I hereby resign as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs as well as all my ambassadorships (Canada, Lazarus, Stargate). Been wonderful working with...
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    [CLOSED]Voting: July 2019 Judicial Elections

    Court Justice (select up to 3): < Dreadton | Lady Raven Wng | Gorundu > Would you like to reopen nominations? < No >
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    Oaths of Office

    I, Malphe, do hereby solemnly swear that during my term as Gameside Advocate, I will uphold the ideals of Democracy, Freedom, and Justice of The Region of The North Pacific. I will use the powers and rights granted to me through The North Pacific Constitution and Legal Code in a legal...