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  1. Grand Prince Jeikeu Desrosiers

    ARCHIVED: House of Desrosiers

    Coat of Arms of the House of Desrosiers The House of Desrosiers is the royal house of the Principality of Jeikeu and is very old dating back to 1200 AD. It is the main branch of the royal family. The current head of the house is Grand Prince Jeikeu Desrosiers, whom is currently unmarried...
  2. Grand Prince Jeikeu Desrosiers

    ARCHIVED: Announcing The Consecration of Jeikeu Sealines

    We, Prince Jeikeu Desrosiers, declare that Jeikeu SealinesJeikeu Sealines shall be open as of today. The ship schedule shall be as follows: Prince Jeikeu Every day between Coningsstowcliff-on-Wall and Port Tensby-by-Fire at 9am, 12pm and 7pm each day and from Port Tensby-by-Fire to...
  3. Grand Prince Jeikeu Desrosiers

    rp guide for beginners

    Beginners guide to RPing from LOTR Plaza
  4. Grand Prince Jeikeu Desrosiers

    ARCHIVED: Proclamation from Prince Jeikeu

    Let it be known that these laws will be in force henceforth in The Commonwealth of The Principality of Jeikeu.
  5. Grand Prince Jeikeu Desrosiers

    Religion of Jeikeu

    Religion Name: Penjor Type: polytheism (slightly patriarchal) Direction: inwards Focus: good deeds Ruling Deities: The God of Earth and the God of the Wind and Wrath Important Deities: the Goddess of Battle, the God of Nightmares, the Goddess of Birds Divine Interaction: everyday occurence...
  6. Grand Prince Jeikeu Desrosiers

    ARCHIVED: Opening Embassies in Jeikeu

    It has come to my attention that as a new nation we would be glad to have others apply to be graced with our presence and help create great relations with one another. All government buildings will on Main Square which has the statue we approved of oneself. Please fill out the following...
  7. Grand Prince Jeikeu Desrosiers

    ARCHIVED: Diplomacy with Kingborough

    Sends an emissary to the nation, The United Kingdom of Kingborough II.
  8. Grand Prince Jeikeu Desrosiers

    ARCHIVED: Founding of a new nation

    After sailing for miles across the North Pacific Sea for five years we finally land at this strange land called Chasmanthe. After staying in Chasmanthe for a few days we set sail to the south and after passing two seafaring nations, Prince Jeikeu finally decided to land on a peninsula. After...
  9. Grand Prince Jeikeu Desrosiers

    New Island Nation

    The Commonwealth of Principality of Jeikeu is a brand new Island nation. We are a democratic monarchy. Feel free to ask any questions. (still getting used to the game) :jack: Also if you are clever enough to figure out what Jeikeu means you know my name