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  1. Cimmerien

    The Royal Archives [Inaius]

    THE ROYAL ARCHIVES Welcome to the Royal Archives, visitor. By order of His Majesty the King, all information concerning the Kingdom of Kaizuniviel, regardless of scope, will henceforth be stored here. Any and all information that you wish to know can be found here. If you have any questions...
  2. Cimmerien

    Tales of the Realm

    30 March 2020 To all who may read this, This thread will be for any stories about Mintoria that do not warrant the need for a separate thread of their own, but nonetheless are canon. These stories can be about anything from the inner working of the government to the day to day lives of the...
  3. Cimmerien

    John’s House of Worldbuilding

    14 November 2019 This house (or thread) is where I will be doing my worldbuilding on Mintoria from this time forward. Anything that I’ve worldbuilt off-forum up to this point will go here, and anything done in the Scraps of Worldbuilding thread will go here as well. This is where everything...
  4. Cimmerien

    Military Numbers Thread (revitalized version)

    To all who are reading this, I’ve taken it upon myself to revitalize the original thread made by Xentherida. Here, you can post the size of your military here, and see how they compare to other foreign militaries. To post here, follow the following format below to create the table: Nation...
  5. Cimmerien

    Correspondence between Cimmeria and Midir [Closed]

    OCC: This thread is established only for correspondence between the Imperial Federation of Cimmeria and the Democratic Districts of Midir.
  6. Cimmerien

    “Under the Frozen Crevice” (Restricted, invite only)

    En route to Gojannesstad-Saint Olaf International Airport Gojannesstad, Goyanes A plane begins to appear and make itself known in the skies. Wilhelm Staedtler, the Prime Minister of Cimmeria, continues his long trek as part of a concerted effort to either reestablish relations, or start with...
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    Omniscienpaedia is a multilingual, free-to-access, advertisement free online encyclopaedia where anyone can make articles about anything including historical and current events, certain topics, famous figures, nation-states, etc. These articles can be made and edited by anyone at anytime and are...
  8. Cimmerien

    “A Visit to the Northeastern Frontier”

    En route to Beaconsfield International Airport Beaconsfield, Kingdom of Prydania [hr] Wilhelm Staedtler looked out the window of his private plane as it was heading towards Beaconsfield International Airport located in the Prydanian capital. While sitting at the desk of his office, he was...
  9. Cimmerien

    The Erasian Restoration Programme

    MESSAGE FROM HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY’S DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS It has come to our attention that several nations are struggling, and are in need of humanitarian aid and relief for a variety of factors. These include, but are not limited to, the ones in Northeastern Craviter and...
  10. Cimmerien

    Embassy of the Cimmerian Empire

    Under the authority of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Matthew VIII, the Department of Foreign Affairs shall establish this channel for the purpose of communicating with foreign states. If you would like to make a correspondence, ask questions, or would like to establish relations with us, then...
  11. Cimmerien

    A New King, A New Kingdom, A New Beginning

    As the Crown Conflict starts to close, changes start to come all across Samaria. Prince Cedric, who to become later, awaits the motorcade that will take to the Church of Samaria for rehearsal. He is seen pacing, thinking about what he'll say about the changes later on. Meanwhile, several...
  12. Cimmerien

    Cimmeria, post Crown Conflict

    It is after the Crown Conflict. The Cimmerian foreign minister has ripped the peace treaty that could've ended hostilities with Cogoria. As an result, a state of war continues to exist between the Federation of Cimmeria, and the First People's Empire of Cogoria. King Miles III, the current...
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    This is my first time posting a thread. Please don't post here. Mod edit: I'm not sure just what you were trying to do here, but you got yourself some attention. Congrats. Closed and archived.