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  1. Mall

    Mall4Court 2: Thanks Election Commission

    Give me a second Court seat too, thanks.
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    Just do it.
  3. Mall

    Mall4Del2020 - Let's Make Things Worse

    2020 has been a real kick in the teeth for the world. COVID-19 has forced mass quarantines to take effect, the USA is led by a cheeto fascist, Youtubers are flooding NS, and George hasn't been DOS'd again yet. Well folks, my message for this campaign is very simple: let's make things worse...
  4. Mall

    Criminal Trial Reform

    So I came up with a new section for an alternative way we could deal with criminal cases.
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    If elected I won't stop tarting until I "accidentally" take the delegacy. The unendo campaign I will run against the sitting delegate will also help. In the meantime, as head of the Security Council, I will make public any and all documents I will be privy to. Additionally I will insinuate that...
  6. Mall


    :voldy: :voldy: :voldy: :voldy: :voldy: :voldy: :voldy: :voldy: :voldy: :voldy: :voldy: :voldy: :voldy: :voldy: :voldy: Vote for me and I'll find a way to make the Court interesting for a bit, it's been boring af recently and frankly the entire region needs a kick in the...
  7. Mall


    :voldy: Vote for me. Ask questions below. Won't answer anything that can't be answered with snark, or that might take effort to answer. I'm basing this campaign on my successful campaign from 2012 where I was elected to a Minister spot saying I wouldn't do shit. I'll coup if I win. Vote for me.
  8. Mall

    Recall THO's

    I motion that the Regional Assembly recall Owenstacey, Sasten, and Cogoria from their position of Temporary Hearing Officers in the Request For Review dated 12/24/17.
  9. Mall


    My promises: Once elected I will call upon every major raider org to endorse me for weeks to boost my influence, I will use every legal method available to me to reduce the endo counts of other nations in the region, I will appoint JAL to the position of Minister of Defense, I will appoint...
  10. Mall

    Request for Review: Banning of "Finnish Ougyza"

    1. What law, government policy, or action (taken by a government official) do you request that the Court review? The banning of the nation "Finnish Ougyza" as stated here specifically, as well as Section 7.3.11 of the Legal code as quoted here: 2. What portions of the Constitution, Bill of...
  11. Mall

    The Mallorean Inquirer

    Welcome to The Mallorean Inquirer, NationStates' finest source of news. TMI will be reporting on various issues related to NS and is always seeking quality ideas for future interviews and reports. Please submit any such ideas to this forum profile, do not post them in the thread. Previous...
  12. Mall

    Motion to Declare an Emergency Situation

    Per Chapter 9 Section 1 of the Legal Code, I move that this Regional Assembly declare an actual emergency due to a lack of Christmas cheer. I would like to remind everyone of what the Legal Code says: Per subpart 2. as listed above, concurrent with the declaration of emergency, I move that...
  13. Mall

    Court Review Service

    As a seasoned veteran of TNP's Constibillocodian-derived "Court" I understand that the vast majority of TNP'ers do not have the time or the inclination to challenge actions taken by the "government" of TNP. As such I am offering the following service to any and all individuals who have standing...
  14. Mall

    Request for Review: Ability of the Speaker to ignore voting rules

    In Lord Ravenclaw's SC admission vote in the RA, located here, the following was stated by the Speaker: The meaning of the above is clear enough "All" votes which are not "aye", "nay", or "abstain" will not be counted. The quotation marks clearly delineate what must be posted, aye nay abstain...
  15. Mall

    Inquiry to whoever runs our elections in this place

    When you illegally opened voting and then illegally closed the voting period did you message all the users on the forum who are eligible voters telling them that you had done so? This is a rhetorical question, I know you didn't since I didn't get a message. Follow up question, not rhetorical...
  16. Mall


    There comes a time in every perennial candidate's life when they need to look deep down and analyze their methods. When they need to have a long think, consider alternatives, and grow. Having done all this I realize a fundamental truth: my campaigns need more Regression. If elected I swear to...
  17. Mall

    Appeal of thread lock

    Admin Flemingovia locked my thread here. I'm confused as to why it was actually locked. It was stated that it was flamebait, but who exactly was I baiting with that thread? And what was I baiting them with? Does admin think that I made that thread to flamebait Gracius Maximus? That's one of the...
  18. Mall

    Leaving the game

    Fooled you! Really I just wanted to point out that I invented the term "Constibillocode" which I've seen get thrown around the forum. I've noticed a disturbing trend though, namely that sometimes when people use it, they aren't using it in a derisive manner. The entire point of the term is to...
  19. Mall

    Researching Unique Ecosystems [Complete]

    Ministry Recommendation While not usually a fan of fluff proposals this one actually manages to accomplish a somewhat important goal without putting any truly onerous limitations upon member states. As such the Ministry recommends a vote FOR this proposal.
  20. Mall

    [Complete]Condemn The World Assembly

    Ministry Recommendation Another desperate cry for attention from an author, lacking in substance or humor. The Ministry recommends a vote AGAINST this empty rhetoric.
  21. Mall

    A Proscription on Living Shields [Complete]

    Ministry Recommendation While it has historically been the case that this Ministry has opposed WA intervention which seeks to limit any type of military action this is a case where an exception can reasonably be made. The resolution is well-written, thorough, and addresses an important...
  22. Mall

    Ministry Report 10/2/2015

    Official Report of the WA Affairs Ministry The WA Affairs Ministry has presided over five votes since the appointment of Mall to the position of the Cabinet. These votes were as follows: A Proscription on Living Shields (Ministry Recommendation FOR, NS vote ONGOING) Condemn Wallenburg...
  23. Mall

    [Complete]Condemn Wallenburg

    Ministry Recommendation A pathetic effort, lacking in style or substance. Vote Against.
  24. Mall

    Repeal "Read the Resolution Act" [Complete]

    Ministry Statement This is one of the most pathetic repeal attempts that has ever crossed our desk. Rather than going point by point and explaining how practically every line makes no sense this Ministry will simply recommend a vote AGAINST this resolution.
  25. Mall

    [Complete]Condemn Kknight

    Ministry Recommendation Well, well, well, a condemnation of a raider. Not just any raider, but an old raider who has certainly put in their time. The main problem with this proposal isn't what it says, but rather what it doesn't say. The proposal fails to delve into Kknight's history in the old...
  26. Mall

    Minimum Standard of Living Act [Complete]

    NS Forum Thread Please vote Aye, Nay, or Abstain. Please note that only WA nations in TNP, or NPA nations with their WA deployed on official NPA business may have their vote counted. All others are welcome to debate.
  27. Mall


    The following sections of the Constitution will be amended to read as follows, with additions in red and removed terms in struckout blue:
  28. Mall


    My promises: Once elected I will call upon every major raider org to endorse me for weeks to boost my influence, I will use every legal method available to me to reduce the endo counts of other nations in the region, I will appoint JAL to the position of Minister of Defense Once my term is...
  29. Mall

    Request for Review re Recent AG Election

    If an RA member's nation CTE during an election and the speaker fails to update the list of RA members is that vote valid or invalid? Please refer to this thread for further details. It seems absurd to claim that illegal votes should be allowed simply because the speaker failed in their action...
  30. Mall


    These Courts have a major problem. They can't convict anyone. Yeah sure they convicted someone once, but seriously guys. Come on. I blame the AGs of the past. The AG must ensure that the guilty parties be punished, even if that means using leverage over the Court to force them to comply. As AG I...