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  1. Mystery Player

    Foreign Update llll

    (To note: One update was missed in this region due to errors on our end. Sorry about that. Just covered the cabinet + elections, and the cabinet is mostly outdated at this point.) The following is the current version of the Fourth Merridel Foreign Update. Now is the opportunity to make any...
  2. Mystery Player

    [DRAFT] Medical Service Equality and Regulation Act.

    Category: Health Strength: Significant The General Assembly, Believing that every citizen of every nation has to be medically treated to the best of medicine’s ability. Understanding that not every nation can access such treatment for their citizens. Acknowledging that World Assembly...
  3. Mystery Player

    New Keepers of the North Automated TG Draft

    Hello, %NATION%! I am sending you this telegram to notify you that you became a Keeper of the North. You became a Keeper of the North by having endorsed the Delegate, Vice Delegate, and the Security Council, located here. There are numerous benefits to being a Keeper of the North: ~ You are...
  4. Mystery Player

    (Not a spamgame) TNP Game Days

    In Europeia, on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, they usually have a Game Night. On Game Night, a scheduled game is played, open to everyone (although, it is only advertised on their Discord.) The game played is always free and easily accessible, and ends up being fun for everybody. I'm...
  5. Mystery Player

    Regional Assembly Draft

    The Regional Assembly experienced decent activity this month, with 2 bills going to vote, and another one currently under discussion. The RA has also undergone a leadership change this month, with a new Speaker being elected. The first bill proposed was to approve the amendment to the CAIN...
  6. Mystery Player

    NPA News Draft.

    The North Pacific Army has been able to deploy at least 7 troops in every operation this month. This demonstrates the activity that the North Pacific Army can maintain, even in the inactive winter months. On March 3rd, the NPA, along with the Europeian Republic Navy, made an attempt to raid...
  7. Mystery Player

    Cards against Nationstates

    Saw nothing on this yet, but apparently there is a Cards Against Humanity clone for NS on-site. Think it could be interesting, especially considering how easy it is to access.
  8. Mystery Player

    Land's of Anarchy Embassy Applications

    As President John Smith's government organizes itself, it is decided that Land's of Anarchy (Anarchy for short, and the irony is noticed) will begin opening embassy applications. The embassies will be located in Anarchic City Embassy Application.