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  1. Monavia

    Some Brief Remarks on Roleplay Etiquette and Decorum

    Some Brief Remarks on Roleplay Etiquette and Decorum Introduction All games have rules and standards that exist for the benefit of their players. Roleplaying games (including NS) are inherently cooperative exercises, so they are only fun to play as long as cooperation is possible between their...
  2. Monavia

    Roleplaying Diplomacy

    In direct answer to your question, I have used an ambassador character I appointed in one embassy thread as a foil character in another. More broadly, I have used an ambassador character to communicate with a nation, roleplayed appointing a new ambassador (sixth scene of long post), used...
  3. Monavia

    Roleplaying Diplomacy

    If you and your region mates already adhere to a shared convention of assuming embassies already exist in your region, than my point on embassy creation is really not applicable to you. It is intended only for people who do not follow that convention. Regardless of whether you assume you have...
  4. Monavia

    Roleplaying Diplomacy

    Roleplaying Diplomacy Introduction There is much more to the game of roleplaying a fictional country than answering issues and telegrams. Indeed, much of the fun in having a fictional country lies in having it interact with other fictional countries and seeing what happens as a result. Owing...