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Animal Liberation Act
Category: Moral Decency | Strength: Strong
Proposed by: Ladratia | Onsite Topic

The World Assembly (WA),

Disgusted by the mistreatment of non-sapient / minority species, typically in the biological kingdom of Animalia, often at horrifying scales,

Maintaining that legislation is necessary to prevent such abuse; with previous resolutions in the field still applying,

  1. The World Assembly hereby enforces the following in order to protect such species, non-biological beings, and creatures with notable medical needs who are affected by issues mentioned below:
    1. It is illegal to perform painful procedures on living beings without some kind of anesthesia, analgesic, or other method of eliminating suffering. For the purposes of this clause, painful procedures include but are not limited to tail-docking, castration, dehorning, iron branding, debeaking, and artificial insemination.

    2. It is illegal to engage in practices which seriously endanger the mental health of living beings including but not limited to the separation of parent and child, insufficient stimulation, exercise, or space, isolation from other members of their species, and sensory overload.

  2. To oversee these changes, this resolution hereby establishes the World Assembly Department of Animal Welfare (DAW.) This department's function is as follows:
    1. The DAW will operate as an international animal welfare investigative department, being able to punish violators through international courts.

    2. The DAW will direct funding and aid to organizations, individuals, and others that aid the welfare of any beings. This assistance to charitable systems, and the general policy of the DAW, will be dictated by an ideal of "maximum positive emotion, minimum negative emotion."

    3. The DAW holds all powers necessary for the continuation of their organization as expressed in this resolution.

  3. Saddened by the apparent need of such a declaration, this resolution hereby defines the right of all non-sapient creatures (who are capable of feeling) the right to freedom from extreme and unnecessary suffering at the hands of sapients.
Note: Only votes from TNP WA nations, NPA personnel, and those on NPA deployments will be counted. If you do not meet these requirements, please add (non-WA) or something of that effect to your vote. If you are on an NPA deployment without being formally registered as an NPA member, name your deployed nation in your vote.
Voting Instructions:
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  • Vote Against if you want the Delegate to vote Against the resolution.
  • Vote Abstain if you want the Delegate to abstain from voting on this resolution.
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Against. It's forcing the WA to treat animal husbandry like pets and ignores conventions about differences in technology capability between WA states.

Edit: also Goober's comments below.

Goobergunchia wrote:We observe that clauses 1(a) and 1(b) apply to all "living beings" and are not limited to animals, notwithstanding the preambulatory matter. We would like to put the following questions to the author:

  • How does the ban on separating parents and children apply to species who reproduce via pollination?
  • How does the ban on separating parents and children apply to compulsory education schemes? Must parents accompany their children to primary school?
  • How does the ban on isolation from other members of one's species apply to species who prefer to remain solitary except for reproduction? How does it apply to trees?

  • What is the appropriate punishment for swatting a fly without first anesthetizing said fly?
[Lord] Michael Evif
Goobergunchian WA Ambassador

Also there's a legality challenge that this proposal violates the Patient Rights Act because of what happens when anesthesia is not available in emergency surgery (see below), and a separate challenge that this bans the dairying industry altogether.

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Against. Clause 1 too widely drawn, particularly in relation to the second part. The agency created by clause 2 is too great a ceding of power from member states, given the breadth of matters this proposal would affect.

"all powers necessary", "maximum positive emotion, minimum negative emotion", "capable of feeling" (or that whole clause), "non-biological beings"...?