Proclamation of Free Trade

Proclamation of Universal Free Trade Agreement

The Member-States of the Democratic Union proclaim their dedication to the perpetual economic and financial security of the Union, and conscious of the benefits of a collective free trade agreement between member states, do hereby, ordain and establish The Democratic Union Free Trade Accord (DUFTA) or “The Accord”. In the pursuit of an everlasting alliance in free trade, the member-states of the Democratic Union, despite contrasting cultural and religious beliefs, and previous international altercations, unite together in the mutual interest of free trade and commerce.

The Accord is a momentous step for Member-States in the development of the Democratic Union, and shall henceforth be forever remembered as a historic and significant step in the guarantee of continued trade, commerce, and economic and financial security of the Union. It illustrates the core social & economic values of the Union, in promoting mutual interest, pan-North Pacific trade & commerce, and supporting developing nations within the Union.

New signatories to the Democratic Union shall be considered to have automatically ratified this Accord. Member-States shall derive all the benefits and privileges of the Accord and share the burden of all responsibilities.

Trade and commerce between members states shall be absolutely free. Member States shall impose no taxation, fees or penalties on trade between member states, with the following exceptions:
  • Military hardware & weaponry
  • fissile materials

Ratified by the Democratic Union on 17OCT14