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Short Stories of the Principality; Semi-Closed Short Stories about the Principality. Anyone can post as long as they check with me beforehand.
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I Need To Stop Doing This To Myself

Behind Her Ironclad Heart

Story Summary: Solo-Closed RP about Veronica Yuki and her lover, Akira Zetsu

Part One

Veronica was spent. It's been one hectic thing after another and there was simply not enough time to unwind. She was done...and she needed to get away from everything.

Departing from Xia with as few Guards as could be spared, she leaves the massive city behind, going back to the town that she loves most dearly. Nothing could beat being home. The smells of Seta's marketplace. The sounds of the crowd going about their business.

Contrary to popular belief, Yukkira wasn't a well-oiled machine. Rather, it was a well-supported super-organism. Each part supported each other, knowing fully that the others would not slack.

To that end, although the punishments are harsh, they are rarely meted out.

As she steps off her personal SUV, she breathes in the air that she only knew as the smell of home. The House was alive with activity as business carried on as usual. Those that noticed her bowed and paid their respects before going on about their business.

"You're finally home," says a voice from the crowd. Veronica didn't need to see her face though to know who it was. She was the only person Veronica told as she drove home. The only person she trusted in-full thereafter her mother, her brother, and the Regents who were her aunts.


Part Two

I frankly don't understand why she likes me. Or why she ever took me under her wing. I will never know why she choose to fast-track me through the ranks of the Imperial Yukkirian Guard. I don't have the guts to ask that question. I will never know what she sees in me either. Quite frankly, I don't know what I see in me.

But she called me, to tell me, she's coming home. And as she hung up the phone, I told my Overseer Council and War Cabinet that I was taking a few days off. This was not the first time; nor do I doubt it will be the last. And they do not know why I do, only that I've never been reprimanded for doing so. And that's all the explanation they're obligated to.

They're big boys and girls. They don't need me to operate.

As she gets out of her SUV, my pulse races just a little. I have to restrain myself, knowing that one false move could mean the end of my career; my life in fact.
But as I welcome her home, and she calls out my name, all my doubts begin to melt away. She doesn't treat anyone else like this, so why would she be against me? I think to myself.

I walk up to her, and she embraces me for what feels like a long moment in time. I can feel the tension melting away from her shoulders, her arms, and her chest. A weight being lifted might've been an understatement.

It was more like, she became normal. In that moment, she transformed. She was not the regal and imposing Crown Princess of the Principality. She was not the Heir Apparent to the Imperial Throne.

She was not even part of the Nobility. As if the titles themselves were like chains that had wrapped around her tightly and became a living tomb.

Instead, as she asked me to come away with her, I can only nod and begin to pick up my luggage off the ground. She helps me load it into the SUV, and I begin to think to myself...

Veronica was just another girl. A sweet and kind individual. Almost like these flowers I brought for her.

Part Three

We were going to our special place. It was in an isolated spot on the coast of the Principality. It was so isolated, that the dirt clearing for the SUVs was little more than a small clearing with a small concrete building.

As the bay door opens to the smell of the sea, wild palm trees, and a rare wild Yukkira that has almost gone extinct, I take a look at her.

She tilts her head slightly, wondering what I was thinking. Her hair falls past her shoulders with a smell like sweet honey. I can tell she's been using my favorite shampoo. Her eyes, although a deep red, beaconed to me to take her hand and never let go.
Not yet, I say restraining myself, the Guards will see. Not that they could do anything. I am the Crown Princess and Heir Apparent to Yukkira. What I do is beholden only to my mother.

And even she doesn't even know half the things that I do.

I think that's the perk for having the Empress as your mother. She might have the time and the ability to keep up with me but because of her obligations, she chooses not to.

Instead, I can be me when I want to be me. And I can be the Crown Princess when I want to be the Crown Princess. In that sense, I guess I was a little harsh on my brother this morning. Because even as I'm not immune to the pressure that builds, I can only imagine how he feels about his responsibilities.

I should apologize later, I think making a mental note for when we get back. But for now, the Guards begin to unload our luggage from the back trunk, and I take my first steps back into a world away from it all.

A clear blue sky welcomes me. One that doesn't shine through the grey industrial smog of Xia too often. Birds, not found anywhere else, sing in the trees and on the beach not far from where we were. She walks up behind me and wraps her arm around my own, and instantly, electric goes up my back.

I look at her...and my breathe catches in my throat. "Akira...the Guards." She's...stunning. I can't remember the last time I really looked at her like this. I can't look away from the way her skin shines in the sunlight. Or how her delicate little hands fit my own.

One of my Guards approach us after she finishes putting our luggage on a small automatic cargo hauler. Bracing myself for what I thought would come next, I inhale...

As the Guard takes off her helmet. Her hair is blonde, cut short into a neat bobby-cut. Her eyes are a piercing grey, and she has a piercing below the lower-right of her lip. She first bows to pay her respects before saying,

"I've dismissed the others to our house on the other side of the clearing and I gave them instructions not to disturb you if they could help it."

I was stunned. Where was the inquiry into Akira and I? Where was the question searching for why we were here? Did she already know?

"I'm sorry but do you...?" I say questioning her in an uncharacteristic manner. I begin to sweat a little thinking it was a dead give-away.

She instead puts her hands up.

"It's not my business to know Princess. Neither is it anyone's but your own. The last few times you did this, I made sure I was the one in command of your escort. Nothing that happens here will walk out with me. Please feel free to-"

Before she finishes her sentence, my hand has left Akira's and instead, I'm tackling this Guard that I didn't even know, who might as well have been my own guardian angel. She is startled, but she slowly returns the warmth. I was on the edge tears; thinking this one place that was truly my own would've been so no longer.

"My Princess, you don't have to do this."

I look her in the eyes, filled with tears, and I tell her from the bottom of my heart,

"Thank you. I don't know your name, but thank you. You don't know how much this place means to me."
She wipes away a rogue tear going down my cheek that got away.

"My name is Naomi Shizuka my Princess. If you must know."

"Please...you can call me Veronica."

"Alright, Veronica. Don't worry about any of this. I was once your age too...I actually don't know how you do it everyday. Handling the affairs of the Principality while still being a girl. To be able to see you let go like this, as one of your Royal Guards, charged with your safety and well-being, it brings joy to my heart and ease to my mind. And although the others aren't allowed to see this, I think they know."

I let go of Naomi and turn to instead, the hand that I left, the head I get to snuggle with, and the eyes that never left me. I reach out for her and she willingly comes. She knows that every choice for now until we leave is her own. For I am not so selfish to covet this little paradise all to myself.

"Where do you want to go?" She asks me.

I run my hand down her cheek, and she clutches it almost jealously. Naomi is gone, and it's just me and her alone with each other.

"Wherever you go," I say in reply.

The sun is a bright light that gives life to everything that it touches out of love and indifference to all that they do. From the most humble of plants to the farmers that grow them. From the pacifistic nations to the Most Glorious Principality of Yukkira. If the sun grows all things then...

I think I've found my sun.

Part Four

She can be so different sometimes. One moment she's taking the lead and the next, she becomes shy and can't figure out how to put one foot in front of the other. It's almost like gazing at the moon and figuring out that the dark side of the moon is actually warmer than the part that we can see, here on Earth.

It's this part of her that I can cherish. When she talks to me as the Crown Princess, she becomes almost cold and all-business. She becomes something to be desired but unattainable; a statue on a pedistal towering ten miles high. She becomes a beacon of hope and a hero for all. She almost becomes divine, in a way. Like if you were privileged to fall under her gaze, you should fall on your knees and sing her praise.

But here, in this place, all that blinding light fades. Her skin, being used to covered in her shining armor, glows white as it's touched by the light. Her hair, normally done in such a way that allows her crown to sit perfectly upon her head, flows freely.

I think I like her without all that make-up. On this beach, under this parasol, with her hand in mine, I wish I could stay like this forever. When she found this place, she told me this small little cove was a little less than perfect. There were no rocks to block the endlessly crashing waves from ruining the peaceful bliss of the still-calm waters. There was no net to keep the sharks and jellyfish from entering. And most importantly...

There was no me. At least back then.

She said that when she first saw me on the training grounds during one of her yearly inspections, that it took all her strength not to call me out. I frankly don't believe that. She's proven to have the patience of a hunting white tiger, the martial prowlness of her grandfather, and the intelligence and instinct of those fabled beasts of yore.

To me back then, she was just a face. Yes, she was the Crown Princess, but I was still a Retainer; not a Noble. I wasn't a life worth living.

I can't believe how stupid I was.

I remember one day, after being assigned to a barracks on the base near Xia, that my Captain told me that I had been specifically requested to conduct special training with a group of high-ranking officers on Imperial Palace grounds. My Captain hated me for that. I was still green, and here was someone already taking a liking to me. It almost made me want to hate myself as well. Why me? I questioned.

Waking up that next morning, I remember biking to the Palace, wondering what I was doing. If I should continue to go through with this or if I should turn back and sleep in. It was a Saturday, and there was nothing scheduled. It'll be okay, I remember thinking, I'll just go and do my best.

It's all I could do.

But she was there, waiting for me. "Rookie! Fall-in!" she shouts, calling me out. And as she called me out, I realized...

I had caught the attention of the Crown Princess herself. Just what did I do?

The answer to that question, even now as she holds me in her arms, I still do not know. But as I find myself doubting her, like the arms around me now, she comforts me and makes all my worries go away. She says she wants to never let me go.

And strange enough, I feel the same. In this place that is our own, away from the world that allowed us to meet, I look at her, and she looks at me.

Such beautiful eyes. Such a tender loving heart. She says she can be strong for the both of us, to which I tell her, "No." She looks at me with worried eyes, and my answer to them rests gently upon her lips.

"I am yours because you are mine. We are strong because of each other."

She pulls me in tighter, and I tug at her closer. And in that moment, I become lost in her embrace. As I know she does in mine.

Part Finale

It's been two weeks. Longer than it should've. But when I get there with her, I can barely bring myself to leave. It's like willingly walking back into a forest full of dangerous beasts without a weapon. Or willingly sleeping on a bed of needles.

Or receiving a thorned-rose.

I love her, but I love my country. I can't be without one or the other. And not even my mother can make me choose.

Right now...if I had to, I've give up my Crown. It's gotten to the point where if I imagine a world without this scarlet red child, I begin to choke. I can't breathe. Almost as if the very Earth itself was disgusted at the very idea of such an existence. Tears begin to well up in my eyes and my heart begins to stop. It's not rational. No...it's not.

But the heart knows what it wants.

I can't do it. If ever, this delicate balance were shattered...everything would fall a part. I look at her with hungry eyes as we sit in the back of the SUV. I need to feel her hand, her cheek, her skin. I don't know if she feels the same. Maybe she has better self-control than me. I don't know. I don't want to know.

All I know is that right now, I want to go back.

As we near the Imperial Palace, a chill goes up my spine as over the radio,

"Veronica. Akira, when you arrive, come and see me in the Gardens."

The Imperial Gardens was a bay of green in a sea of grey. Flower bushes create intricate patterns around a fountain near some benches shaded under large parasols. It's one of my more favorite parts of the Palace. For the most part, it stays segregated from the hustle and bustle native to the inside and front of the Palace.

It would've almost been tranquil if there has been birds singing to the song of the fountain.

As we arrive at the Palace, going through the front gate and parking just off to the left side of the front of the Palace, Naomi says over the radio, "Royal Guards. Disembark and unload. Lord-Commander, Crown Princess, if you could please remain for a moment, I'd like to give my mission report."

It was a simple request. Not one out of the ordinary. Albeit, except to me and Akira. The Guards did not know that we knew Naomi. And really, what I heard Naomi say was "I'd like to speak to you two for a moment before you leave to see the Empress."

She told us it will be alright. Akira hugged Naomi and thanked her.

"Naomi...I don't know how to thank you."

She looks at me straight in the eyes; not an easy thing to do for anyone not in the upper echelons of the Imperial Court. She puts my hand in her hands. They feel firm and strong, like granite.

"Where is that strong-willed Princess I know you to be? You should know better than me that you, of all people, owe someone like me, nothing. I am your humble servant your Majesty. It is both a privilege and an honor to protect and serve you in all that I can."

I cried. It's not everyday that I meet someone as selfless and as thoughtful as her. To only have known her for a meager two weeks is a sin not easily forgiven.

I knew then, how to repay her.

"Stand by me then," I say.

"I beg your pardon Princess?"

"I will tell your Lord-Overseer that from now on, you, and whomever you choose, will directly report to me. You will serve me and advise me, on all that I ask your services of. In return for your service, prove yourselves worthy, and I will make you all Lords and Nobility of Yukkira," I say with a firm and tempered voice.

"If this is the will of Yukkira, I will obey without question. For the nation, our lives are forfeit."

"No Naomi. From now on, your lives are forfeit to no one."

I can feel it. That power that I hold in my hands. The power that when invoked, destroys nations and forges peace. My feet feel more sure, for the ground I step upon is sanctified by my grace. My shoulders roll back and I begin to stand more straight.

My head is held high, as is only my birthright. I am not only the Will of the Most Glorious Principality of Yukkira, the Crown Princess of the Imperial Empress, and Heir Apparent to the Throne.

I am the harbinger of change that will move the Principality forward into the oncoming sun. A light for all to behold. The truth made manifest.

"Veronica..." says a timid voice besides me, "you're almost glowing."

I turn to my beloved and I kiss her, pulling her to me and startling her. No longer will the two halves of me stay separate from one another. For my mother does not rule over two halves of the Principality. She does not rule over two halves of an Imperial Court.

She did not mother two daughters.

Almost as if the stars themselves were aligning, I realized what I must do when I confront my mother.

And as Akira passionately returns my feelings back, I know in my heart that all will be right. Because if she's by my side, I can be both strong and humble. If she is with me, I can be myself, through and through. I know that if Akira choose to love me as I do her, the world might end, the Principality fallen, and my mother and brother taken.

I know that if she's with me when it all falls to pieces, I'll be alright.

Leading her out into the courtyard with Naomi following shortly behind, Naomi shouts,

"All hail to the Empress! May all glory and honor forever be her's! All hail! All hail!"

She repeats it, over and over, until the crowd in front of us are chanting it with her. As it infects those outside the Imperial Palace, the Retainers stop whatever they are doing in order to pay homage to their beloved mother and ruler. As I scan around the courtyard, Imperial Lords and Imperial troops stand in salute. Paper-pushers and servant maids wave frantically hoping I might look upon them. A patrol of Orion-class fighters do a fly-by above the Imperial Palace after noticing the cacophony, causing the crowd to roar their chant even louder.

"It is both an honor and pleasure, my Imperial Highess," says Naomi. The way she said it, she must've had the biggest grin on her face.

"It's not my time," I say. But it's coming. Oh, there's no doubt about it. I start for the Gardens, taking Akira by the hand, having faith that Naomi would follow. Nothing in the world could stop me from becoming who I am.

Fear me world. For I have arrived.

"Hmmm," I muse to my two sisters, Regents Kaori and Orochi, "Do you think it's time that I abdicate?" I can hear them chanting the Imperial Blessing. Normally, the chant can be heard on my birthday or on special occasions, like a declaration or on the eve of a triumphant victory.

But today, I know that praise is not for me.

My sisters look at each other and then back to me. "I'll support your decision," Kaori says, "whatever it might be." Orochi nods in agreement, adding, "Do what you think is best for the Principality, Kirin. We both know what will happen when your daughter takes power."

Do what I think is best, I think to myself. What a perfectly dubious proposal. In the end, I will step-down from the Throne. That is a foregone conclusion. Barring anything bad happening.

The real question is when.

As my daughter approaches, Akira at her side, I stand, as do my sisters. For before us, leading to the table at which we sit, were two lines of Royal Guards, twenty men deep. Standing at attention in ceremonial attire, they stood at attention with war spear standing upright upon the down-trodden path.

But my daughter knows no fear. For as she passes each pair of Guards with her own escort following, they stand stoically like a gateway made of white cotton and sashes of purple.

"I have come as you have requested mother," she says standing a few feet away from the table. She bows, as is proper etiquette. Akira and her escort follow suite.


I begin to walk towards her. Like a mountain lion inspecting a group of deer coming closer. She does not flinch as I walk up to her; neither does Akira.

"Do you love her?"

My daughter was surprisingly, not taken aback. She instead answers subtly by taking Akira's hand and holding it tightly.

I walk up to Akira and ask, "Do you love my daughter?"

She answers firmly, "Yes, my Empress." I can hear it in her voice. She is scared. And yet, her she stands in defiance of me. A brave girl indeed.

I walk back up to my daughter.

"It is against tradition to marry when upon the Throne of Yukkira," I say it matter-of-factly, and let it sit there; watching for any reaction.

My daughter responds, "But it is not against the law."

I bite back saying, "I am the law Veronica. Know your place!"

She shouts back, "I am your daughter!"

And in reply, I say, "And I am your Empress!"

Again, the air hangs with tension. But, my daughter realizes that she will not win this through brute force and she resigns the effort.

Instead, she does exactly what I wanted her to do.

She takes a deep breath and she looks at me with what she thinks are stoic eyes. What I see instead are her worst fears coming to fruition. She looks at Akira, then looking me dead in the eyes, she says,

"Then I relinquish my rights to the Crown. To be your Heir and to the Imperial Court."

I let her declaration sit for a moment, before telling her, "Are you sure this is your decision Veronica? Once you go down this road, you can never come back."

She takes another deep breath and my heart aches for her.

"Mother," she says with tears welling up in her eyes. She looks back at Akira then to me, "I'm sorry but I love her. And if forced to choose, I choose her."

I give up. I throw my arms around both my daughter and Akira, not being able to stand the thought of having to make my daughter choose any longer.

She has proven enough.

"Mom..?" She says confused.

I look at her with tears in my eyes, "I could not have had a more perfect daughter. Emperor's grace I'm so happy for you!"

"Mom...," she says barely holding it together. I can hear her voice breaking, almost as if she weren't expecting this at all. No one there did with exception of Kaori and Orochi who were all smiles.

Walking up to us, I take a step back to let my sisters say what they wished to say.

"Congratulations little one!" Says Kaori tackling Veronica. Veronica's in tears at this point, to the point where she could barely even speak.

"I thought...I was...about to...loose you auntie." She manages to say without ever letting go of Akira's hand.

Orochi confronts Akira. After inspecting her, puts a firm hand on Akira's shoulder, adding, "If you ever do something to hurt my niece. If you're not dead then, you will be."

I can't help but laugh.

In this world we live in, I've come to understand that change could be likened to stumbling upon a stash of hidden treasure. Sometimes, that treasure is composed of gold, silver, and riches beyond your imagination. Sometimes it can be relics; artifacts of a bygone age with significance lost to the testament of time. And other times, it might be old books or scrolls or writings of a sorts that give insight to what those who lived before thought about, lived about, and spoke about. To one person or another, one or more of these treasures might be useless. And truthfully to me, I could care less about such material things.

For today, I've found something I thought could not be found again. Not after I lost him. Today, I celebrate the fact that somehow, some way, my daughter has found happiness in the same way I had once before.

Can you see them Nick? Can you see them? I fervently thought. I hope you can because today, my love, I've found hearts...

made of gold.
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"For the nation, our lives are forfeit."
The Most Glorious Principality of [nation]Yukkira[/nation]

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I Need To Stop Doing This To Myself

Happy Holidays

Story Summary: The fire is burning, the tree is decorated, and the snow is gently falling. Time soldiers on and feelings change. What's next for the Crown Princess and her beloved?

Part One

Veronica sips from a cup of hot cocoa. While gazing out over the balcony of her room at her family's castle at Seta. As the wind runs through her stark black hair, her phone goes off.

Veronica (after picking up the call): "Hello?"

Akira: "Hey Veronica. What're you up to?"

Veronica: "Hey Akira. I'm currently relaxing in my room. Why?"

Akira: "I've been thinking... that I need to talk to you about something."

Veronica: "About what love?"

Akira: "I can't say over the phone. I'd like to talk to you in person."

Veronica: "We can just talk now. And besides, aren't you back in Nioki right now? Helping Auntie Kaori?"

Akira (in person): "Well, I wouldn't say that..."

Veronica turns around to find Akira, wearing a snow-white beanie with about three layers of clothing on, standing behind her. Veronica quickly puts down her cup and embraces her girlfriend.

Veronica (running a hand down Akira's cheek): "What are you doing here?"

Akira: "I came to spend Christmas with you."

Veronica: "But what about Kaori and-"

Akira: "Kaori told me to stop worrying about the Imperial Court. She's having Shika help with the paperwork instead and she wanted to make sure her niece had wonderful Christmas."

Quickly gathering her cup and transmitter, Veronica ushers Akira inside, as the wind picks up, and it becomes cold outside. As she does, she silently thanks her Auntie, counts her blessings, and smiles just a little. Indeed, this will be a wonderful Christmas, she thinks to herself.
"For the nation, our lives are forfeit."
The Most Glorious Principality of [nation]Yukkira[/nation]

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A day had passed since Marcus had arrived in the Principality of Yukkira from the Empire of Lozinak. He considered himself a well traveled man, but he had never been to a nation like Yukkira, or a city like Seta. The ancient cities of the Empire were grand in their own right, but the lights, and sounds, and smells of this foreign land were entirely new to Marcus, and he loved it.

He had spent most of his first day at the Inn picking the brains of the staff for the do's and don'ts of a tourist to the Principality. What he learned was thus: Do eat the food, Donít break the law. These were easy enough things to abide by, and so he went to lunch. Raw fish and rice were the local flavor, not what Marcus had expected, but surprisingly delicious. After a tour, and a quick trip to the beach Marcus went gratefully to bed. Tonight however he planned on living.

Marcus had known little about Yukkira before he came, but one thing that had been told of was the nightlife, and was for that he was here. In the Empire he would watch dimmed lights and slow darkness signaled the dayís end. Here however it seemed to him that cities did battle with the dark. As the sun went down the lights of Seta only grew brighter and brighter. Marcus was ready. His appearance, and mannerisms pegged him as a foreigner immediately, but he planned to use that to his advantage. With his best foot forward he set out into the Seta nightlife.

If he thought the city had been busy during the day, it was nothing compared to the city at night. Whole streets that had been closed during the day were now alive with activity. Street vendors, entertainers, and people were everywhere. As he observed the beautiful crush of humanity he knew this was what he was here for. In front of him was the fabled nightclub that had been the inspiration for this trip, The Golden Lotus. He could not read the name, but on the wall and door was the namesake plant. His approach was interrupted however by the bouncer who in a broken accent said "No foreigners." Marcus used every word of the native tongue he to try and convince that man that he was no mere tourist. Despite his best efforts however, the answer was always the same. "No foreigners." Defeated, Marcus began to leave, but as he turned around he nearly walked into a woman who had approached from behind. She was native, extravagantly dressed, and with quite the entourage. He stood for moment before he realized he was starring. As he looked quickly at the ground the woman chuckled, and spoke to the bouncer. He could not understand what was said, but he could understand the command "with me" from the woman.

He could feel people staring as they entered the Golden Lotus, but as he scanned the crowd it became apparent that it was not him they were staring at, but his gracious host. They moved through the parting crowd towards the back of the club, and into a private where she bayed him sit.

"Where are you from?" She asked Marcus.

"The Empire...of Lozinak that is. On the Southern Coast of Meterra" His response was clumsy, as he was still in shock at his situation.

"And what is your name?"

"Marcus Walwood, Equestrian rank."

"You're a horse?" The woman asked with a laugh.

"Not quite" Marcus chuckled. "I suppose elsewhere I would be called a Knight."

"Ah, of Noble blood?" She asked quizzically.

"Yes, of a sort. A hair below the great families, but noble enough in our own right." William said proudly.

"And what brings you here Knight?" The woman said with healthy sarcasm.

"I've heard Yukkira has a nightlife like no other, and so far it is not disappointing, but I must ask, who might you be that has been so generous to me?"

She laughed quietly, "you may call me Kirin, or Empress if you like."

Given the laugh let out by the Empress, Marcus realized his jaw must have been on the floor. He had only ever met his own Emperor once at a state dinner. The sheer realization that he was now at a nightclub with the Empress of Yukkira was dumbfounding.

"Empress...I..." Marcus began

"Please, Kirin, and don't lose your tongue now, there is much I would like to know about you and your homeland."

"Of course Kirin, whatever you would like to know I'd be happy to answer." Marcus said desperately trying to regain his composure.

"Very good." Kirin said, but we have all night to get to that. She waved her hand and a retainer brought over food and drink. "Pleasure now, business later Marcus the Horse Knight."

"That sounds wonderful" Marcus said as he slammed a shot to his good fortune. "Kanpai!"
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The Choices were limited, and it seemed like the only nation I could live in was The Principality of Yukkira.

And let me tell you, traveling to another country in Ruskaland, isn't worth it. First, you would have to pay alot. And I mean, alot of Ruziska's. If you want to know how much, it's 800 Ruziska's.

Luckily, Since I was a general for the Ruskan Army. I only had to pay half of what it originally cost.
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