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  1. Hileville

    Thoughts on the AGORA Act

    As a former Chief Justice here in TNP I figured I'd post some thoughts I have on the AGORA Act. One of the most painful parts of a trial in NS is having a reliable Attorney General and Defense counsel. I remember multiple cases being dismissed during my time on the Court for this exact reason...
  2. Hileville

    New Cabinet Elected!

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs The South Pacific Bulletin: New Cabinet Elected The South Pacific has concluded Cabinet elections for the term set to begin on December 1st. Delegate and Vice Delegate In a race that saw two former Delegates vie for the regions top political figure. Hileville and...
  3. Hileville


    I am resigning my citizenship and membership in the RA. Nothing against TNP I just don't plan on being active here for a while and don't feel I should keep citizenship during that period.
  4. Hileville

    Chief Justice

    So who shall it be?
  5. Hileville

    Hileville for Justice

    HILEVILLE for JUSTICE Running on Results I have previously served as Chief Justice for 11 months here in TNP and after my departure the Court began to steadily descend into darkness. Everyone here agrees the Court as of late has not been very efficient. A vote for Hileville will restore order...
  6. Hileville

    Statement from the Cabinet on Relations with The West Pacific

    Statement from the Cabinet of The South Pacific in regards to Relations with The West Pacific It is common knowledge that the relationship between The South Pacific and The West Pacific have been far form exemplary during the past few years.  It is also publicly known that the South Pacific has...
  7. Hileville

    Statement from the Cabinet on Relations with The Pacific

    Statement from the Cabinet of the South Pacific in regards to Relations with The Pacific It is with great sadness that we are faced with the evaluation of relationships with regions we called friends while attempting to recover from the heinous actions of Milograd.  The Pacific has long been...
  8. Hileville

    Special Update

    Statement from the Cabinet of The Coalition of The South Pacific in regards to the end of the Milograd Coup and victory on the home front As of minor update today The South Pacific is once again free from foreign occupation and oppression, and NationState's oldest and most resilient democratic...
  9. Hileville

    Delegate Succession Amendment

    Eliminates special elections for Delegate.
  10. Hileville

    Statement from the Cabinet of the South Pacific

    Statement from the Cabinet of the South Pacific in regards to Relations with the United Defenders League The Cabinet of the South Pacific is aware of the situation that has transpired in our close ally, The North Pacific. We find the actions that were taken by Ravania, a UDL Lieutenant and NPA...
  11. Hileville

    Amendment to Section 3.1 of the Legal Code

    This gives permission for the AG to deny moving a case to trial. It also adds a method for the plaintiff to appeal the decision. [me]notes that this took him a whopping 2 minutes to write. It has been bitched about since the Court made the ruling in September.
  12. Hileville

    Delegate Succession Review

    Review filed here: We need to rule on this sooner rather than later so your input is needed ASAP. Bold mine. I would say since the Constitution allows for the Law to be established on Vacancies the intent was to have elections in the...
  13. Hileville

    Minor Error Clause Review

    As filed here by r3n:
  14. Hileville

    Osiris Ratifies SovCon

    Breaking News 8 February, 2013 SPINN has just learned that the Osiris Septarchy has passed the SovCon Charter with a vote of 4-1. The legislation that will make Osiris the fourth official member of the organization which brought controversy across NS when announced last week. The Charter...
  15. Hileville

    Review of the Sedition Law

    Review filed here for obvious reasons Gaspo won't be involved in this review.
  16. Hileville

    Review of WA Requirements in Elections

    This is a pretty important review as it is in regards to the current election.
  17. Hileville

    Civil Suits

    We need to come up with a process for civil suits as we do not currently have one.
  18. Hileville

    Flemingovia v. Grosseschnauzer (2013)

    The Court will now here the matter of Flemingovia v. Grosseschnauzer. Flemingovia has accused the defendant of the following Accused the plaintiff of giving biased counsel so as to favor the plaintiff’s "political ally", Blue Wolf. Accused the plaintiff of advising moderator actions in a way...
  19. Hileville

    Outstanding Reviews - Filed by Gaspo - on the Sedition Law - Our Discussion - Filed by BW on Flem locking thread in Assembly - Our Discussion Ruling Posted: - Filed by...
  20. Hileville

    Court Holiday Recess

    The Court will recess on Monday, December 24 @ 7:00pm EST for the Holidays. The Court recess will last until Wednesday, January 2nd @ 12:00am EST.
  21. Hileville

    TNP v. Unibot

    The Court of the North Pacific is now in session and will hear the case of The North Pacific v. Unibot as filed by the Attorney General here and here. Representing the North Pacific will be Punk Daddy, Attorney General. Representing the Defendant will be to be determined, Attorney for the...
  22. Hileville

    TNP v. Govindia Discussion

    So what do you guys think. Trial is now over and we need to come to a decision.
  23. Hileville


    Nickname?: Hile Main Nation?: Hileville Home Region?: the South Pacific and close seconds are TNP, Balder, and Osi. Military Alignment? Are you active militarily?: Defender. Not at the current moment. RL Country?: USA Favorite Color?: Orange Do you use IRC?: Yes Political Ideology...
  24. Hileville

    Temporary Judicial Officers

    The Court will now maintain a list of all individuals wishing to serve as a temporary Judicial Officer if the need arises. You may state your interest here and be added to the list. Announcements of need and appointments will also be made in this thread. Abbey has been appointed a Temporary...
  25. Hileville

    Oath Violations by former Members - Oath Violations by former RA Members - filed by Eluvatar
  26. Hileville

    Justice Special Election Nominations

    A special election to fill the vacated seat of Blue Wolf II is now open. A timetable for.elections will be released later today. Thank You
  27. Hileville

    RE: Duty to Disclose

    As filed here: The question we need to answer is does the BoR create through the sections listed by Gaspo a Duty to Disclose evidence.
  28. Hileville

    Review of Oath violations by former member of RA
  29. Hileville

    RE: Request by Unibot about Coat of Arms Filed here. Throughts?