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  1. Yamantau Em

    Premier Ygor Emyan Szubrov

    Title: Premier of Yamantau Age: 54 Religion: Orthodox Messianist Occupation: Yamanta Head of State Education: None Best Skills: Born soldier and negotiator. Birthplace: St. Ivjan, Kraszawa Province, Yamantau Species or Race: Human Marital Status: Married Children (basic details): one daughter...
  2. Yamantau Em

    [Inaius] Out Among The Stars

    Torg, as his human counterparts referred to him, was not the smartest of his race, but still a genius by lesser standards. He had found employment on a freighter called the St. James, a human vessel from, he didn't care where. He emerged from under his cot, and scittered across the floor to the...
  3. Yamantau Em

    Sinning Saints and Saintly Sinners: The Story of Willy Skaggs

    Willy sat quietly at the bar, enjoying the tall frosty pint of dark, bitter stout that sat before him, just as he had enjoyed the three before it. Yara's had long been his favorite bar in Kiroyev, and even after two long years in lockup, the usual girls still knew his name, and asked no...
  4. Yamantau Em

    And Out Came The Wolves

    DISCLAIMER: Before you read, understand that this post, and the following posts deal with graphic depictions of violence, acts of terror, war-time atrocities, and other subject matter that you may find disturbing. If you feel you may be offended by this, do not read any further. "For Svrtan."...
  5. Yamantau Em

    Tales from Ephyra

    Pua Pua was a beautiful city to those who knew what to look for, and for Alara, it was everything she would ever need. She loved to see the travellers from Meterra and the traders from Craviter in the markets, hear their stories of far away lands; but mostly laugh to herself how they looked as...
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    Et tu, Augustus?

    Szubrov pushed the stack of papers in front of him aside as he cleared his throat. The camera crew that had invaded his office waited patiently for the Premier to tell them he was ready to begin the broadcast. Szubrov shifted a little before lighting a cigarette, letting the rage inside settle a...
  7. Yamantau Em

    (Proposal) Ephyranus Aurorius

    Proposal - Addition of Species Species name: Ephyranus Aurorius - homo ephyranus Proper Name and demonym: Ephyran/Ephyranics Subspecies: Draxxin, Maylar, Korgal, random interbreed hybrids Slang names: Sawteeth, Greybacks, Jade Skins Origin: offshoot of human evolutionary chain due to...
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    Fields of Yamantau Chapter 3: Razorblade Salvation (Concluded)

    " need to see this." Oxanna said softly as she leaned in the doorway of Grigori's office, once more clad in her YPA uniform. Grigori had suggested she re-enlist, and immediately requested that she become the YPA attaché to the PK office in Kiroyev. She held up a letter as she...
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    Life Lessons and other ramblings

    The old man and his skis. Back about 2010, maybe 2011, I went for a stroll around my hometown with the girl I was dating at the time. We paused under the bridge to toss some rocks through the ice on the river and chat for a while, but this isnt about her. While we were doing what teenagers do...
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    Split from Angshire/Crown Isles's Ban From The North Pacific

    What the hell are you doing?
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    Fields of Yamantau Chapter 2: The Ballad of Cain and Abel [Concluded]

    Alyosha gripped the cold porcelain of the sink as he stared into the mirror, his body still trembling at the thought of what he had just done. He could still hear the rumble of the building starting to cave in. Even now in the silence of the small apartment, the noise was deafening in his ears...
  12. Yamantau Em

    [Asheron] Dirty Hands and Hearts of Gold

    Lance raced his makeshift four-wheeler down the remnants of Highway 16 towards Lloydminster, looking back to see the convoy of trucks coming back towards the old Lloydminster Upgrader facility. He kept a steady pace in front of them as they rumbled down the broken pavement past Blackfoot...
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    Hi there

    So, I'm not new, new, but to those that dont know me, I'm Em. I RP as..more nations than I can count now, and Im also a local pain in the ass, so, yeah.
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    [Thel] John and the Beastie

    "Lookit 'im. Great big bastard, dunnae e'en have shoes on, paeddlin' 'round in the mud." Robert observed, laying in the grass next to his companion; a younger man named John, as they watched one of the Eastern clansmen on patrol. The clansman was massive, well over 6 foot tall, covered in...
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    Fields of Yamantau Chapter 1: Enemy Unknown

    Chapter 1 "I've had it with the haze, all the God damn time, blin." Grigori griped, leaning into his shovel as he dug, throwing the dirt over his shoulder angrily. "Every day with this, blin. Private, go dig another hole. Private, go fetch кафе. Private, put on your mask and stand in the field...
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    Cartography Department Dumping Ground

    Nation: Yekteniya[/spoiler] ~LL