Technical "Follow" and "Unknown Member" issue

Discussion in 'Feet on Head' started by Loh, Oct 23, 2018.

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    "Follow" and "Unknown Member" Issue

    (I'm not going to use the template, since I'm not sure how should I report this using that same template; if I do need to use the template though, please tell me and I shall edit this)

    So here's the thing: apparently I can follow people on the forum without any problems, but they can't follow me. Aerilia told me that, when I liked one of their posts in my profile page, it shows as a like made by a (deleted member). Also, under "Conversation Participants", instead of showing my name on it, it shows as " Unknown Member". I can't even reply to the convo too, apparently.

    Here's a screenshot of my convo with Aerilia. You can also see how I'm identified as "Unknown Member":

    And here's another screenshot of what happens everytime I try to reply in a convo:

    I'd appreciate if any of you could give it a look please. Nothing too urgent though, since I can do pretty much everything else normally.
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    Have had a similar problem.

    Aerilia stated a conversation - I was unable to reply do to a caption that said Server Error.

    He said he was unable to 'follow' me but I am able to 'follow' him.

    This is his message to me:-


    I don't know if you already know this, but I noticed that I couldn't follow yo, and I also noticed that when you liked a post on your profile it says "Delete member"

    I also know that the same issue is happening with a user named Loh. and I also know that you can't reply to me for here, so just telegram me on Nationstates if you want to reply."
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    (I figured this would be a lot simpler and easier to explain without using the template but if you need me to I'll edit this)

    So basically any time that I try to follow Marcus Antonius on here it always says "Server error" and doesn't let me follow. I tried reloading the page and logging out and logging back in, and it didn't work. I don't know if that's something fixable, and I know it's not urgent or anything, it's just slightly annoying but no rush or anything to figure it out.
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