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  1. Jamie

    Hello again :)

    Hello :) Just popping by, hope you're all well! :tnp:
  2. Jamie

    Let's try this again..

    Hello, again. Still alive! Hope everyone is well! :tnp:
  3. Jamie


    So..apparently my absences tend to last months on end. Let's see if I can stick around this time. Hi TNP! :tnp: :tb2:
  4. Jamie

    Back from the dead..

    So..after a rather extensive hiatus from NS, I'm back! Things changed much? :fish:
  5. Jamie


    As some of you may have noticed, my recent activity has been minimal at best, and it has come to my attention that I no longer have the time or commitment necessary to be able to even commit the bare minimal of activity necessary for the role. Therefore, I do hereby step down from the Security...
  6. Jamie

    Formation of a New Ministry

    Formation of a New Ministry         After consultation with my cabinet, and other, colleagues, I am delighted to announce the creation of a new Ministry - the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is my further pleasure to announce the appointment of Zyvetskistaahn as its first Minister.   In a nod...
  7. Jamie

    Election Cycle

    So with less than one month to the elections, here's the election cycle: 1st-8th September - Nominations 11th-18th September - Voting
  8. Jamie

    [Complete][DEFEATED] Condemn New Edom [Complete]

    Please vote 'For', 'Against', 'Abstain' or 'Present'.
  9. Jamie

    [DEFEATED] Repeal "On Abortion" [Complete]

    Please vote 'For', 'Against', 'Abstain' or 'Present'. Tally: 4-8-1-0
  10. Jamie

    WA Voting Policy Clarification[Archived]

    In the interests of clarifying our WA policy, I wish to make this statement. All WA votes have 4 options, For, Against, Abstain, Present. Lodging a vote of abstain means you wish for the delegate to abstain from voting. Lodging a vote of present means you wish to abstain from voting and do not...
  11. Jamie

    [Complete]Passed: Commend SkyDip [Complete]

    Please vote 'For', 'Against', 'Abstain' or 'Present'.
  12. Jamie

    [WITHDRAWN] Complaint Against Gracius Maximus

    Name of Complainant: Jamie Name(s) of Accused: Gracius Maximus Date(s) of Alleged Offense(s): Between 29/06/13 and 07/07/13 Specific Offense(s): Treason RelevantExcerpts from Legal Code or other Laws: Summary of Events (What happened, in your own words): Gracius Maximus, through his WA...
  13. Jamie

    Passed: Rights of Neutral States [Complete] [Complete]

    Please vote 'For', 'Against', 'Abstain' or 'Present'.
  14. Jamie

    Passed: Invasive Species Response Act [Complete] [Complete]

    Please vote 'For', 'Against', 'Abstain' or 'Present'.
  15. Jamie

    Failed: Ombudsmen Act [Complete] [Complete]

    Please vote 'For', 'Against', 'Abstain' or 'Present'.
  16. Jamie

    Passed: Repeal "Freedom in Medical Research" [Complete] [Complete]

    Please vote 'For', 'Against', 'Abstain' or 'Present'. [hr] Ministry of WA Affairs Review by Minister Sanctarian WA Mission In reviewing this resolution, the Ministry concentrates on the arguments contained therein, and not the actual substance and content of the resolution it is intended to...
  17. Jamie

    [Complete]Passed: Repeal "Liberate Region of reunited muslim states" [Complete]

    Please vote 'For', 'Against', 'Abstain' or 'Present'.
  18. Jamie

    Results: June 2013 Special Judicial Election

    June 2013 Special Judicial Election Results Results Hileville - 19 Blue Wolf II - 17 Mall - 6 Romanoffia - 6 Funkadelia - 4 Belschaft - 3 Chasmanthe - 0 Iro - 0 Scarpanto - 0 Zyvetskistaahn -0 Abstain - 10 Invalid - 1 Congratulations to Hileville and Blue Wolf II, who are elected with 19 and...
  19. Jamie

    GCR Elimination Game

    Basically, you add or take a point from a GCR. For the purposes of this game, TNP isn't included. Let's play. The South Pacific - 10 The East Pacific - 10 The West Pacific - 10 The Pacific - 10 Lazarus - 10 Balder - 10 Osiris - 10 The Rejected Realms - 10
  20. Jamie

    At Vote: Repeal "International Competition Law" [Complete] [Complete]

    Please vote 'For', 'Against', 'Abstain' or 'Present'.
  21. Jamie

    [Complete]Passed: Repeal "Condemn True North" [Complete]

    Please vote 'For', 'Against', 'Abstain' or 'Present'.
  22. Jamie

    Voting: June 2013 Special Judicial Election

    Voting will be from Jun 4 2013, 08:00 PM UTC to Jun 9 2013, 08:00 PM UTC. TNP Nation: YOUR TNP NATION Justice 1: Blue Wolf II | Scarpanto | Iro | Romanoffia | Belschaft | Mall | Chasmanthe | Zyvetskistaahn | Hileville | Funkadelia | Abstain Justice 2: Blue Wolf II | Scarpanto | Iro |...
  23. Jamie

    [Complete]Passed: Repeal "Liberate Land of the Liberals" [Complete]

    Please vote 'For', 'Against', 'Abstain' or 'Present'.
  24. Jamie

    At Vote:Outer Space Peace Act [Complete] [Complete]

    Please vote 'For', 'Against', 'Abstain' or Present.
  25. Jamie

    June 2013 Special Judicial Election

    Nominations: June 2013 Special Judicial Election This Special Election, The North Pacific will be electing two Justices to serve until the next election in July. Any Regional Assembly Member who has been a member for the last 15 days (since May 14th) is eligible to run. To run, one must...
  26. Jamie

    Passed: Repeal "Physical Sites Protection Act" [Complete] [Complete]

    Please vote 'For', 'Against', 'Abstain' or 'Present'.
  27. Jamie

    [Complete]Passed: Repeal "Condemn Hippostania" [Complete]

    Please vote 'For', 'Against', 'Abstain' or 'Present'.
  28. Jamie

    Passed: Repeal "Reduction of Abortion Act" [Complete] [Complete]

    Please vote 'For', 'Against', 'Abstain' or 'Present'.