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Commend Haku
Category: Commendation | Target: Haku
Proposed by: Trivene, Co-authored by: Altmoras | Onsite Topic

The Security Council,

Identifying Haku as a military powerhouse dedicated to the protection of vulnerable communities and a remarkable benefactor of fellow guardians around the multiverse,

Lamenting Haku’s sinister roots as a noted member of various invader organizations under the alias Hired Contractor before seeing the error in their ways and taking a stand to shield the helpless from harm,

Noting that while a number of invaders have sought to redeem themselves after a career of villainy, very few were able to completely outshine their dark past as Haku has, thanks in no small part to the enviable qualities of their military personnel. Hakuan tacticians are blessed with superhuman reflexes, innovative problem solving abilities, prodigious tactical aptitudes and concise communication skills, making them invaluable in ensuring the success of defender operations ranging from preventing petty attacks to organizing full scale liberations,

Highlighting the earnestness of Haku’s reformation by examining their unrivaled participation in defending expeditions since their defection. Battle reports detail warriors from Haku appearing in more than 16,000 operations, over 9,000 of which were defenses,

Revealing Haku as the master architect behind some of the most memorable defender triumphs in history, including:
  • Freeing the natives of Sol Confederate and Peoples Republic Of The Commonwealth from fascist rule in back-to-back expeditions in December 2018,
  • Leading the defense of Middle Earth from invaders with over 20 defenders in tow in November 2019, the first of many noteworthy defenses Haku went on to lead,
  • Stopping a large invader coalition from seizing Markion and Christmas in May 2020, with their tactical propensity being able to predict prospective invasion targets,
  • Ending an untimely incursion of Christmas in July 2020 with the help of 37 fellow liberators, allowing the local elves to peacefully resume their preparations for the holidays,
  • Single-handedly saving Asia from a large-scale invasion through the swift usage of border control powers in August 2020, a feat which further solidified Haku’s reputation as a martial force to be reckoned with,
  • Assisting in the refounding of Iran with Lenlyvit in August 2020 by utilizing the proxy state Time Freeze, whose influence initially gathered during an earlier invader operation was critical in ensuring the manoeuver’s success,
  • Restoring The New Order Last Days Of Europe to native control with Refuge Isle and 105 other rescuers in November 2021, the operation being rightfully recognized as one of the largest liberations ever, and
  • Lending crucial aid to hundreds of other successful defenses and liberations over a span of half a decade, the extraordinary amount of work going nearly unmentioned in public until now,
Acknowledging Hakuan technicians to be exceptionally adroit with military technology, shown through the technological contributions they have made to the defender community. These include, but are not limited to, advanced recruitment technology, a new archive of regional World Factbook Entries to replace the defunct archive created by Eluvatar, and an automated system that prompts nations to activate their hidden proxy states in a founderless region if it is under attack, thus letting liberators to better challenge ongoing occupations,

Remarking that Haku’s vigilance in safeguarding innocent populations from danger extends beyond interregional conflicts, made evident by their stellar leadership of the nuclear power Horsemen of the Apocalypse, which has dominated the multiverse’s wastelands in annual nuclear apocalypse events while still managing to keep most of its inhabitants safe. Of particular note is the year of 2019, where Haku’s superlative efforts to shield Horsemen from incoming missile strikes was vital in it clinching a decisive victory over the faction’s rivals,

Observing that Haku’s redemption occurred under the banner of The Order of the Grey Wardens, a defender military organization devoted to combating darkspawn invaders, where Haku substantially contributed to its rise as one of the pillars of the defender community by:
  • Creating a new regional forum for the Wardens, providing a reliable hub of activity and enhancing organizational security,
  • Developing Riordan, a machine that provides useful and varied functions for the region’s communication channels,
  • Devising new protocols for officers to follow to safeguard neonatal founderless regions, empowering the Wardens to better protect at-risk communities from decimation, and
  • Overhauling the organization’s integration practices, thus ensuring the exponential growth of its ranks for years to come,
Believing Haku’s silent, yet brilliant, service to the international community should not go unrecognized by this august body,

Hereby commends Haku.
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