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  1. Barbarossistan

    Appointment of THO

    In the R4R that has been pending for some time and was the subject of a recent motion to recall the appointed THO's, one of the appointed THO's has vacated his office due to inactivity. Pursuant to: Section 3.2: Appointment of Hearing Officers 4. A conflict of interest occurs when a Justice or...
  2. Barbarossistan

    The power of the court

    A known weakness of the TNP constitution is that the court as the first and final arbiter of what is and is not constitutional can effectively nullify the constitution and the Bill of Rights by simply refusing to address obvious violations. For a long time this issue was solved by a certain...
  3. Barbarossistan

    request to join a request for review

    I have filed a request for review on the recent sua sponte decision by the court, I invite the AG's office to join the case or make it its own as I believe there is amajor public interest at stake here that should not be decided on my standing alone.
  4. Barbarossistan

    Request for Review

    What law, government policy, or action (taken by a government official) do you request that the Court review? The decision by the court here 2. What portions of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Legal Code, or other legal document do you believe has been violated by the above? How so? The...
  5. Barbarossistan

    Barbarossistan for Justice

    I find the court an interesting aspect of The North Pacific and would like to be more active in it, so I am running for Justice this election. I have been a temporary hearing officer for the court and as such helped write the decision on AG involvement in decisions to withhold evidence or...
  6. Barbarossistan

    Barbarossistan for Justice!

    Greetings fellow North Pacificans, I have decided to run for Justice in the current special election. The court is the part of the government of The North Pacific I am most interested in as it's work of interpreting the laws and ruling in specific cases is probably most important in securing...
  7. Barbarossistan

    Justice for Barbarossistan!

    Right, I'll keep this brief. Since I was suggested by our friendly delegate the idea of becoming a justice has grown on me. I have noticed a bunch of disputes on our RMB and a wellfunctioning judiciary could prove useful in resolving disputes within our fine region. Credentials None...