Breaking News!


Hello all!

Sorry I've been away on a much needed mini-holiday! However, I'm back and with some breaking news from the Region of Gay!

Earlier today, our region was fortunate enough to be given the access to the founder of the region Lesbian. This was done through the graciousness of a former member of Kaiserreich who felt that it was a dishonor to hold that name as an insult to lesbians.

On the heels of this exciting news, we opted to create the region known as Transgender. Basically, same concept as Lesbian in that it's a place welcome for trans people and their allies!

Both of these regions are considered companions to Gay, and as such, fall under our administrative authority. Each will have a Vice-Delegate to lead/guide/develop/create on a daily basis, the founders of them are being held in trust by our founder (who happens to be me!).

So by all means, drop in to either or both, say hi, move a puppet in if you like!

Founder/Ambassador for Gay


Thank you! The gift of the region of Lesbian came as a true shock. I opened up my TGs and it was there! That lead to the creativity to create Transgender! LOL