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  1. Prydania

    The Saga of the Skrælings (1088) [Closed]

    "Blasted storm" Alrik Wægmund muttered. The dark clouds were approaching and he had two choices. To pull aground or to continue on. "Did Hróarr Loðbrók turn when he saw the tempest?" Hygelac Wuffingas asked, chuckling. "Well Hróarr Loðbrók is dead and in the ground, and not here now is he?"...
  2. Prydania

    Amitz-Brave: Fight!

    Otzar ("Treasure" in Mercanti) began as a pen manufacturer in 1924, founded by Zecharia Yona in Sarazed. The company would grow steadily but keep a low profile until the outbreak of the Fascist War in 1937. Sarazed was never in danger of occupation by Skandan forces, but its factories were...
  3. Prydania

    Eagles and Stags (closed)

    OOC notes: This is partially inspired by the fun and excellent thread Royalty in Disguise by @Sil Dorsett and @Goyanes. Give it a read! Nuevo Antofagosta, Predice It was an odd trip to be sure, but Tobias was enjoying it so far. He "officially" wasn't in Predice, after all. The Prydanian...
  4. Prydania

    For a Modern Realm (solo)

    Absalonhöll Býkonsviði, Prydania Magnus Brandt leaned into his cane as he and Reynir Aaker were escorted by Knights of the Storm to the King's office in Absalonhöll. The Prime Minister seemed in good spirits, but "jolly" did seem to be his natural disposition. The Minister of Defence was a bit...
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    Prosecution for The North Pacific v. New Francois

    Mr. Speaker @St George I am appointing @Chewie as prosecutor for the court case "The North Pacific v. New Francois" pending approval from the RA.
  6. Prydania

    Farwell Address

    The North Pacific...what a ride the last four months have been. I went into this job not knowing if I could even do it, and I leave it now feeling proud in what I was able to accomplish. Both personally and for the region. The only other elected position of note I've had in my NationStates...
  7. Prydania

    Dare to Dream of the Future (closed)

    4 September 2020 2:50 pm On a Friday Reynir, Prydania The scene was near-chaos as local police, Knights of the Storm, and the White Guard worked together to keep the press under control on the first floor of Reynir Hospital. Laurids Hummel and Colart Radoslav each doing their part to control...
  8. Prydania

    Prosecution for The North Pacific v. Ihese

    Mr. Speaker @St George and assembled members of the RA... I am formally submitting @Vivanco as my choice to serve as prosecutor for the case of "The North Pacific v. Ihese."
  9. Prydania

    My Kingdom for a Coalition! (solo)

    27 August 2020 12:02 pm On a Thursday Adonai-Jireh, Iraelia ...Chancellor-elect of Highton promises investigations into claims of Syrixian interference in Presidential election... ...Prydanian delegation calls Syrxian actions "neo-colonial" in address to Luscova Pact... ...New Shavian...
  10. Prydania

    A Note on Syrixia

    The Roleplayer known as @Syrixia was involved in an altercation that involves sensitive issues regarding another member of this community. Syrixia's role in this altercation was extremely inappropriate. Attempts to suss out the fallout of the situation led to Syrixia further displaying a...
  11. Prydania

    New Minister of Culture

    Effective immediately @Syrixia has been removed as Minister of Culture. This is an odd time, I know, with less than a month left in the term. The reasons deal with incidents in the realm of the RP community that I feel have shaken my confidence to rely on him in a position of leadership. I am...
  12. Prydania

    Our Rings of Faith (Invite Only)

    Ahar, Stakhr “It was a glorious day when the Satrap visited our village” Fardin Nargolwala explained to Moshik Eden, the IBC Iraelia reporter who was interviewing him. “He and his host came from the east. He held court, in the ancient traditions.” “What do you mean ‘the ancient traditions?’”...
  13. Prydania

    Pataliputra 2020 Odinspyl Medal Count

    Medal Count for the 2020 Odinspyl NationGoldSilverBronzeTotalWeighted TotalAkaria22248Alliaronia00000Alnaria134813Andrenne522921Ascalon12259Astragon342919Bashime502717Callise00000Celtivr Ushl143814Cerdagne20248Demescia3341019Dučrijeka10013Durban414918Equestrian...
  14. Prydania

    Proposal: Chess

    Hello Conclave. I have a proposal for the origins of Chess in Eras. Chess is first recorded in written records in descriptions of the court of Malik (King) Ahaziah IV of Iraelia in the year 654 CE, though the records seem to indicate that the game was well established by that point. Legends...
  15. Prydania


    Hello! I would first like to welcome our friends from TSP. This would not be possible without you, and I'm elated to see you all here! I'd also like to thank TNP's Minister of Culture Syrixia and Cards Guildmaster Praetor, along with the rest of the TNP Culture staff, for putting this together...
  16. Prydania

    New Minister of WA Affairs

    I would first like to reiterate my appreciation for McMasterdonia, stepping up into the role of MoWAA on short notice. I completely understand his desire to step down, however, and I wish him nothing but the best. @Morover will replace him as Minister of World Assembly Affairs. He, and the...
  17. Prydania

    TNP University Chancellor Appointment

    It is my honour to formally approve the recommendation of the University's council and appoint @Wonderess as Chancellor of The North Pacific University.
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    Down that Way to Kiojaleit (solo)

    November 2020 "We are beginning our descent to Býkonsviði" a pleasant feminine voice said over the PA. "Please raise your tray tables and return your seats to an upright position." Markthór Öxndal pulled his side bag out from under the chair in front of him and stuffed the two customs forms-...
  19. Prydania

    Prosecutor Appointment Re: The North Pacific v. Pigeonstan

    I, as Delegate of TNP, appoint @Dreadton as Prosecutor in regards to the case of The North Pacific v. Pigeonstan. This is dependent on RA confirmation. Speaker @St George I ask that you begin the process of Dreadton's confirmation at your earliest convenience...
  20. Prydania

    If You Love these People [COMPLETED]

    OOC Note: This thread continues a story @Kyle and myself have been telling. It's finally gotten to the point where we need a thread. This is it! It'll continue the story from here on out. Please read this post, this post, this post, and this post to get up to date. Thank you! IC: Prydansk Í...
  21. Prydania

    A Note on hokkadio/iris16b

    @iris16b and @hokkadio have been confirmed via forum administration to be the same person. Using dual accounts to double your nation count in RP violates the spirit and rules of our community. As such the following punishments are being handed down. The iris16b account is banned from TNP forum...
  22. Prydania

    Press Secretary Appointment

    I am hereby appointing @Nimarya as Press Secretary.
  23. Prydania

    Food Security Organization

    THE FOOD SECURITY ORGANIZATION The Food Security Organization was founded in 1956 in the wake of the Fascist War. What began as a loose organization of neutral nations looking to provide relief to war-torn countries soon grew into a formal organization dedicated to ensuring stability of food...
  24. Prydania

    Ministry of WA Affairs changes

    I would first like to thank @Cosmosplosion. He and I talked about our shared vision for TNP's outlook on the WA for my term. I thank him for his support and his encouragement. I also accept his resignation and wish him the best of luck with the road ahead. Take care Cosmo, and thank you. I hope...
  25. Prydania

    Gameside Advocate Appointments

    I am appointing @Nessuno as Lead Gameside Advocate. His Gameside Advocate team will consist of @ACR of Deerfenland , @Lotion , @Rocketdog , @Supple , @Advancia-Sizzletown , and @Praetor
  26. Prydania

    A New Term

    I cannot believe it. I have been playing NS since 2006, and I have never once run for the Delegacy of a region. And then...people suggested I could do it. And do it here, in a region I had made my home in. And that's sort of what drove me to run. I say I have been playing this game since 06, but...
  27. Prydania

    Beverages of Eras

    Tóki's Cola, Sweet Taste of the North! Tóki's Cola was founded by Tókiúrsk Adríel Hafnfjörð in 1905 in Hadden, Prydania. Originally marketed as "Tókiúrsk Kola Wine," the drink's original recipe contained coca leaves and kola nuts. The drink was marketed to steel workers and ship builders in...
  28. Prydania

    Music of Eras

    Here's a place to highlight songs from your nation's history. Over the Hills and Far Away by Johan Torp, 1816, written during the Calisean invasion during the Wars of the Calisean Republic. Here's forty kross on the drum For those who'll volunteer to come To 'list and fight the foe today...
  29. Prydania

    Prydania For Delegate

    Greetings TNP. I know many of you are surprised to see me here, running for the Delegacy. I know I am! I’ve said a lot about my desire to stick to RP, and not get involved in government. I meant that when I said it, and I tell you all that to make it clear. I have rethought that position and am...