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  1. Koopa103

    Joint Tag Team Runs (NPA/Osiris): 24 October 2019

    The Ministry of Defense -~- 5 November 2019 On the twenty-fourth (24th) of October's major update, The North Pacific Army, along with the Sekhmet Legion, in two teams; conducted a tag operation in which seven regions were hit. A total of 12 people participated, 10 of which were from the NPA...
  2. Koopa103

    RRA Joint Detag Operation: 7/13/19

    Ministry of Defense July 13, 2019 During the minor of 7/13/19, the North Pacific Army and the Rejected Realms Army ran a joint detag operation. Three regions were hit and nine of our soldiers participated. Soldiers: GEN Bobberio GEN Zazumo GEN Gladio GEN Darcania GEN QuietDad MAJ Bluie...
  3. Koopa103

    Anontia Operation: 7/1/19 - 7/3/19

    Ministry of Defense July 5, 2019 The North Pacific Army assisted TITO, TGW, SPSF and RRA with the liberation of Anontia. Seventeen of our soldiers participated. GEN Bobberino GEN Darcania GEN McMasterdonia GEN QuietDad GEN Zazumo COL Knightblood COL Koopa CPT Owenstacey CPT Dinoium...
  4. Koopa103

    6/17/2019 SPSF Detag

    During today's minor, the North Pacific Army and the South Pacific Special Forces detagged some regions, 8 to be exact. Five NPAer's and two SPSFer's took part. Soldiers: GEN Bobberino COL Koopa LTN Robespierre PFC Trondstorm PFC Sanjurika Regions: Meme World Socialist Pact The Allied Mynal...