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The house of rebellion (completed); Open: the fate of Thederic Nors hangs by a thread
Topic Started: Sep 29 2017, 03:34 PM (2,821 Views)
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Princess Alycia sits in her favorite chair by the window staring out into the somehow calm streets of Irras as a thunderstorm rages outside. A laptop in her lap, official documents and treatise litter the desktop some half finished. From down below, the muffled yelling of her Mother, Queen Elli can be heard clearly. even as the door to her room creaks open loudly and slowly.

"Your Grace? do I disturb?" a quiet but deep voice from from behind the door
Alycia's head turns towards the door with a smile " Jean! Come in please!"
The man in a Silver Guard uniform covered in ribbons and medals comes in the rest of the way, his face paled and his eyes gloomy the smile fades from Alycia's face as fast as it came. "Your Grace, its over, the war is over, yesterday we lost the Central Nors capitol, and now they have a straight shot to us, and your mother refuses to surrender or abdicate.. And she refuses to call for help.."

Alycia turns her head back to the window, her face now with the same gloomy expression "You want me to give the order.. to start the coup.. You know none of my ancestors were ever this brazen.."
"None of your ancestors were ever faced with the death of a nation and their own beheading. we've prepared for this for years, we are ready."
Alycia gave a small chuckle "thats a brutal way of looking at it.." Alycia looks back at him "Do it, I'll handle the political side of it, I'll have my address to the people ready.. but do not kill her. theres been enough assassinations in my family tree.."

"I have the deepest faith you will save us all.. Your grace." Jean bows his head with a slight smile and leaves the room closing the door quickly.
when Jean is gone Alycia gets up and makes it over to her desk, picking up the phone Jean had gone to great lengths to secure from bugs. Dialing the number of the one person that she knows will still pick up the phone. Prime Minister William Aubyn of Prydania, she may not be able to directly rally the international community to help save Thederic Nors during her speech, whats there worth saving? But perhaps she can rally Prydania in good faith against their common enemies..

"Greetings from Thederic Nors.." she said softly perhaps even somber into the phone, by this point it was all she could muster. she had done it. first the communists destroy most of the already beaten nation, now she has started a Coup D'etat against her own mother, these were truly dark days.
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William Aubyn sipped his brennivín as the lights of Beaconsfield glittered behind him. The phone rang and he casually grabbed for it. He was used to fielding calls from the PGU, Mouxordians, and Thenacians. He was surprised to hear the voice of Princess Alycia of Thederic Nors.

"Your Grace" he answered, sounding surprised. "Greetings. To what do I owe the pleasure of this call?"
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"I wish it weren't dire business Prime minister.." she said with the same kind of gloom as she did previously "Truth is, Thederic Nors is in its death throws and we need serious help."

Aubyn leaned forward into his desk for a moment...
"we've been monitoring the situation. the communist breakthrough has been...unfortunate" his voice sounded shaky. "but given our own situation...i'm unsure of what we can commit."

Alycia looks out of her window again towards the mountains. "Yes, to make that worse, my mother refuses to abdicate or call for help.. her refusal has caused a coup within our guard to put me into power. We need intervention, I called because I know you have the eye and ear of nations, you can get the foot into the door where I might not."

"i'm afraid our own situation is rather shaky at the moment in what we can ask of others. we've dealt with great generosity but i'm afraid we're in no position to ask for help with a military incursion." he removed his glasses. "but we're not entirely helpless..." he added. "If your mother were no longer queen, and if the legitimate government of your nation requested aide, i do believe we could provide some much needed air support."

she halfheartedly smiles "I am no expert, all I know are textbooks, but even air support could turn the tide of this war, I think the military staff would agree, our airfields are completely empty, but intact we could house and service an airforce no problem provided we have the supplies. Chances are you'll be hearing an official request from me soon.. Thank you for this Mr. Aubyn. Prydania is blessed to have you."

"That's kind of you to say Your Grace. Assuming the enemy doesn't have access to fighers of their own? We could at the very least bog them down in the mountains."

Alycia smiles brighter and stands still looking towards the mountains. "No, the military staff have confirmed they have no birds, if you were to send air support, our side would fully dominate the sky, the only concern would be old anti air emplacements, and technicals with cannons hastily strapped to the back, in terms of anti air missiles, we are in the dark however."

"Thankfully we have jets that should be more than enough for old Fascist War-era anti-air emplacements" he replied.
"As I said, if your mother were no longer Queen..." he paused. "Well we would take any request from your government seriously."

"I don't like the fact it is ending this way, but I will ensure that the crown of my nation is no longer a symbol of tyranny. Goodbye Aubyn, I expect you will hear from me very soon."

"I hope so Your Grace." Alycia hangs the phone up and goes back to sit in her favorite window side chair.

Meanwhile, downstairs Jean and four of his armed guard, all dressed like officers, surround the door to Queen Elli's study recently converted into a war room. Jean stands in front of the door looking to his men.
"Be ready, last I was in there she had two guards. of which I know are not loyal to our cause. we will walk in there business as usual, assume our positions. be ready for the signal."

the Lieutenant in the group salutes "Yes sir." readying his sidearm in case things go wrong, holstering it back away as Jean opens the door and walks in his men following suit spreading throughout the room and table. two of which make sure to be as close to the Queen's guard as possible without being suspicious.

Jean Salutes. "My queen! forgive my insolence from earlier, I am ready to win this war!" Elli looks up sternly from the map removing her hand from propping up her head. "Whatever, is there any news from the front? that is why you are back in here despite my instructions not to be, correct?"

"No, your Majesty, news from the princess." "What business did you have with my daughter, Captain?" she stares at him with a stabbing glare as Jean starts to smile
"Easy your Majesty.." He draws his sidearm and points it right into her face "By Order of Princess Alycia you are under arrest for crimes against the people!"
"What madness is this?!" she yells even as Jeans men quickly and brutally dispatch her guard with messy ease, another wrestles her hands behind her back and her head into the now bloodied map table.
"As I said your Majesty, I am ready to win this war. that involves you leaving the picture."
"you will not get away with this treason! you and your rebellious ilk!" she screams even as the New Royalist soldiers force her out of the room.
"we already have, thank your for fitting the bill for liberty." Jean smiling even wider and raises a radio to his face. "To all New Royalist guard, the Queen is in hand, secure the Estate and begin conducting preparation ops for her Grace's coronation. the days of the old regime are over." as he finished speaking, shouting and the sounds of struggling could be heard all over the lower floor of the estate followed by only a pair of gunshots from the other end of the estate. Minutes later the New Royalist guards started calling in the all clear minutes later. most of those still loyal to the queen were new guard themselves, too new to realize her tyranny or didn't care to, and too inexperienced to hold a candle to the now traitor veterans, who had decades of brutality behind them.
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Days later after the coup a new flag flies high over the Royal palace and other civic buildings throughout Irras and the royalist held territories. Three gold stars and a golden Laurel, flapping proudly in the wind, a flippant insult to the Red Laurel Communists in the west. amid the palatial square a large bonfire has burned out, the old Greater Thederic Nors flags of were its kindling and fuel, gone were they like the days of old. the palatial square was starting to fill with crowds of people, they all knew today was the day, they knew today was the day they would find out if things were truly different, or if it was more of the same.

Alycia looked out of the window down to the gathering crowds with a slight smile, despite the occasion she was dressed tightly, Black dress pants, and a white longsleeve frilly blouse with black trim lines. Nors had ditched the dresses of princesses and queens long ago for a more gender neutral approach in the 1940's but Alycia would have none of it, for starters it was just too flashy and expensive looking, her choice was still flashy, but seemed ever so slightly more on level with the common people. the only thing she couldn't get away with was the unusually heavy dark blue royal robe.

Jean put a hand on her shoulder looking down at her with an even bigger smile. "You will make your subjects proud Your Grace, so smile and wave when you get out there, they'll love it I'm sure.."
"I hope I earn their adoration, they need someone strong and caring, they've been treated unfairly for generations. I don't have time to have doubt." Jean chuckled, "hey now, remember what I told you about impatience. you've got time. no one expects you to be perfect. Come now, and deep breaths. the Coronation is the easy part." Alycia takes a deep breath as Jean instructed, getting yet another chuckle from him as he ushered her down the hall and out into the throne room.

the throne room was elegant, yet somehow humble despite the tastes of the old monarchs. most of the throne room are relics from centuries past. standing the test of time thanks to proper and careful maintenance. surprisingly little has been replaced in terms of the throne. the artworks statues and the other timeless relics in the room. Military officers, Lords ladies, Clergy and distant family already gathered in the hall. members of the royal news press were already there with their cameras to capture the crowning. The moment Alycia and Jean started walking down the throne room towards the throne. an elderly woman started diligently playing the keys of the Rochette dynasty on her old grand piano, her song breaking the silence of the old grand halls.

Jean was in an uncomfortable position, as Alycia's bodyguard he was supposed to escort her down the hall, but as her appointed regent he was supposed to wait next to the clergymen as him or her swore the new Monarch in. in this case, he would have to do both in an attempt to comply with both traditions. Alycia would be the youngest Monarch to be crowned at the age of 20. she had no trouble holding her calm composure, learning how to do so was a must with how strict her mother was and how she grew up surrounded by and protected by a death squad. she had to be the youngest in the entire room by far. she didn't show it much but she'd be lying if she didn't say it made her nervous.

Alycia walked up the steps to the throne and sat straight in it looking down at the onlookers. Jean standing there dutifully, with the same proud look in his eye, the kind of look a parent might give their child. as the Archbishop hands her the Eagle scepter of Nors. "May God Almighty grant her fair judgment and strength." the Archbishop picks up the crown and approaches her. Alycia lowers her head "May God Almighty provide her compassion, wisdom, clarity.. I proclaim Alycia of Rochette, by the grace of God, Queen of Thederic Nors, Marshal of Irras, Queen of Eastern Nors, Queen of Central Nors, Queen of Western Nors." He gently placed the crown on the young Queen's head before stepping off to the side. "HAIL! LONG MAY SHE REIGN!" Alycia raised her head, the audience stands putting her hands to their hearts "HAIL! LONG MAY SHE REIGN!"

Alycia rose from the throne after a minute and went upstairs to the balcony overlooking to the palatial square, the newly reformed Gendarme were already hard at work trying to keep order over the proceedings as the huge crowd waited for her she lifted her hand and waved with a smile as the crowd both cheered and jeered before stepping up all the way to the assortment of microphones in front of her. all the cameras in the square pointing at her or the crowd. the speech being broadcast throughout Nors and beyond wherever possible.

"For too long has the crown I now wear been a symbol of fear and tyranny, for too long my family name has been the word to inspire fear. The Norsian people have been downtrodden for too long without hope without joy, without pride. All that is about to change. No longer will you be oppressed by overzealous Kings and Queens! No longer will you have your voices muted."
She pauses and looks to the now mostly silent crowd before she continues. "We have been at war for decades, a war which has ruined our country, destroyed families, tore apart friends, wiped out entire cities and towns a war that has brought disease and famine to the farthest reaches of our nation.. Using the fear and hate of my family crown Machines have risen to power, Machine men! with machine hearts! They don't care for you! They promise you freedom and equality but they lie! They free themselves but enslave the people! You the people drive this nation you the people have a chance and ability to make this nation great! to create a nation to be proud of!" she brushes a stray hair from her face and takes a breath as the crowd cheers, the jeers in comparison are largely drowned out, she raises a hand for silence and the crowd dies down.

"Our nation stands on the precipice of darkness.. Under my rule the we will champion free choice and a voice for our people. Under the Red Laurel communists we will suffer tyranny. our ultimate destruction stands a knifes edge away. We have the power to steer our course towards recovery but I fear we cannot change course fast enough by our own hand.. I plead for the assistance of other nations to aid the Norsian people before it is too late."

she looks around the crowd with a slight sigh. "Thank you, and may God bless Thederic Nors!" she walks away from the podium and back into the palace.

Melody of the Rochette Dynasty
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To Alycia of Rochette, by the grace of God, Queen of Thederic Nors, Marshal of Irras, Queen of Eastern Nors, Queen of Central Nors, Queen of Western Nors
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2400 (12 am) hours a few miles north of Edenne in a small fishing village yet to be touched by the war despite being close to the front. Royalist agents prepare to depart on a stealth mission Five soldiers and the VIP, fully kitted out with the best equipment the royalists have, covered in black paint and camouflaged body armor, despite this their kit remains light. they have gathered on a small old wooden dock, the town is quiet but they stood at the ready for hostile action.

"Do we have the package?" the Lieutenant called out barely above a whisper pointing his rifle toward the town, not averting his gaze from his kill zone.

"Affirm, VIP and the Package are both secure, ready to depart as soon as the vehicle is given go." whispered the woman kneeling the boat, toting a simple SMG

"10 seconds. have to make sure those reds didn't find and sabotage it.." another corporal spoke out.

clamoring could be heard in the distance as everyone stood to attention, quickly followed by the snap of a whizzing bullet hitting the water. "Everyone on! shield the VIP!" the Lieutenant shouted, letting bursts from his rifle ring out as the corporal tending to the boat kicked the engine on as everyone got on diving for cover the lieutenant shielding the VIP as best as he could as the trickle of bullets became rain. One thing was definitely for sure as the boat started to speed off, the fishing village of Tuloux was definitely compromised like intel had suggested.

"Driver! follow the coast line! as close as possible we'll take the long route! Lance corporal get on the front gun! I got the rear!" yelled the Lieutenant before tending to the VIP "are you okay? are you hit?!"

"No, but my ears are ringing.." she tries to take off her helmet before the Lieutenant stops her chuckling slightly " You'll get used to it, and I wouldn't do that Your grace, one stray and you're gone. just sit, we'll be there in no time at all." the Lt. smiled. "How long?" "I don't know, first time being on this lake." he gets up and goes to man the gun. Alycia gets up and sits down on one of the metal chairs facing inward as he requested briefcase still in hand, hugging it for the rest of the trip.

After what seems like an eternity to the crew, The driver states "Port sighted, repeat port sighted off the bow!" Alycia got up, walking to the bow viewing the port as the lieutenant grabbed the radio.

"Prydania, Alaterva port control, this is Thederic Nors PC-12 we have precious cargo on board as well as a diplomat, need to offload both ASAP."
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Altavera’s Port Control hadn’t been in operation for some time. The civil wars in both Prydania and Thederic Nors had put an end to the lively trade that had existed back and forth across King’s Lake.
The old control building on the harbour was full tonight, however.

“PC-12, this is Altavera Port Control. Cleared to dock” a voice replied in accented Ceretian Nor.

At that a contingent of Prydanian soldiers approached the dock, one holding a military grade flashlight, clicking it at routine intervals to signal the location of the dock to any approaching ships.

Soon enough the sound of a motor in the water pierced the soft wind blowing along the water. The soldiers prepared themselves. Either to protect or take out whoever was approaching. A man wearing unmarked black fatigues exited the Port Control building, his hand resting on his sidearm.

The boat slowed as it approached the dock, and one of the men stood to toss a rope out. The soldier with the light approached and caught the rope, tying it to the dock. The man in black approached...

“Welcome to Prydania” he said in more concise and fluid Ceretian Nor.
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Everyone on the boat sighed relief, Lieutenant Colart walked up to Alycia's side kicking around a few spent rounds that found their way onto the boats deck making them jingle loudly.

"Greetings from Free Thederic Nors. Lieutenant Colart. Her grace changed the plans last minute, she came instead." Lt. Colart spoke in Ceretian Nor with a light, but still dutiful tone.

Lt. Colart looked to Alycia, his face adopting a worried look. The look in Alycia's eyes and the tremble in her hands as she hugged the case told him all he needed to know.
Corporal Asselin approached Alycia from the other side and took a shoulder in each hand. Asselin started to escort Alycia off of the boat with the rest of the squad.

"our home port is compromised. We need to shelter her Grace, and drop off the Package.. Do we have transport?" Colart stated a bit more concisely.
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OSU field agent Find Lyst Hansen relaxed his hand on his sidearm before the rest of his body tensed up as he reached for the package.
"Her....Grace?" he asked surprised. His eyes went wide and he motioned impatiently for the briefcase while barking "get them all inside!" at his men.
The soldiers descended on what was apparently now a Royal landing party to escort them to the Port Control house by the dock.

He didn't expect this, but he tried to remain as stoic as he could manage. He pulled over one of the soldiers and said softly, in Prydanian, "get inside, contact Beaconsfield. Tell them the Queen came, inform them of the situation."

He returned to the Queen and Lt. Colart, returning to Ceretian Nor.
"We will make the appropriate arrangements as soon as possible. But we need to get in doors as soon as possible. We can't have Her Grace standing outside like this..."
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Lt. Volart steps up to Asselin and Alycia before they could fully move off the boat and wrests the case gently from Alycia's grip, in turn handing it to Hansen.
"Make it easier on our friends, shield Her Grace but keep distance from each other. Follow their lead." Colart sternly barked in Ceretian Nor now resting his hand firmly on his sidearm, Hansens reaction and quickened pace made him nervous to an attack.

the Guard squad formed around Alycia, shielding her with their own bodies like living armor but also making it easer to be escorted themselves. Its clear this is one of their most practiced movements, Whether that is a good thing or not has yet to be seen. they matched pace with the Prydanian soldiers making their way into the Port Control building.

1st Sentinal Battalion 2nd Company, Strength: 120 Soldiers, 50 Partisans. total: 170.
Town of Epiris. The Front Line
October, Monday 9th 2017
1:20 AM

Major Baschet sits on the fortified roof of an old corner store turned HQ in the old town of Epiris, with a clear view of the road that leads towards Plaiseau. The soldiers down below looted the old cabaret a few blocks down, taking most of the music, have a radio playing old Norsian blues.
The old Lutherian Church that dates back centuries, its seen better days. Despite missing a large chunk of its southern wall, and all of the old stained glass being blown out the architecture still stands tall in testament to what once was. Maj. Baschet couldn't help but stare at the church in its old glory, letting the sad song from below take him away as he sat on the edge.

Thirty minutes pass as the major finally manages to relax, just before the bang of a flare being fired into the sky stirs him to attention as the music stops abruptly.
Baschet looks up and see's a green flare come from the bell tower, the sniper starts signing to Baschet and anyone looking up at her as Raid sirens start to blare. "Enemy Convoy, Headlights. Foot Infantry. Armed Technicals 5 of them, Transport Trucks 6 of them. Estimated strength. full company." Baschet shoots up to a stand as shouting can be faintly heard over the distant sirens and rushes down the stairs through the radio room. The Communications officers are already relaying what information they know to command, and to the individual radiomen in each squad.

Baschet rushed out of the door to link up with his squad in the trench network of the church square. Epiris had been under constant attack for a whole week by now. the garrison had managed to dig trenches, plug holes in walls with the bags of dirt they dug, create gun emplacements. buildings and rooftops were crawling, killzones were everywhere. Baschets Company had their own Technicals, unlike the enemy, the Royal Army tended to take the time to slap armor and bigger guns onto their trucks.
The Enemy were marching once more into death, it would not be easy for the enemy to capture Epiris, but constant fighting was draining the already thinned resources of the hold outs, some have taken to using enemy weapons. The sniper was already taking shots at the enemy, and distant potshots could already be heard as the alarms died down.
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Agent Hansen was the last to enter. Altavera was safely in government hands. It was the way back to Beaconsfield that worried him. Syndicalists had become emboldened as of late, but that in and of itself didn't bother him. If he was attacked? So be it. He had confidence in his men and himself.
Guarding the Queen of Thederic Nors, however, changed things. One stray bullet, or turn of bad luck...he wasn't going to curse out royalty though. As much as he may have wanted to.

The soldier he charged with radioing Beaconsfield returned, whispering in his ear. Hansen just nodded, keeping himself collected. He approached Queen Alycia and bowed his head.
"Your Grace" he said, raising his head up, "I have instructions to escort you to the capital. This meanwhile..." he brought his hand down on the case, "will be taken to RPAF Base Týrborg by an attachment from here in Altavera. It's imperative we send you and this case in two different directions as soon as possible."
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SAA Kanada
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stronk kanadsk

A message was wrote in neat, small Mercanti cursive, and sent to the Queen of Thederic Nors.
Letter from the Royal Grounds of Kalgary
To Alycia Rochette,
Your swift rise to power has not gone unoticed in the Kanadian parliament, and I wish to congratulate you on it. We have also noticed your current dire situation in terms of civil war. Kanada has just emerged from its own recent rebellion, and for the sake of stability in the surrounding region, we would like to assist you in the restoration of balance in your nation. Kanada would be willing to send aid such as food and weapons. Even if not accepted, best of luck to you and your people.
Queen Grace Sokolov-Kanad III
'For the Empress, and for the Empire!'
[nation]SAA Canada[/nation]
Shiny stuff

"Kanada will remain a place of divided peoples. Mark my words!" -Last Duke of Sundeon, 1816, his last words before execution.
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Jean eyes the letter put on Queen Alycia's desk, currently his temporary office due to his current regency while she is away, sipping some Red Wine. Despite his current regency its address and his honor prohibited him from opening it, so there it sat eagerly waiting for her return, he did however send back a stamp that it was received, but is pending its reader.

Alycia finally manages to pull off the maybe overly concerned squad medic off her, with a slight sigh as she concentrates all of her attention onto Hansen fully.

"I may lack combat experience but I don't lack the training, I am good to run if we have to. I am ready to leave whenever is deemed suitable. That case needs to be with your AirForce quickly." Alycia states in superb, slightly accented Mercanti. Her tone is one that means business, even if its shaken a bit.

"This is your territory; your lands, we are at your command. While we are here, a bullet fired from us is for the freedom of both of our nations." Lt. Colart chimed in as the Guards readied themselves.

In Epiris the battle intensifies, what once were potshots is now the violent cacophony of intense firefights throughout the streets, and detonations from both friendly and enemy mortar fire hitting the ground sporadically and frequently, and the occasional RPG.

A Transport Truck rolls up fast to Baschets position the troops on its back firing wildly at him and his troops as his men duck back into the trenches, a soldier next to him falls instantly to the hail of bullets. before the rapport of a 12.7mm Machine gun fills the air, and the yelling of panic following. Baschet looks back up and see's their own IFV sitting there, the gunner shredding into the enemy transport from a discreet corner, and the enemy transport riddled with holes and being abandoned as the communists flee into a nearby building, whoever didn't make it in time, lies dead at the doorstep. the gunner continuing to fire until they are no longer in sight as the driver starts moving to a better location.

Over the Radio a call goes out "Enemy reinforcements from the North West and west! Two more motorized columns, estimated roughly another company and a platoon! General Plais reports a delay in our reinforcements, 2 hours!"

That pushes the enemies numbers to 200 plus.. This was a major push, way larger than any other before, the rebels have been preparing, for who knows how long.. Things now looked especially grim. 2nd Company can't hold against that. 2nd Companies supplies being so low they can't keep up that fight, but they can't surrender the town either, its a straight shot for Clersier.. A Straight shot for 2nd company's home city..

Baschet looks around him as the battle continues watching friend and enemy fight around him, he swallowed down panic and sadness in equal measure. He knew he and the rest of 2nd company would be lost under this pressure, he already considered 2nd company a company of dead men and women walking. Baschet activates his own radio. "Epiris cannot fall! hold the line! Reinforcements will be here in just a few hours! Mortars! you are clear danger close, 2nd company make them fight for every room of every building! Show them what it means to corner a pack of wolves!"

Baschet switches to another command channel. "FAC, once we get air let them know, our back is broken!"

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Agent Hansen nodded in the direction Lt. Colar. He handed the briefcase to a solder.
"Get this to the RPAF, Captain" he ordered. The solider left, taking a few men with him, taking off in the direction of the local army base in Altavera.

"Your Grace," he said again with a bow, "if you and your guard will follow me..."
The rest of the soldiers followed Hansen out of the back of the building. He led his men and their guests to a convoy of armoured jeeps baring the roundel of Royal Prydanian Defence Force.

"Your Grace" Hansen said again, opening a door to the middle jeep...
"You and your guards will be accompanied by a few of our soldiers" he added, as Prydanian soldiers boarded the other two jeeps.
"We'll drive out for Beaconsfield immediately."
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The convoy was halfway between Altavera and Beaconsfield, moving through the wooded road at a brisk pace. A quiet calm had passed over all the armoured jeeps. Hansen checked his watch and nodded. They would be leaving the Miðland Forest in around ten minutes or so. He'd relaxed significantly since he had been informed via radio that the RPAF had received the briefcase.

He turned around, looking out the jeep's back window. The jeep carrying Queen Alycia and her Silver Guard was steadily moving along.

An explosion suddenly rocked the calm. It wasn't Queen Alycia's jeep. Thank God. Nor did come from the jeep in front. Instead a flaming wreck of twisted metal fell from the sky, cutting through the treetops before them. The attack copter escorting the convoy, a precaution instituted since Syndicalists hit that Thenacan relief convoy west of Hadden, had been shot out of the sky.

All Hansen could process was chaos. Not panic though. Panic was messy. It was what young boys felt. No. He'd fought in the trenches of the Civil War. He'd stormed enemy positions at Krummedike. He'd killed men. Often innocent men behind enemy lines for the good of his cause.
Chaos. Controlled chaos. React.
The convoy came to a sudden stop as bullets from the forest rained down on them. Hansen was already out though. React.
He dropped into a ditch along the side of the road as the jeep had slowed down. His black fatigues had helped keep his movements somewhat of a secret. The soldiers, they did their jobs. They established a defensive position. He shot a momentary glance at the jeep he knew the Queen of Thederic Nors was in. The Silver Guardsmen were getting ready. He didn't focus though. Not on them.

More bullets. React. The heat coming from the flaming wreckage of the crashed copter didn't impact him as he perched his head over the ditch ever so slightly. He let the rattle of bullets on metal calm him. He could see muzzle flashes. They didn't see him. Good. They were focused on the soldiers....finally he saw something. The enemy's muzzle flash. He could see enough. Just a speck of light. But it was enough. He aimed with his pistol, taking a shot. It counted. He heard a grunt and the sound of a body hitting the dirt and dead leaves. Charged the position, keeping low, using trees as cover. He tossed a grenade to one side, as he dived to another. He had time. Time before they knew what he'd done. Another bullet. This time closer. They were aiming at him. At least one of them. React.
He stayed low, and he shot at the shapes in the dark. Did he hit him? He didn't think so, but he got him to stop for the time being. That was good. Chaos. Focus. The grenade went off, and he heard screams...

React. A mortar shell from the convoy lit up, taking out a good chunk of the enemy on the other side. That was good. The Syndicalists on his side were distracted. The pistol went away. The knife came out. He closed in rapidly, the knife took out another Syndicalist. Right through the base of his spine. He left it there, shoving the man's face down in the dirt. The gun came back out. The fire from the crash, the grenade, and the mortar shell lit up the forest as he took aim, coldly pulling the trigger on the Syndicalist who was close enough that Hansen could see the life drain from his eyes....he looked around, the soldiers were pushing out in both directions now...he could hear more gun fire coming from the other side, deep in the forest.
He ran towards the forest, pushing past his own advancing men. He left over the mortar and into the woods on the other side of the road, pistol drawn and reloaded...

Flying Officer Henriksen of the Royal Prydanian Air Force looked out of his cockpit...the mountains of central Thederic Nors. They looked as barren as he imagined...

"Vindur 7 confirming target" he said coldly as the squadron approached Epiris from the west. The reports were accurate. The Red Laurel Communists had no jets of their own. The sky was theirs. The Royal Prydanian Air Force's jets weren't the most modern. They were, however, enough for this mission.

His wingmen read off their own confirmations. "Vindur 10 confirmed" the last of them replied. "Happy hunting men" Vindur Leader replied, giving the jets the signal. They descended above communist supply lines. He had it too. Locked on to an enemy position....his hand steadied as he fired the air to surface missile. Direct hit.
"Got him" he reported briskly.
"Got him" others echoed as the jets passed over Royalist positions in Epiris before turning for another run.

An enemy artillery position was next. Henriksen let the missile fly.
"Got him" he reported again.
"Light them all up" the squad leader ordered, and Henriksen and his wingmen did just that. Prydanian missiles rained down on the Red Laurel lines. Smoke and fire was everywhere...
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1:56 AM
October Monday 9th 2017

Lt. Colart instinctively and forcefully grabbed Alycia and forced her down with a yelp the moment they saw the helicopter touch ground, they quickly started to lock and load, though if any of them were to be honest.. Their response time in this particular instance was absolutely inept, by the time they even began to establish their own perimeter around their jeep in an effort to protect the Queen, Hansen was already off going commando and racking up a hefty kill count and the Prydanian soldiers were already fully deployed laying down covering fire. they couldn't let performance anxiety get them however, being body shields for the queen was more important, and they were in a foreign enough environment that they didn't want to risk blue on blue with Hansen by returning fire. preferring only to take confirmed shots, which were hard finds and far between.

in Epiris

Baschet and his team fired on the house nearby that was occupied by the enemy troops, incessantly The IFV returned with another fire team of 2nd company, the MG on the back of the truck firing at the building as the rebels in the windows back off.
that would make the 3rd fire team to retreat back to the church from their position.

The church was the first routing point. the townhall would be the 2nd and final one before the town would be considered lost. the mortars on top of the HQ could no longer tube fire. the enemy being so close they resorted to striking the safety cap and tossing them down into the streets below like impact grenades.
The roar of distant jet engines and the following distant explosions had the royalists cheering as the culprits flew by overhead flying RPAF Roundels.
The cheers were cut short though.

An explosion from the bell tower gained everyones attention, the pointed roof of the tower came crashing down in on itself in a blaze kicking up dust and debris. the gunfire in the church square became quiet for a moment. Soon followed by the yelling and shouting of Royalist soldiers running from their positions further into the town, some getting gunned down. one of them screaming in terror, "TANK! THEY HAVE TANKS!" the sound of Rolling treads soon following. the sound of the supposed tanks getting closer was all that was needed for the men next to Baschet to abandon the trenches and flee for their lives. Baschet didn't believe them. Baschet felt betrayed how quickly his brothers and sisters in arms turned and ran at the mere word of tanks, he would stand his ground even if it meant his own demise.
The sight that rounded the street corner a moment later quickly made him reconsider that decision.

Baschet stared at the enemy pair of Tanks, not believing his eyes, enemy armor on the eastern side of the mountains, That wasn't possible! Baschet ducked down fumbling for the radio to FAC.
"Call it damn it! call them! All units retreat to the Town hall!"
The FAC quickly answered his call, almost like he was on autopilot from the adrenaline. "Air, FAC! Tanks in the town! repeat Armor in the Town! We're facing annihilation! Bring fury!"
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Henriksen looked out his cockpit....tanks? How'd they manage tanks in this terrain? He didn't have time to ponder...

"Everyone, take out the armour" the squad commander ordered as the jets began another descent. Vindur 1-5, red, headed for the town while Vindur 6-10, blue, headed for the mountain pass where the enemy tanks were coming from.

"7, you and I will take the out the ones on the way into town. 8-10, take out the chokepoint" Vindur 6 ordered....

Henriksen just nodded and replied "yes Sir..." he could see the explosions in the distance as Squad Red took out the tanks in the city....he didn't focus on that for very long though.
Instead he locked onto one of the tanks crawling into town. He fired the missile, smiting the tank from above. 6 took out another even as another explosion rocked the mountain pass and the Red Laurel troops moving through it, rocks raining down on enemy soldiers and vehicles, trapping anyone lucky enough not to be buried on the other side. And they were quickly finished off by the rest of the squadron...
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Hansen returned with his men, leading two scruffy looking gentlemen dressed to blend into the woods onto the road. The soldiers forced them to their knees, and their hands were ziptied behind their heads.
Hansen, for his part, was on a radio in the front jeep calling for aid from the army base in Alaterva.
"eight dead, two captured, request prisoner transfer and a cleanup crew. One downed copter..."

One of his men approached him as soon as he was off the radio. "The missile launcher they used on the copter. It's from Andrenne..."
Hansesn took a deep breath. "We get it into the hands of the people coming. Say nothing about this to anyone. Understand?"
The solider nodded, returning to his tasks as Hansen made his way to Queen Alycia's jeep, nodding at the Silver Guardsmen. He bowed his head respectfully. "Your Grace, we'll get going as soon as the cleanup crew from Altavera arrives."

A partial Cabinet had assembled in the King's office in Absalon's Palace.

"Her Grace Queen Alycia's convoy was attacked on the way to the capital" Arvid FitzOsbern, the Minister of Defence, reported. Tobias' eyes went wide as he leaned forward in his chair as if to speak. The Defence Minister continued though....
"Thankfully our man in the field seems to have controlled the situation." Tobias took a sigh of relief, leaning back in his chair.

"So she's ok?" he asked. The Defence Minister nodded, only speaking to add "yes, Your Majesty."

"In addition to that? The first air strikes over Thederic Nors went well. We seem to have neutralized the enemy's advances, for the moment at least."

"Can we do more?" Tobias asked, sitting upright now.

"Your Majesty, I would advice we limit our involvement to air strikes for the time being."

"I don't like it. Sitting here, and just lobbing bombs, while communist forces threaten our neighbours." Tobias rarely got angry, but his jaw tightened a bit, and his right hand found itself balled into a fist. After all he had been through? Communism was the one issue he felt no need to play peacemaker with.

"I understand your majesty" the Defence Minister replied, "we're deploying the local police forces as quickly as they can be re-organized, but we still need the army focused on either policing the country or providing relief efforts. We don't have the men to spare."

Tobias thought for a moment and turned to William. "What about ships on King's Lake?"

"There hasn't been a King's Lake navy in 20 years" the Prime Minister replied. "And the money and resources needed to refurbish the shipyards, let alone build what would be needed to bombard the enemy...we have a nation to rebuild Your Majesty."

Tobias sighed again but nodded. "Then we'll just pray the air force is enough for the moment..."

Magnus Brandt, the Prydanian Ambassador to the PGU, spoke up. He was filling in for Foreign Affairs Minister Harold Daaé.
"You could raise the issue with the Malorian government, when you meat with them in Vatniðborg. I can't imagine they're remaining neutral on the issue given the family dynamics at play."

"Thank you Harold" Tobias replied with a smile. He shook hands with his Ministers as they left him for the evening. He looked out the window, hoping the very special guest who showed up in his realm would make it to the capital in one piece.
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Alycia rose up from the floor of the backseat and simply nodded her head from behind her guard. She didn't seem as disturbed as she was when she came ashore, but she still seemed pretty frozen despite her awareness of the situation. It didn't take long at all for the cleanup crew to arrive or long at all for them to get back on the road to Beaconsfield.

The ride was quiet enough for her to actually manage to fall asleep despite everything that happened through the night, Alycia only being roused when Colart nudged her as the convoy pulled up in front of the palace. Everyone got out and started disarming for entry into Absalon Palace, even as she did Alycia couldn't help but look around in marvel at how different everything was compared to Irras, Alycia smiled even as Colart ushered her in through the doors to the throne room.

in Epiris

Baschet layed there in the trench, his old pistol at the ready, waiting for an enemy to come and stake claim on their prize, he didn't run with his troops and now he was stranded and the church was at their mercy HE was at their mercy.

Baschet had heard stories about what the communists did to high ranking prisoners, a part of him wanted to call the Prydanians to strike the church square, but he couldn't bring himself to ask them to commit blue on blue, or level what was left of a holy place. a minute passes, and then another before an enemy soldier pokes their head and gun down, before they even noticed him Baschet fired and watched the man slump down into the trench with him.
Then two more pop down firing down into the trench, barely missing Baschet Three more shots, two more victims, he could hear shouting and footsteps move away from him.

Seconds go by before Baschet hears the sounds of old Trench whistles and battle cries followed by a roar of intense fire. Only Royals use trench Whistles, it was an old institution of the military used to rally the troops since the 50's. He came to a stand poking his head up, in the distance he see's allied armor columns advancing up two different streets, all bearing the emblems of the 1st sentinel Battalion 1st company, with a mass of infantry pushing towards the church square from the north.

The communists fall back from the square down the roads further out of town from where they came. Baschet takes one of the few remaining signal flares and pops it, putting it on the ground next to the trench signifying friendly. unsure whether or not the enemy has simply pulled back to regroup, or if they are routing to fight again later, but with 1st company here now and Prydania in the skies, Epiris may be won this time.
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Throne rooms were purely symbolic these days. Well at least they were in theory. No monarch spent too much official time in them, but Tobias did often like to sneak in and just observe the splendour and beauty.
Absalon's Palace had begun as Absalon's Castle. Constructed long before Vortgyn I unified the country and made Beaconsfield his capital and the castle his seat. He ordered this throne room to be built, and it had survived. Every update, every extension. From castle to palace, Vortgyn's first addition, the throne room, remained. Changed over the years yes, but it remained.
The green and red marble floor, the thick wooden-panelled columns, the carved Nordic patterns across the walls, and the stained glass behind the large wooden throne.

Tobias always found the room beautiful in the dark, but now it was fully lit. He sat, in full dress uniform, his blonde hair falling just over his ears as he straightened himself on his throne. Queen Alycia was the first foreign head of state to visit Prydania since the end of the Civil War and his coronation. As unusual as the circumstances were? It was significant. And a fellow monarch no less. The government was ensuring that the meeting was as proper as proper could be. The red lions and the stags intertwined with the trees and leaves of the forest that made up the stained glass behind him glimmered....

The door opened and Tobias went a bit tense, shooting a glance over at William who returned a reassuring smile. The herald announced the arrival of the foreign Queen...

"Her Grace Alycia of Rochette, by the grace of God, Queen of Thederic Nors, Marshal of Irras, Queen of Eastern Nors, Queen of Central Nors, Queen of Western Nors! he proclaimed as Silver Guardsmen escorted her into the hall of the throne room.

The Queen of Thederic Nors was certainly not dressed as she would have been had this occasion been planned. Instead she wore a basic Silver Guard uniform. Quite spartan compared to the perfectly pressed royal uniform Tobias wore. Still? His nervousness melted. He'd heard of Alycia. Knew her from pictures. He'd always regarded her as beautiful. Still? He wasn't prepared for her to appear so stunning in person. Despite, or perhaps because of, her spartan attire? She was the most beautiful person he'd ever seen.

Epiris burned below Bent Henriksen as his squad regrouped...enemy tanks had been attacked, now they needed to provide air cover for the men on the ground. Bombs would be too risky. Epiris was bombed to hell but still. No need to blow up any more than need be.

The jets dived, getting as low as they could safely fly. They approached Communist positions from behind and opened fire, the guns attached to the jets blazing and stopping almost as soon as they started. Still, it was enough. A pass over at that speed with even a small burst would surely be enough to cut through any unlucky Communist who happened to be in the line of fire. The Prydanian jets pulled up, higher into the sky....
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