[GA - PASSED] Preventing Identity Theft

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Preventing Identity Theft
Category: International Security | Strength: Mild
Proposed by: Morover | Onsite Topic

The World Assembly,

Recognizing past attempts to temper the horrific and life-shattering crime of identity theft through Resolution 110, “Identity Theft Prevention Act”, and its repeal by Resolution 574,

Believing that regardless of issues present within the past efforts to prevent identity theft, the principle behind protecting victims of identity theft is sound and should be upheld with a replacement,

Hoping to continue the prevention of identity theft and protection of those who do happen to be victims of identity theft from the consequences that naturally occur as a result of such a victimhood,

Hereby enacts the following into World Assembly law:
  1. For the purposes of this resolution, ”Identity Theft” is defined as the act of intentionally and fraudulently taking an individual’s personal or financial information or identity for the purpose of it being passed off as someone else’s information or identity.
  2. Identity theft and the sale or use of any stolen personal or financial information is outlawed in all member-nations.
  3. The International Identity Database is tasked with the establishment, maintenance, and continued operation of a system in which stolen identities can be logged and tracked.
    1. Governments of member-states and accredited law enforcement agencies within member-nations shall have unrestricted access to upload stolen identities and stolen information from the victims of identity theft as discovered or reported in their nations, and are obligated to do so. These organizations may access, edit, and remove any information they upload to the database, and are obligated to do so in cases where requested by the victim of the relevant identity theft.
    2. Non-member-nations and other agencies may submit cases of identity thefts to the database. Any submissions from these organizations will be reviewed by the International Identity Database in order to ensure their validity and necessity. Similar control over the cases submitted by organizations under World Assembly control shall be afforded to these organizations, subject to the same process of review as initial submissions.
    3. Misuse of the International Identity Database will lead to heavy restrictions on that submitter. In the cases of organizations under World Assembly control, those restrictions will include a sanctions proportional with other similar non-compliance and review of future submissions to the system. For organizations not under World Assembly control, complete revocation of access to the database may occur, depending on severity. Full length of restrictions is subject to the opinions of the International Identity Database.
    4. All cases present within the International Identity Database shall be kept fully confidential and encrypted against any organization not specified as having access to any particular case, or otherwise deemed to be important to access by the committee.
    5. The International Identity Database is obligated, where possible and feasible within the manpower of the committee and access they have, to monitor marketplaces and transactions for the use of stolen identities, and to identify the relevant nation, law enforcement agencies, and marketplaces of the use of the stolen identity.
    6. Member-nations must monitor and keep a record of all cases of use of stolen identities within their jurisdictions, and submit these records to the International Identity Database.

  4. Member-nations must, where possible, prevent identity theft and work with victims of identity theft in order to catch the perpetrators and punish them accordingly. Coordination between member-states in order to put an end to larger rings dedicated to committing identity theft should be accomplished to the highest degree reasonably effective.
  5. In cases where victims were affected financially by the relevant identity theft, the total sum of losses shall be repaid to the victim. Further compensation is permitted and encouraged.
  6. The development of technology, software, and other methods to prevent the occurrence of identity theft and handling the aftermath in order to minimize the impact of identity theft on victims and the general populace is strongly encouraged. Further, the implementation of these systems is urged to be supplied to the general populace as well as any vulnerable vendors.
Note: Only votes from TNP WA nations and NPA personnel will be counted. If you do not meet these requirements, please add (non-WA) or something of that effect to your vote.
Voting Instructions:
  • Vote For if you want the Delegate to vote For the resolution.
  • Vote Against if you want the Delegate to vote Against the resolution.
  • Vote Abstain if you want the Delegate to abstain from voting on this resolution.
  • Vote Present if you are personally abstaining from this vote.
Detailed opinions with your vote are appreciated and encouraged!

"Preventing Identity Theft" has passed 11,969 votes (81.9%) to 2,644 (18.1%).
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This resolution seeks to replace "Identity Theft Prevention Act", which was recently repealed by this noble body. In replacing it, the author reintroduces the International Identity Database, a repository of those who have had their identities stolen. It clarifies that the database is for the use of WA nations though that non-member nations may submit their own data before putting restrictions which would necessarily increase the security surrounding such sensitive information. This resolution tasks member nations with preventing identity theft and introduces a new requirement for members: compensation of victims of identity theft. The author also urges World Assembly members to create technology to reduce, and lessen the impact of, identity theft.

The author not only creates a compelling case for passage through their clarifications and reworking of the International Identity Database, they also hone in on a concept we think is critical: the idea of restorative justice through the paying of damages. Without that simple step, this proposal would prevent identity theft, but would not address the primary issue caused by it, namely financial loss. Restorative justice is but the only response to individual cases which involve financial loss and we are glad that this resolution enshrines that principal into international law. We appreciate too the author's commitment towards eventually eradicating the scourge that is identity theft through increasing tech development. For the above reasons, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote For the General Assembly Resolution at vote, "Preventing Identity Theft".
Our IFV Recommendation Dispatch--Please Upvote!
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This proposal has achieved the necessary approvals to enter the formal queue. Barring it being withdrawn or marked illegal it will proceed to a vote at the Major Update on Sunday September 19.
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