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    This guide is a how-to for using this forum to report bugs and other problems you are experiencing. Please follow these instructions and use the included template. Questions about how to report things can be asked here or on Discord, as preferred.

    How do I file a bug?

    You can file a bug by filling out the below template. Please include screenshots as appropriate and sensible to support your report. "I found text that can't be read" is a lot more helpful if you can show the problem, for example.

    [big][b]Descriptive Name of Problem[/b][/big]
    [b]What I Did:[/b] Short description of the steps you took that caused the problem. This could be very simple, like "Navigated to profile page", or it could be complex, like "Clicked on profile, then clicked on member list, then clicked on the laws page, then waited five seconds, then turned my computer upside-down." Please include as many steps as you believe are relevant, and please indicate how reliably your steps reproduce the problem you are experiencing.
    [b]What Should Have Happened:[/b] A sentence or a few about what you expected to happen when you took the above steps. "Expected to view profile page" for example.
    [b]What Actually Happened:[/b] A sentence or a few about what happened when you took the above steps, and how that differs from expected behavior. "Saw reported post queue instead of profile page" or "Was redirected to ACP instead of laws page".
    [b]Additional Information:[/b] Anything you think might be relevant to add. This could be what browser/OS you use, whether you have recently experienced any masking changes, etc.
    What if someone has already posted about my problem, but I can provide more details?

    Please add your details in a separate post in their thread. Please do not make a new thread. New threads for the same problem will be merged.

    What if my problem isn't a bug as in something that's broken, but is an accessibility issue?

    Accessibility issues are, in general, appearance settings that make the forum harder to use and need to be fixed. This could be bright yellow text on a white background, which is extremely difficult for everyone to read, or it could be red text on a green background, which is specifically difficult for people who are red-green colorblind, or so on. It does not generally cover preferences, like "I would prefer dark grey text instead of dark blue", and it does not cover the user-selected content of a particular post (e.g., someone typing in text deliberately colored to match the background and be invisible).

    Accessibility issues should be reported in this forum. Preferences should not be.

    Okay, I have a request or preference that isn't urgent and is not causing problems for people, but I'd really like it changed. How should I ask for it?

    You have a couple options. You can make small suggestions or requests of admins in the Admin Request Thread. This could be something like "Here is a higher resolution version of an image; we should use this one instead." Or, if you donate money to help fund site hosting and maintenance, you will be given access to subforums where you can suggest bigger changes, like requesting a new skin design or asking for new paid add-ons. But please don't report these things as bugs; if you do we will mock you mercilessly. :P

    What if I accidentally make a request in the wrong place?

    We will close, move, or merge posts as needed to keep things where they belong.

    How will I know what the status of my report is?

    We will do our best to use tags to indicate the status of a request, and we will reply to your post if we have any specific questions we need answered. We'll also try to let you know if something will take some time to fix, and where on our priority list it is. If we can't replicate a problem ourselves and you never come back to provide more info, we'll probably close your thread without fixing it.

    What are the valid report tags currently in use?

    VERIFIEDThis status is used for a report which has which has been verified to occur when using the steps provided and which is not missing any vital information, but which is not currently being worked on.
    NEEDSINFOThere is insufficient information to find, reproduce, and/or fix the reported problem. Followup questions will be posted about what specifically is needed; if your report is tagged as NEEDSINFO please try to provide what we need as quickly as you can.
    DEVELThis status indicates a problem is currently being worked on. It is not a guarantee that we can actually fix the problem.
    CLOSEDThis is used to indicate reports that have been fixed, or which aren't going to be fixed. It will be paired with a Resolution tag for more information.

    NOTABUGThe problem described is not a bug or was improperly posted in this forum. An explanation will be posted if necessary.
    WORKSFORMEThe problem described cannot be reproduced even though no change has been implemented to fix it. Multiple attempts to reproduce the issue should be taken before this status is used. In particular, multiple browsers and devices should be attempted when diagnosing problems with the forum skin or add-on code. This Resolution should not be used simply because a reported problem does not happen to the first admin who looks at the report.
    XENFOROThe problem described is an issue with the XenForo platform, or which needs to be fixed by their development team, and is not within our capacity to change.
    WONTFIXThe problem described will not be fixed. This may be due to it requiring an investment of time that would not be justified by the severity of the actual problem, or when there is an easy workaround already available and a fix would be difficult. An explanation for why the bug won't be fixed will be posted.
    CANTFIXThe problem described is beyond the technical capacity of our admins to fix. An explanation will be provided where possible. This Resolution may be used where admins have tried and failed to fix the bug, or where they have not tried because they know it cannot be done.
    INSUFFICIENTINFOThe problem description is insufficient to find or reproduce the bug, and the poster has not responded to requests for more information after a reasonable period of time.

    URGENTCatastrophic issues which severely impede access to the forum or its functions, or which threaten the security of users' accounts or data. This tag should only be used for bugs which MUST be fixed ASAP. E.g.: A discovery that passwords are stored as plaintext.
    HIGHHigh-impact issues which affect a large number of users or affect a smaller number in a significant way. These are important issues but not forum-breaking ones. E.g.: A report that the board is not sending out password-reset emails.
    MEDIUMModerate-impact issues which affect some users, and do not generally prevent access to or use of the forum, or which affect all users in a minor way. E.g.: A discovery that users are unable to upload or change their avatars.
    LOWLow-impact issues that affect a small number of users, or affect users in a minor way. E.g: A discovery that the default skin is wrong, or that users cannot change which skin they use to view the forum.
    Severity tags may or may not be used.

    With thanks to redhat bugzilla status indicators, which inspired this list.
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