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  1. Ema Skye

    2020 dem primary spam points

    First candidate to get 1,885 delegates (spam points) wins the nomination: Every Saturday the candidate with the least number of delegates (spam points) gets knocked off the list. Otherwise usual rules apply!! Michael Bennet: 0 Joe Biden: 0 Bill de Blasio: 0 Cory Booker: 0 Steve Bullock: 0 Pete...
  2. Ema Skye

    Himika Storage

    Himika is a nation on Meterra, with 178,947 sq. km. with a population of 69,408,289 and 387.87 people psqkm. The population is 84.89 percent Sinnitic, mainly ethnically Himikan, 14.8 of Gotic descent, mainly from Maloria, and .31 percent being other races.
  3. Ema Skye

    Wikiboxes thread

    Basically what it says, RP thread for Wikiboxes that relate to Eras worldbuilding and stuff
  4. Ema Skye

    Himika Public Network (HPN)

    The Himika Public Network (ひみか公衆ネットワーク) is a media network that serves to broadcast Public Affairs to the people of Himika. The network televises events such as proceedings of the Himika General Assembly (総会) and occasionally proceedings of legislative sessions from nearby nations.
  5. Ema Skye

    Goodbye + Resignation

    You may have wondered why I've left the TNP servers. To keep it short, IRL problems affecting me are taking up all my time and TNP is talking up too much of my time now. That being, I resign from the MoC and MoWAA. I will be away for the near future. Thanks and goodbye, Ema/Miedzy.
  6. Ema Skye

    Miedzy for Justice

    Hi, I'm running for Justice. (Unofficially, since the TNP Elugarchy-deep state shills won't legally let me run.)
  7. Ema Skye

    [Complete][SC - Passed] | Commend Knootoss

    Commend Knootoss Category: Commendation | Nominee: Knootoss Proposed by: Imperium Anglorum | Onsite Topic [hr] [hr]Voting Instructions:Vote For if you want the Delegate to vote For the resolution.Vote Against if you want the Delegate to vote Against the resolution.Vote Abstain if you want the...
  8. Ema Skye


    Welcome to Soaps, where we prove faek news wrong n stuff
  9. Ema Skye


    Due to some new IRL obligations I now have, I resign from all ministries I am part of, excluding World Assembly Affairs.
  10. Ema Skye

    A?B... What comes next?

    It's the ABC game but russian Russian Alphabet for reference
  11. Ema Skye


    1954, Mi?dzymorze Mi?dzymorze, recently emerging from its civil war now faces an enemy rearing its head from the western end of the continent. The Greater Ninhundish Reich. The Ninhundish navy is rumored to start arriving upon the Southern shores, to begin an invasion of the country...
  12. Ema Skye

    April Fools 2018-Cartography

    (Jumpshare) ----- Jumpshare (Nameless) Notes Okay so this update is going to be a little.... weird. The Cartography Staff has been working on a subjective removal list to remove people based on list of criteria. These are nations that don't meet the day-to-day removal standards but the whole...
  13. Ema Skye

    Mi?dzymorze in the verge of turmoil

    It was merely 1 centimeter. 1 measly centimeter and death would've overcome him. Przewodnicz?cy Andrzej Kaczy?ski was there at his usual adress to the people of the nation. It was all well until an aspiring assassin snuck into the crowd and opened fire. The would-be assasin had been apprehended...
  14. Ema Skye

    List of Miedzymorzean Leaders

    List of Mi?dzymorzean Leaders This serves as a catalogue of information about all Miedzymorsean leaders, past or present. Current Leader: Andrzej Kaczy?ski (1998 -)
  15. Ema Skye

    Request For Review: Yukkira

    1. What law, government policy, or action (taken by a government official) do you request that the Court review? I request that the Court review Yukkira's dismissal of me, Emalunya Skye (addressed in the post as Catalunya) as a Deputy Minister. (See Here...
  16. Ema Skye

    The Lennarts 2017: Quote of the Year

    The Lennarts 2017 As per this announcement the Lennarts for 2017 are now underway. The next 2017 Lennart to seek nominations is the Lennart for best quote of the year. Has anyone said anything amusing, inspiring, or important to you this year? If that answer is yes, then nominate that quote...
  17. Ema Skye

    Happy birthday, Emalunya!

    Happy birthday to me! All I got was a bag of daylight's savings.
  18. Ema Skye

    Long live Miedzy

    Miedzymorzean troops stormed across the border into Andrenne today. The Andrennian border defense, weakened by the Miedzymorzean militants that have been crossing the border at an increasing rate everyday, easily succumbed to Miedzymorze. As Miedzymorze does not recognize that Andrenne controls...
  19. Ema Skye

    Lennart Awards Winner: Newcommer of the Year

    Newcomer Winners Post: [hr] The Lennarts 2017 Good evening, I'd like to present to you our Newcomer of the Year! Everyone is a newcomer at some point, we all joined at separate times, so people will be newcomers at different times. Newcomer of the Year is an award to celebrate the work of...
  20. Ema Skye

    Farewell, My State

    Sie? Informacyjna Mi?dzymorze This morning, a Miedzymorsean ship off of the coast of Ruskaland was deliberately attacked, causing the ship to explode. Around 200 Miedzymorsean citizens were killed during the explosion. The reason why the explosion had occurred is most likely due to Ruskaland, as...
  21. Ema Skye

    Ema Skye Embassy Request

    Name of your region: Ema Skye Link to your region's forums: Head of Government: Waifu Ema Skye (me) Head of State: Waifu Ema Skye (me) Minister for Foreign Affairs (or equivalent): Waifu Ema Skye (me) Short description of your region: We're a...
  22. Ema Skye

    Have a stroke and Post!

    It looks like this:
  23. Ema Skye

    Land Lease

    Presidential Palace, Vistula, Miedzymorse Minister of StateMinister of State is equal to a Minister of Foreign Affairs in other countries, Cyryl Pieka?kiewicz went and called Przewodnicz?cy Andrzej Kaczy?ski on the phone. [hr]
  24. Ema Skye

    Plant A Tree!

    The game's like this [hr] Let's Start! 1 Tree
  25. Ema Skye

    Count to 10 before Aerillia Posts

  26. Ema Skye

    [Archive this Plz] TNP Eras Flagmap

    Flag Map Link 1 | Flag Map Link 2 [hr] This is the thread for the Eras Flagmap. To Apply, please post your flags in the thread (No Ripple), along with your nation's name so I can find it. [hr] Please note: If using the code, then please put it in a spoiler. Thanks.
  27. Ema Skye

    Happy birthday

    Happy 58th Birthday to Raven
  28. Ema Skye

    Miezdymorse National Information

    Mi?dzymorze, or it's corruption, Miedzymorse, is a nation on the continent of Gothis bordering Andrenne and Illia located between the Aeraethi Ocean, the Westerly Strait and the Meterran Sea. Translated into English, Miedzymorse translates to "Between-seas", named for it's location between these...
  29. Ema Skye


    Hi there TNP!