World Assembly Accelerator Program


Somehow, Palpatine has returned
Update: The Accelerator Program has expanded from a TNP program to a WALL program! Applicants can now benefit from the combined resources of the World Assembly Legislative League for feedback and support. Accepted proposals will now be discussed by WALL staff and sponsorship will be determined by the heads of WALL.


Garnet Greatness
WA Nation: Concrete Slab
Proposal Title: Declaration on Crabs of the Apocalypse
Council: Security Council
Proposal Category: Declaration
Link to Proposal:
Proposal Summary: Seeks to summarize the events of N-Day 6 and declare CoTA as one of the strongest factions ever.
Preferred Method of Contact: Discord (Concrete Slab#8764) or NS tg
I'll let admin rule on your citizenship and then accepted! (I would highly encourage you to join the MoWAA too.)