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  1. Comfed

    Get 10 count to 10 posts in a row

    So now that “count to 10 before X posts” threads are so popular, I’m going to use them for this game. The goal is to get 10 of those threads in a row at the top. When you do that, post here. Along with the links to the threads. And this thread does not count.
  2. Comfed


    Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Standards Category: Global Disarmament Strength: Significant The World Assembly, ACKNOWLEDGING the danger posed by nuclear weapons, CONCERNED that nations may use Intercontinental Ballistic Nuclear Missiles, WORRIED that the use of these may bring about...
  3. Comfed

    Ease of Prosecution Act (EPA)

    Stuff this does: If the prosecution discontinues a case, it would become possible to get a new prosecutor appointed. If the RA can’t confirm a prosecutor and the Speaker has a conflict of interest, the Speaker no longer has to confirm the prosecutor. A deputy Speaker does.
  4. Comfed

    Companies ABC!

    Here is how the game works. I’ll post a company name that starts with “A”. The next person has to post a company name starting with “B”, and so on. Once we hit “Z”, we’ll go in reverse order (Z, Y, X...) until we hit “A”. You get the idea. Here is the first company: Amazon, inc. No double...
  5. Comfed

    Count to ten before Nimarya posts

    You all know how this works. Count to ten before @Nimarya posts! 1
  6. Comfed

    Responsible Government Party

    Currently, the government is run in a manner similar to the United States of America. The delegate is able to veto any law that comes before them, except for constitutional amendments. We believe that the government must retain the confidence of the Regional Assembly. The Responsible Government...
  7. Comfed

    Split from Court Filings

    the reputation of Syrixia and the Ministry of