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  1. Grosseschnauzer

    The Random Voter ID number cannot be disclosed per the Legal Code

    Chapter 4, Section 4.3 of the Legal Code states that: The random ID number is not a mention that a vote has been cast privately, and is not announcing "who that vote was cast for." Thus, by the plain language of this provision, "[t]he Election Commissioners may not announce any other details...
  2. Grosseschnauzer

    Grosseschnauzer's Comment

    Can someone please edit the templastes to specifically include "abstain" or "present" as an option for each office? Clearly the fact that the templates do not show this as an option is leading to erroneous initial OPs and PMs concerning voting in the elections. Maybe that tweak would avoid yet...
  3. Grosseschnauzer


    I am now in the two months or so period prior to my due date to submit the annual manuscript to my publisher, except that this time it is a new edition that, for technical publication reasons, has required a complete reorganization of the work (going from two volumes to three and dividing...
  4. Grosseschnauzer

    Random Voter ID nonsense

    See title of thread. And also, shouldn't each office still list the option to abstain? I believe that right is constitutionally protected, and not showing it as an option throws any election into question.
  5. Grosseschnauzer

    Off-Topic Nonsense on Cliques

    That totally depends on whether the clique in control would be open, accepting and not automatically dismissive of a proposal originating from me.
  6. Grosseschnauzer

    Error 1001 is back

    I am noticing that when you attempt to open, the dreaded "Error 1001" error maeesage comes up. People who use the z13 URL are not affected, but forum pages using for content are also affected. Those who can should post messages in the RMB with the...
  7. Grosseschnauzer

    [Private] falapatorius Request for Review on Security Council Removals

    Just a head's up that the Court might want to resolve the overall issue about "standing" before deciding on whether falapatorius has "standing" to bring this request for review.Request for Review Security Council Removals
  8. Grosseschnauzer

    Discussions on SC Removal/Suspension Laws

    :( Did you give Kiwi prior notice as required under Section 5.3, Clause 11? The appropriate action is suspension, not removal, since the Regional Security Law limits the grounds for removal from the SC by the Vice Delegate to three specific situations, per clause 12, and not logging into the...
  9. Grosseschnauzer

    Emergency Motion

    I hereby move the following in view of the ongoing issues with forum access due to DNS resolution errors: I ask that debate and voting on this motion be expedited in order to prevent any unintended consequences of whatever form or nature from affecting any user account, or the ability of new...
  10. Grosseschnauzer

    [private] housekeeping thr Court area of the forums

    We have a lot of closed or abandoned threads in the public and private parts of the Courts area that really ought to be archived; the archival areas already exist and archival does not affect any release of private Court discussion threads, and even if it did, all that would be required is the...
  11. Grosseschnauzer

    [private] PWL's declassification request

    PWL declassification request thread In looking at the language of the standing rule on such requests, there needs to be a showing of "compelling" circumstances when a matter is less than six months old but preceeded the current Court term. In reading PWL's request, all I see from him and...
  12. Grosseschnauzer

    Something I'm considering......

    As shown in this post at Old Blue, next week on July 19th, will make my 9th anniversary of continuous service in the Regional Assembly: GS post to request RA memberhip of 19 July 2005 That date, more or less, was the first day nations could join the Regional Assembly under the Constitution...
  13. Grosseschnauzer

    Return GS to the Court -- it needs experienced new blood!

    The Court of The North Pacific is in a rut. It seems incapable of taking action when it should to address those issues that impede trials and meaningful reform, and has issued decisions on review that often seem more partisan written in a logic that is often hard to follow as it careens...
  14. Grosseschnauzer

    Proposal to repeal current FOI Act

    The Regional Assembly, recognizing that the numerous flaws in the current text of Section 6.2 of the Legal Code has presented numerous problems and raises numerous questions as to what exact should be disclosed or not disclosed, and when, if ever, dsclosed, and that the interest of fairness...
  15. Grosseschnauzer

    A Compromise on Religious Observance

    In response to numerous requests that I put forward this compromise proposal as a separate bill, I am now doing so. As I noted, previously in the other thread, the reason I took the approach I did is because of the language of Clause 2 of the Bill of Rights My proposal of a compromise meets...
  16. Grosseschnauzer

    The Omnibus Legislative Corrections Act

    I hereby propose the following amendment to the Constitution with a coordinating amendment to the Legal Code to implement the Constitutional amendment. It is based on the procedure that was in place under the prior Constitution and Legal Code, and in effect provides an expedited unanimous...
  17. Grosseschnauzer

    Request for Review and Injunction

    May It Please The Court of The North Pacific: Petitioner is a member in good standing of the Regional Assembly, and as such has standing to seek review and an injunction concerning the subject matter of this Petition for Review and Injunction. Recently, the Regional Assembly passed the...
  18. Grosseschnauzer

    Appointment of New Global Moderators

    On behalf of the admin team, I am making the following announcement (thanks to punk d for the draft): [/big]
  19. Grosseschnauzer

    Admin Team Announcement

    In the past couple of months, we've been short two active admin due to RL demands, and the remaining active admin began a discussion on adding admin to the team. While two names were put forward, there was a feeling among a majority that we only needed to add one admin at this time. A vote was...
  20. Grosseschnauzer

    Statement from forum administration --

    A statement from the forum administration team concerning Tyler Kazakov [/big]
  21. Grosseschnauzer

    Request for Review, Legal Code sec. 1.2 and 1.3

    I am requesting a judicial inquiry by the Court on the constitutionality of certain lists contained in the Legal Code in view of the Court's judgment in "In regards to the Judicial Inquiry filed by r3naissanc3r Stark on the Minor Error Clause," rendered on 15 March 2013. This inquiry is directed...
  22. Grosseschnauzer

    Adpsammer bans

    A week or so ago, a thread was properly put in the Lockbox that was ad spam, however, the poster who was new and only had two posts, was not banned as he should have been under our policies. Adspammers. including pornspam, are banned on sight, as those violate Zetaboards ToS/ToU. If it is an...
  23. Grosseschnauzer

    [idea for proposed bill] Regional Time Standards Act

    In looking at the threads that were opened during much of my leave of absence, I've notice a trend of increasing confusion over the actual time certain acts are supposed to take place, and confusion over what location reflects that time especially for those in a different time zone. Some of the...
  24. Grosseschnauzer

    Informal medical leave

    Because of some medical issues of my own, and the fact that my RL primary care physician has been out on medical leave involving emergency surgery this past June that still has him available for appointments on a very limited basis, I have taken an informal medical leave from all activity on the...
  25. Grosseschnauzer

    Blizzard issues

    I've had limited access the last 36 hours or so due to a blizzard that hit this area after midday yesterday. 13 inches of snow and 50-plus mph wind gusts do not help things. There have been power problems, cable/internet problems, and what not, and I spent much of Tuesday getting prepared as I...
  26. Grosseschnauzer

    Request for review -- Posting alterated oath of office

    Section 4.1, clause 1 of Chapter 4 of the Legal Code provides that: Blue Wolf II posted the following as his oath of office at Dec 9 2012, 05:46 PM GMT/UTC in the designated thread for posting such oaths in the Delegate's Government area of the forums. Is this posted oath in full compliance...
  27. Grosseschnauzer

    Legal Code Corrections Bill on Elections

    After an inquiry was made about the Speaker's current term of office, it became apparent that the revision of the Legal Code into its current form inadvertently left out the office of Speaker in the provisions of Chapter 4, specifically the seond Section 4.3: It currently reads: This bill...
  28. Grosseschnauzer

    Temporary appointment

    Due to the circumstances that may continue into December (or January) when Eluvatar is expected to be able to resume his duties as an admin, and because my time for the next month or so may be limited due to other commitments, I am going to temporarily promote McMasterdonia as an admin. I have...
  29. Grosseschnauzer

    Time Change

    Most of the United States and Canada return to standard time on Saturday night (actually early Sunday morning) at 2:00 am, local daylight savings time. This effectively means that local time converted to GMT will be one hour behind what it is currently. (0000GMT will be 7:00 pm eastern time or...
  30. Grosseschnauzer

    Motion to recall the Speaker

    I hereby move for the immediate recall of the Speaker of the Regional Assembly for violating the rights of nations of The North Pacific, in that his conduct have violated the following clauses of The Bill of Rights. The Speaker has chosen on more than one occasion to suppress the right of free...