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  1. OuterGalacticBankingClan

    one year Anniversary

    Yesterday at 9:42 PM First Anniversary Holy cow! You've been here for one year already!
  2. OuterGalacticBankingClan

    count to 2021

    here i start
  3. OuterGalacticBankingClan

    post 1 meme on here each day when you can

    i start us off
  4. OuterGalacticBankingClan

    count to 10 and beyond if you can

    hot thing is this so i gonna see if any 1 wants to do this 1 of mine because i very curious if people will do this thing they like so much i start 0
  5. OuterGalacticBankingClan

    Trophies #games

    post all trophies u ever got i go first trophies:1 First Message Post a message somewhere on the site to receive this. 2 Somebody Likes You Somebody out there liked one of your messages. Keep posting like that for more! 2 Birthday Cake HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 5 Keeps Coming Back 30 messages posted...
  6. OuterGalacticBankingClan

    post memes

  7. OuterGalacticBankingClan

    count to 9090 until 9090

    we need this for future generations :voldy::welcome::flemingovia2::grouphug: this is why i start us off 0
  8. OuterGalacticBankingClan

    how many likes you got in this offsite forum in total

    I got 4 likes in total currently