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  1. Corporal Clegg

    Hello Again!

    Hello everyone! It's great to be back in TNP! If we have never met, my name is [me], and I have been a member of this community (more or less) since 2014. I have been active on and off over the past year or two, but I am making yet another comeback. I'm about to finish my spring semester...
  2. Corporal Clegg

    "Repeal 'Humanitarian Aid Expansion Act'" | Recommendation Drafting

    This thread is for the drafting and/or discussion of my MoWAA recommendation. Please feel free to offer insight on the draft or the proposal. The proposal:
  3. Corporal Clegg

    July 2016 Update

    International Democratic Union: --Regional Update-- 7th July, 2016 IDU Officials Delegate: Sciongrad Vice Delegate: Gnejs Minister of Foreign Affairs: SchutteGod Culture Ministers: Gnejs & Nova Sodor Hospitality Minister: Bears Armed Council of IDU States Secretary General: Sanctaria...
  4. Corporal Clegg


    Instead of hijacking the Last Post thread, this will be the home of our new and improved TNP Pyramid of Spam! ?*:.?. o(???)o .?.:*? Hit the "quote" button on the post above you and, Voila! You are now a master Spam Mason! ^_-
  5. Corporal Clegg

    Ceased to Exist

    I received a system message today that said my nation had suddenly ceased to exist, and as you can see, I am now masked as a "Former Resident". I'm not sure whether it's a very late reaction to my disappearance a couple of months ago, or just a system malfunction. Please advise.
  6. Corporal Clegg

    ::question:: Forum/Topic Tracking

    I've recently discovered the tracking function for forums and topics, but I'm still not sure how it all works. When you ask to track a forum or topic, it lets you choose between email or PM notification, or the online tracking list. I'm subscribing to PM tracking, but things are getting quite...
  7. Corporal Clegg

    Site Question

    Is there a place on this site where I can view the threads I've participated in?