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  1. Syrixia

    A Boop From A Boots

    the comeback they'll be talkin bout for years
  2. Syrixia

    Recall Praetor's Face

    I vote to foreclose on Praetor's face and to rezone it as property of the Ministry of Shite
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    First Steve is in Smash, then JAL returns to TNP. I love this week.
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    I think I can speak for many of us in saying that the amount of these crazy types of threads lately is both frustrating and disheartening.
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    For the last time I am not going to stage a coup in tnp

    This thread should have been locked the moment it was posted ngl
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    Voting: September 2020 Special Judicial Election

    Court Justice: < Abstain > Would you like to reopen nominations? < Yes >
  7. Syrixia

    Voting: September 2020 General Election

    Delegate: 1. < Abstain > Would you like to reopen nominations? < Yes > Vice Delegate: 1. < Dreadton > 2. < Bobberino > Would you like to reopen nominations? < No > Speaker: 1. < St George > Would you like to reopen nominations? < No >
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    The Luscova Pact

    "the Empire votes AYE on the admittance of Korova and Aydin into the Luscova Pact."
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    I would encourage everyone not to post in this thread henceforth. Do not feed the troll.
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    The Luscova Pact

    Chirag sighed at Kjær's questions. Here we go again. Then Albane gave his addendum. "If it is the will of our allies, then I will notify my government of such a request promptly following this meeting." Chirag responded to Albane, then once more turning to Kjær. "But I must advise, ambassador...
  11. Syrixia

    The Luscova Pact

    "I must first state that the Empire supports Korova's application." Chirag stated, before turning to Sif. "On the matter of Highton, though; all due respect, ambassador?" Chirag replied, "I am not the one who does not seem to understand. I believe I just said, in response to Ambassador Frigo...
  12. Syrixia

    The Luscova Pact

    "On the matter of Highton we are saddened to hear of our fellow members' suspicions, but we understand this sentiment completely." Chirag responded, then turning specifically to Frigo to add on to his statement. "We are ready and willing to collaborate, however necessary and in good faith, with...
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    The Luscova Pact

    Chirag spoke next. Secretary Khanna had seen this coming - before any discussions amongst Pact members could ensue, it was important to get a response out. Controversies came and went - Chirag's job was to ensure everything in between was as smooth and civil as possible. "Prydania does not need...
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    Bala Mantre for Delegate!

    Can we just fucking lock both this and pigeonstan's threads please
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    Who knows? At this point it's stopped being funny. He's just seeking attention at this point. He needs to stop publicly humiliating himself and stop wasting everyone's time.
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    I find it supremely amusing that there exists people who think this guy is a serious candidate.
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    This is both amusing and facepalm-inducing. And so the wild, wacky saga of Pigeonstan continues.
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    i have to assume at this point that you're stuck in some sort of fantasy world. what tf is shield?
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    Applications for the Executive Staff

    Accepted! You and all other applicants (@The New Cordian Empire, @Ngai Ti Empire, @Islands, @Comfed, @Arichia, @REG) have all been sent your customary greeting messages. Thank you all so much for your patience! :D
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    Minister's Desk

    Hello all! Here's the first of these updates. I know I promised I'd come back from my break yesterday or today but it's looking more like this weekend, depending on how busy tomorrow will be for me. After I spent my break on vacation IRL I've been getting ready for college, which for me begins...
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    Local News Topic

    STATE VISIT TO HIGHTON CONCLUDES AS HIGHTONIAN ELECTION LOOMS by Prakash Patel in Pataliputra August 10, 2001 Hightonian President Alexander Calabrese, making his remarks following the State Curator's speech. Final remarks were made today by the State Curator and Hightonian President Alexander...
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    Fluttr Softworks

    Daddu's Family Private Direct Messaging Group Gyanendra Today at 10:04 AM @yuvratgyanendra#0462 @kamratpuja Do you know where my sambhanti dhakan is? We're about to leave for our vacation and I nearly forgot it. I swear this house is too big for its own good sometimes lol Puja Today at...
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    Greitbart: July 2020 Midterm GreitPoll

    Drats! So close to 100!
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    Minister's Desk

    Announcement - Project Update System Changes Hello all! Throughout most of this term, we've been posting messages in the TNP Executive Staff Discord Server's Culture channels inviting discussion on project updates and/or smaller events. This allowed members of the staff to discuss such things...
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    Applications for the Executive Staff

    You're all accepted. My apologies for the belatedness, the Ministry has been very busy until just lately. Due to said busy-ness finally ending I've been taking this week off. I will make the necessary arrangements to have you added and set up next week. Stay tuned! Denied. If you'd like to know...
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    The Hero Act

    Great concept, but if I may play devil's advocate: sure, there would be a high threshold for the RA to give or take awards but if any citizen were able to make nominations, couldn't that still be abused on account of a bunch of nominations being made and the RA having to then do a bunch of votes?
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    Admin Requests

    As A Drop In The Ocean 2 has been over for more than a day, I'd like to request the Celebration Pavilion be archived wherever the admin team deems it appropriate. Thanks again to the team for creating the subforum; the festival was a great success!
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    Minister's Desk

    Monthly Report - Culture - July 2020 Hello all! Syr here for my July report. Fashionably late as usual, but as with last month, things have been going a mile a minute both online and off, so I hope you'll forgive me for that. Now see, here's the thing. I said June was slower than May. I've come...
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    As The Tides Roll Out

    Closing Statement - A Drop In The Ocean 2 Well, here we are. A bit belated, I know, but all good things must come to an end, and now it's this festival's time. TNP Delegate Prydania, in his opening speech, stated that festivals like these connect us with people beyond our regional circles, and...