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    The Field-Marshal (Solo)

    A strapping young man ran down the front steps of the palace, flanked on both sides by military officers and aides. Vahna Kielo Inarii Kanad the Second, called by his nickname “Seanin” by most for brevity’s sake, wasn’t exactly the very model of a modern Major-General. He wore his natural brown...
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    [Inaius] Worldbuilding of the Kuthea Communes

    Kuthea Commune Government The Kuthea Communes are a Democratic Socialist Confederation which is currently made up of 15 communes. Generally, each significantly inhabited planet is considered a commune, although the Kuthean home planet of Amia contains two communes due to its much greater...
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    Kanasieger Zvå Console and Game Releases

    Releasing on the First of July, Cappelen Entertainment Company is proud to present the newest generation in video game technology: The Kanasieger Zvå. Rumours have been spreading in the last year about a second generation to the greatest game console yet made, the original Kanasieger, and we...
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    Government of Malor-Kanada

    The Parliament of the Malor-Kanadian Empire (This thread will be edited as I add or change information about the Parliament) Overview The new Parliament of the Empire, formed by royal decree, replaces the previous joint government, and the governments of Kanada and Maloria. This parliament was...
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    [Asheron] The Ruins of Albion

    The whistling wind swayed the bare branches of the trees. Beatha Squadron kneeled on the sides of the expressway. The ancient asphalt below them had grown cracked and discoloured over the decades. The scrap from the endless parade of abandoned cars had long been stripped away, and now only the...
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    The Siege of Reganstad (Historical, Solo)

    “King is dead. Stop.” August 3rd, 1927 Lieutenant Colonel Lindström stares at the concrete-gray wall in front of him as the telegram operator continued, “Hold position at all costs. Stop. Report Delivery. Stop.” The young boy looked up at the officer, “Field Marshal Alrikssen.” The operator...
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    Hansens and Haddicks (Closed, Historical)

    The peaceful sound of a bubbling creek was dimmed by the noise of children laughing and talking, and a yipping and barking dog. It was springtime in southern Kanada, the snow gone from the ground, revealing the new, budding grass rise from the dirt. Four children and one adolescent were on the...
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    Supper with Severyns (Closed)

    Days after the riots in Fort Sean had been put down, Grace was sitting quietly in what she now considered her palace in Bergum. Celebration of the unification was still going on, however it had settled down significantly, perhaps much more due to the violence. The new Empress uncapped a...
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    Embassy of the Monarchy of Kanada

    Royal Kanadian Foriegn Ministry After some consideration, Her Majesty Queen Grace Kanad-Severyn III and the Parliament of Kanada have decided to open a diplomatic channel in order to better communicate with other nations about current issues either worldwide, or domestic issues, and what...
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    Nothing Personal

    Konigser, Kalgary, Kanada. June 26th, 2018 A delightful looking chalet has several police cruisers around in, along with a sleek black car. Within the building is a collection of several men in suits, investigators and detectives, searching the building, assisted by police officers. Most of the...
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    Skull on Shako

    I am Gefreiter Fredrik Hansen. I'm twenty-six years old, five foot nine feet tall, I weigh 73 kilograms, and I am in the highest quality unit of the Kanadian armed forces from 1635 to 1834. The year is 1796. My uniform consists of shined black boots that go to my knees, gray trousers, a dark...
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    Nation on a Knife-Edge

    The Royal Palace is a quiet, desolate place sometimes. When there are no meals to be cooked and no number of guests to be attended to, every sound around you can be heard, like the gurgle of the baby over your shoulder, or the small clatter of a mug being set on a table. Queen Grace herself has...
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    I remember the man at the recruiting booth. He stood on a chair and shouted to the people on the streets, who hid their faces behind collars and low brim hats. Only a few people crowded around, all young men who'd probably gotten out of secondary school last spring. He made vague promises of...
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    Wet Concrete

    The chilling wind tickled Erik's nose, and he constantly stamped his feet and blew into his hands to keep warm. His blonde hair fell down just above just above his eyes, peeking out from his gray service cap. He'd marching along the wired fence for an hour, occasionally looking over his shoulder...
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    Revolution Reborn

    (August 8th, 2017) The city guard had turned, handing weapons to the rioters. From batons to assault rifles, the populace of Fort Sean was armed and angry. They mobbed through the outskirts of town, brutally killing or mutilating any police force that stood up to them. By sundown, they had...
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    Kanadian-Necerierran Cooperation Agreement

    Kanadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Official document. Sent from the Parliament in Calgary, Calgary.[hr] King Albert I de Havena, Your Majesty, after multiple talks between our nations' representatives, we have come to an agreement of mutual benefits. Stated agreements will be listed below...
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    Mutiny and Uprisings

    (Fort Sean, July 16th, 1926. 11 AM) He brushed the hair out of his eyes and climbed atop the wooden box. The crowd raged below in a frenzy. The last few years had been hard. Economic collapses and the insane debt of the government had left riots and protests throughout the country. This young...
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    Kanadian National Information: null

    [hr] Kherachell Fortress, named after the architect, Wolfe Kherachell, is based half a mile south of the City of Calgary's official city limits. It is perched on a tall mountain, overlooking wide fields to the east and south, and mountains to the west. A river snakes around to bottom of the...
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    PRESENTED BY CALGARIAN ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY (CEC) [hr] THE KANASIEGER The Kanasieger, a new innovation of games across the region, presented after nine months of work, this high quality gaming console has become availiable, along with a variety of games. The CEC has worked many tireless...
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    The Queen is dead, long live the Queen OOC

    Here's the OOC for you guys. yay To Syrixia, I'm going to make a post later today, then ya'll can RP your leaders arrival tomorrow or something.
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    The Queen is dead, long live the Queen.

    Queen Grace II has died, and left an unstable country in it's wake. Riots are daily, there is no proper PM, and the public is outraged at the queen's death. The heir, Princess Grace III, has her coronation planned to take palce a few days after the funeral of the queen. The funeral will be May...
  22. Kanada

    Blood and Iron

    Two older men sat atop a lookout post. They wore faded blue Kalgarian militia uniforms, and had their muskets at their sides. They chatted as they ate their lunch. “I don’t understand why we have to watch over this valley. There hasn’t been a war between Kalgary and Sundeon in years.” Says the...
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    Embassy with SAA Canada

    Greeting NP nations! I thought I should make an embassy post so here it is. Please use the format below.
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    Friendly Insults

    In this you can let off some steam. Cleverly. Go ahead and insult noone in particular, without curse words. I'll start... I hope you step on a lego. (Not very creative, I know.)
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    A New Disease

    It is a normal morning in SAA Canada. A light snow is falling over the capitol city of SAA Canada. People are doing their daily business. Dr. Jayde is bent over his laptop, filling in spreadsheets of medical expenses. He hears a knock on his office door. He stands up and opens in to find Nurse...
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    OOC A New Disease

    Ok. Here is the OCC for my new post "A New Disease".
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    ARCHIVED: Duplicate Application - Requested to be split