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    [GA - AT VOTE - FOR] Protected Working Leave

    Against Reason: According to the definition of a worker in the resolution, people who engage in part-time work, freelancing, or contractual work on a weekly basis would need to be provided paid working leave. Given these are often short jobs that provide additional income source for many...
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    [GA - PASSED] Repeal "Landfill Regulation Act"

    For Reasons: 1) The mandate of creating a separate agency is pointless. Many nations may delegate landfill work to private corporations through tenders or use public corporations. This one is trivial and I understand it does not necessarily pose an undue burden. 2) The resolution uses this...
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    Results: November 2020 Judicial Election

    Congratulations to Justices Vivanco, SaintPeter, and Lord Lore
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    Voting: November 2020 Judicial Election

    Court Justice: 1. < Vivanco > 2. < saintpeter > 3. < Honeydewistan > 4. < Comfed> Would you like to reopen nominations? < No >
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    [GA - PASSED] Landfill Regulation Act

    Against This landfill has no coverage on how poor countries fund the compliance costs.
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    Word Association

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    [GA - PASSED - Acc.] Reducing Disease Vectors

    Clause 2 tasks member nations with assessing the vectors and vector-spread pathogens in their nations but provides no mandate to universalise standards of reporting. This will cause faulty and inefficient data reporting which might not allow EPARC to respond quickly enough to a genuine...
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    [SC - PASSED] Commend Kuriko

    I cannot for the life process how this makes sense. To me, it really sounds like waiting to see if an already exemplary individual continues to do so. That is incredibly selfish. Correct me if I misunderstood. I do not have a rich knowledge of NS history. I would like if you provided examples...
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    [GA - PASSED] Repeal: "World Assembly Trade Rights"

    For Why For? 1) Noting that all the reasons presented in the current resolution are agreeable and persuasively presented. Especially, noting Clause 3 which highlights the vicious cycle of excessive that can be and is caused by permitting nations to subsidise their good but not impose tariffs...
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    [GA - PASSED] International Bankruptcy Protocol

    I have two issues with this resolution: 1) The use of the term "fiscal assets" in Clause 3. While some firms may have a large proportion of their assets as fiscal assets such as manufacturing firms or internatioally trading firms, many firms including banks, non-banking financial entities, and...
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    The Minister's Office

    Oh, I see. I recall now. Sorry for this bruhaha. It was my error. Best, Chinar
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    The Minister's Office

    After that, I gave up the ambassador ship of Canada. SP was the only region I was ambassador to. Also, I have not been reposted.
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    The Minister's Office

    May I ask why has a new ambassador been appointed to SP? I was the previous ambassador. Has my record has a major blemish?
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    [GA - PASSED] Ending School Segregation

    Against The author provides insufficient evidence that the prevention of segregation by religion will not harm the operability of religious schools or private schools which are protected by the freedom of religion and freedom of enterprise in Eywaanian code. This legislation would clash with...
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    [SC - FAILED] Condemn The Land of Kings and Emperors

    Why? You have a strong enough decision to vote in WA but not here?