Greater Dienstad's Ambassador to TNP


Greetings to the region of TNP!

I am the Free Republic of Lamoni, WA Delegate of Greater Dienstad, and ambassador to Equilism, TEP, and to TNP, as well. I have been commended by the World Assembly Security Council's resolution number 100, and i'm also an RP Mentor. I helped GD to host the 2015 NSWF, and have already met certain TNP members, who I am friends with.

I'm generally a pretty nice guy, so please feel free to ask me any questions which you might have, and i'll respond to them as best I can. Hopefully this embassy is just the beginning of GD-TNP relations, and we can both move forward from there!


The Free Republic of Lamoni
WA Delegate
Foreign Minister Equivalent
Greater Dienstad


Don't mind me, taking inventory of everything before TNP's forum move. If anyone has any questions, please let me know!