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  1. Amerion

    Lazarus Fall Festival

    You are hereby invited to the Lazarus Fall Festival! On the 16th of September, Lazarus shall be hosting a festival where we hope to foster good relations with your region and to celebrate all the good things that have happened with the Humane Republic! There will be: Spam - lots and lots of...
  2. Amerion

    Lazarene Gazette Issue VII July 2016

    The Official Newspaper of Lazarus Issue VII • July 2016 • Inter-Regional Edition[hr] FOREWORD: The State of the Gazette By Frankender I would like to thank all contributors and readers of the Gazette for helping make our newspaper one of the greatest. However, we are always looking for more...
  3. Amerion

    The Pacific's second apology

    The Emperor of the Pacific Order has just recently issued a statement on the gameplay forum, to again apologise for the Lazarus coup. Thoughts?
  4. Amerion

    Amerion's AMA

    Hello, As some of you may know, I'm running for Justice. There are few reasons why one would possibly vote for me given the plethora of candidates but I hope that these few are compelling on their own, if not then on the basis of a fresh face. But first, just a little bit about me. I began...
  5. Amerion

    You're invited!

    Ahoy, me Hearties! Guests are encouraged to wear pirate attire, which can include: - Pirate avatars (such as your favorite anime pirate, RL pirate, and so on) - Pirate flags (aka change your NS flag to a pirate/sailor theme) - Pirate themed signatures (aka add some humor or wit to your...
  6. Amerion

    TNI 6 year covert op in FRA Former Arch Chancellor of the FRA - Wibblefeet - who served in the FRA Cabinet including as Minister of Intelligence, for most of 2011-2015, is a senior member of the TNI Crown Intelligence Organisation and has been working as an Agent...
  7. Amerion

    NationStates Guide

    I've written with the grateful aid of three other nations, a guide to NationStates. Here is the link. I am hoping that somebody can pick up an additional detail here and there which should be included in the guide? It is generally finished, however, I'm sure due to the size of it I've made an...
  8. Amerion

    The Black Riders

    Suprised that there isn't a thread up already on what is happening in TBR. Hal was deleted :clap: Easy to catch up on the recent events here: topic: Illegal script using, Call to arms and the gameplay forum
  9. Amerion

    The awkward moment when

    Simply fill in the blank: The awkward moment when ____ That awkward moment when you accidentally call your teacher "Mum".
  10. Amerion

    Ask a stupid question and get a dumb answer

    The title explains itself. Example: Post 1: What is 1+1? Post 2: 11. Post 2: <insert question here> and so on and so forth.
  11. Amerion

    A like/dislike button

    Good afternoon, As I cannot find mention of such a feature in the first three pages of this subforum, I am proposing a like/dislike button for the forum. Recently introduced on-site and in NS++, this function has proven hugely popular and I think the same success can be replicated in the...
  12. Amerion

    Update 1 | Cabinet Election!

    Close Cabinet Race | Cabinet elections have drawn to a close, and the Fifth Cabinet of the CoDN has taken power. The results were interesting, the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs were automatically given to their sole registrants, Creinuntia and Amerion, respectively. Marinesia...
  13. Amerion

    Welcome to the Coalition!

    Welcome | Constitution | Executive | Legislature | Judiciary | Guide | Law Code | Political Parties What is the Coalition of Democratic Nations? | The Coalition of Democratic Nations commonly called CDN or CoDN, is a region founded upon democratic principles in Nationstates. The Coalition is...
  14. Amerion

    The Coalition of Demcratic Nations

    Name of your region: The Coalition of Demcratic Nations Link to your region's forums: Click here Head of Government: Brechalht Head of State: Brechalht Minister for Foreign Affairs (or equivalent): Amerion Short description of your region: The Coalition of Democratic Nations commonly called...
  15. Amerion


    Hi, Apologies if I have posted this thread in the wrong forum but I didn't know where a question like this would go exactly. Anyway, I recently noticed that my display (to the left of this post) had a tab with five orange-ish square buttons. As I haven't seen it on anyone else's display, I was...