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    Regional Assembly Membership Applications

    Thank you!
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    My Nekront Account

    Thanks buddy! That's much better.
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    Regional Assembly Membership Applications

    My TNP Nation: GoalVA My WA Nation: Rock McLargeHuge I, the leader of The North Pacific nation of GoalVA, pledge loyalty to The North Pacific, obedience to her laws, and responsible action as a member of her society. I pledge to only register one nation to vote in The North Pacific. I pledge...
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    My Nekront Account

    Just call it Rock McLargeHuge if you like. I can resign and reapply if you neccesary.
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    My Nekront Account

    Yup, it's the older of the accounts. I was hoping you could rename NeKront to GoalVA and call the old GoalVA one something else until I could 're-reply to certain topics so they make sense. I realise I am being a huge pain in the ass.
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    RA Membership List

    :facepalm: :facepalm:
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    Where I am.

    Urmom. Or The UK.
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    I was the best minister.
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    *sidles in*

    Bloody hell, is the Southern Poof/Scottish Twat :o How are you, sir? Where the bloody hell have you been? Drinking expensive Whiskey in Soho whilst wearing a Kilt and complaining about the cold weather?
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    Auf Wiedersehen!!

    You guys just lost something special, you know. Hail Poltsamaa! Saviour of TNP!
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    Another Holy Empire? Haha, welcome, you'll probably never see me again :o
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    Indie's Inanities

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    Question to the delegate

    First of all, The only reason I am here, and mentioning anything about my Real Life is because I know the ability of some of our members to cause shit without reason. I don't play NS anymore, so it doesn't matter to me but Becca doesn't deserve it. Secondly, We're friends. That is it...
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    /me slaps Poe with a trout

    Haha, the NMC struck her off. Good thing too, I'd hate to work with someone like that.
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    Question to the delegate

    Hail Honeysheep, new Queen of TNP!