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  1. QuietDad

    Split from Candidacy Declarations: March 2020 Judicial Election

    In real life, My stepsons deal with my 40 years in networking experience they already are on their own router with it set to no internet from midnight to 7am withot a password that changes every time it' used.
  2. QuietDad

    [Gallery] The North Pacific v. Bobberino

    Seem to me, as your ALL high ranking members of the NPA, there is the appearance here that the judge and AG should recuse themselves.
  3. QuietDad

    Asking for a conversation with the admin in the NPA discord that thinks I'm a threat

    One of the admins of the NPA discord server seems to think I'm a threat. PLease contact me in anyway you desire, here, PM or in discord in either the NPA or regional discord. We need to talk.
  4. QuietDad

    7/7/2018 Detag/Training op

    On 7/7/18, at the major, the North Pacific Army held a detag/training operation. The op was lead by quietdad. 5 NPAers took part: QuietDad BMWSurfer Arietti (first op) Lt Bluie Bobberino Congratulations to Arietti for their first op and now promoted to Pfc. REgions detagged ...
  5. QuietDad

    An Ally gets noticed

    To my fellow Europeians, and NationStates denizens, The Republic is humbled. The Security Council of the World Assembly has decided to honour us with a Commendation, and it can only be described as a gift that we accept with great humility. We have always worked to ensure that Europeia, and...