The Force Flyer - Issue XVI



Bennisia Here, Bennisia There, Bennisia Out

Bennisia. First Foreign Minister, then ex Foreign Minister, then Foreign Minister again, then non-citizen. How did this happen? During the last Ministrial Elections, they ran for Minister of Foreign Affairs and won; due to a lack of other candidates for the position. Then 3 days after being elected, they resigned. The next day, they wrote a lengthy note on the forums expressing how they regretted their resignation and wishes to be reinstated. Prime Minister Dunkar denied their request to be reinstated and ended up holding a special election for the position. In that election, out of the two candidates Bennisia was reelected and this time promised not to resign from the position. Once elected, they started out by doing all the usual things for their position, such as appointing deputies and constructing a small number of new embassies. They then asked Dunkar if they could be Deputy Prime Minister as there wasn't one at the time. Dunkar rejected, mainly believing there was no need for a Deputy Prime Minister. That's when Bennisia's enemity toward certain members of the Cabinet began. They first started showing anger toward Dunkar for two reasons. First, Dunkar hadn't granted his request to regain his position as Foreign Minister after resigning, and secondly Dunkar had decided not to appoint him as Deputy Prime Minister. Shortly after this (and in a separate turn of events), he began asking Renegalle about changing the whole governance system in Force into a Parliamentary System. After considering many options, Renegalle denied this and said if he wanted to get this passed he could always draft a bill for it and bring it to vote. Bennisia did do this, but it ended up being too unpopular with members of the region to bring to vote. His and the rest of the Cabinet's frustration due to all of this could be sensed and there were growing concerns he may become a threat to the region. Amidst all this, a message from The Rejected Realms was sent to both Emperor Renegalle and Prime Minister Dunkar. In this message, it was disclosed that Bennisia (at the time the Ambassador to The Rejected Realms) had been kicked from their Discord Server for recruiting and doing other things in violation of their rules. With no other choice, Bennisia was dismissed as Ambassador and thus these concerns grew. Finally, it all came down to something bigger than had ever been imagined. On the day before the Prime Minister elections begun, private sources disclosed to the Prime Minister & the Emperor that Bennisia was attempting to rig the elections and make himself come out as the victor. This being in violation of the Constitution of Force; Emperor Renegalle immediately charged Bennisia with attempted Election Fraud; removing him as a Minister, denying him from voting for a year, and denying him from running for office for two years. Not much later, the Cabinet held a vote which unanimously decided to strip Bennisia of their citizenship and ban them from the region. Bennisia, waking up to find this, immediately began contacting all members of the Cabinet and requesting that they restore his citizenship and calling the election fraud allegations lies even though they had been proven through numerous pieces of evidence which were confirmed by actually visiting the Discord Server in which they came from. This draws a striking similarity to another case; the one of the former Liberalus Evilus. Regardless, such a crazy narrative events is sure to be remembered in this region for a long time.

Colony Holds First Election

The first colony of Force, The New Kingdom, has just held elections for it's leadership body - The Round Table. Of the 3 candidates who ran, 2 were elected. These were Ingloniania and Czech Yugoslavia, receiving 100% of the vote, while the other candidate, Katamoko, didn't receive any votes. With this election taking place, The New Kingdom is finally able to come up with its own laws, practices, and decisions different from Force. Although it is still under executive control by Force, it is granted the right to operate freely as long as it complies with Force law. This, being the first election to take place in one of our colonies is a big step for Force which we hope shall lead to many more fair elections in the future.

Constitution to Receive Major Changes

For the past few months; Renegalle, Dunkar, Libertatis Regalis, Western Chosetus, and others have been working on major Constitutional changes that would dramatically change the way Force works. Among these things, it creates a list of rights guaranteed to citizens, defines what a citizen actually is and how they receive citizenship, creates a Ministry of Communications to manage production of this publication, shortens the length of elections, and changes the role of the Ministry of the Military to one of defense in general, including intelligence. With these changes, it is hoped that Force will operate more efficiently and fairly than ever before and ensure that the law is more defined so that prosecution can happen in a more accurate way.


Total Population: 225
Force Population: 152
The New Kingdom Population: 40
Heart Population: 33

Total WA Members: 46
Force WA Members: 36
The New Kingdom WA Members: 6
Heart WA Members: 4

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