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    Admin Requests

    Done. Done. Done.
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    Old Citizenship Applications

    Sinister Cheat does not pass the security check. Details of this account match details of another account. You are only allowed one account here, so you will need to choose. Midnightlover, Gamartand, and Nimona pass the admin check and are awaiting the Vice Delegate check. Darcania...
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    Admin Requests

    Done. It is done. In future we made need to update the flag image, but it is holding for now. Lord Commander of Darmia, Berkshire and Sir Lou, Darcania, and Mandalo all pass security check. Done and done. Happy Friday! :dance:
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    Cross-Recruitment Thread

    I like this, excellent advice.
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    Amusing IRC Quotes

    :rofl: Yay!
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    Old Citizenship Applications

    Longfordinia and Mister Masses have passed the admin check and are remasked as citizens. I have contacted Mister Masses about a duplicate account "Mr. Masses" and will delete that account once I hear back.
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    Admin Requests

    Asy has been remasked. Is there a particular reason the current Equinox embassy cannot be used? I ask because I don't want to duplicate, and if they want a new one, then we will archive the old one. Before that happens I wanted to check. :( Done. Thank you for the reminder! Should be all set. Done.
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    Oaths of Office

    I, Democratic Donkeys, do hereby solemnly swear that during my term as Minister of Home Affairs, I will uphold the ideals of Democracy, Freedom, and Justice of The Region of The North Pacific. I will use the powers and rights granted to me through The North Pacific Constitution and Legal Code in...
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    Voting: November 2015 Judicial Election

    Court Justices: Flemingovia, abstain, abstain Would you like to reopen nominations? No Attorney General: Gracius Maximus Would you like to reopen nominations? No
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    Who Wants to Be a Minister?

    Thank you. I will be a firm and unforgiving leader.
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    Old Citizenship Applications

    Farnstopia is remasked. :)
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    Too long didn't read
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    I don't wonder about that at all.
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    The Emu War

    Okay, so what kind of sharks do you have in Australia that come out of the water to eat crops? (I'm guessing aquaculture but wanted the laugh)
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    Old Citizenship Applications

    [me]takes a deep breath DrOmni, Olevini, AnarchyApe, Embrines, Kellmachine, and Pasargad are all remasked as Citizens. New Carolina President, Celasur, Elyreon, Wooleystan, and Orlacandravia all pass the admin check and are now all citizens as well. Farnstopia passes the admin check and...
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    Flemingovia for Justice

    You have my support! :D Incidentally, is there a German word for the anticipation of experiencing schadenfreude? :rofl:
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    Admin Requests

    Done and done.
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    I Have...

    I have to say that sounds marvelous!
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    Describe the Person Above You

    ^Does not know the impulse of perpetual hunger because he is not a red blooded American from the U S of A
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    I Just...

    I just decided to go pee.
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    I Miss....

    I miss spamming with the good spammers that liked to have fun and weren't super serial all the time.
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    Word Association

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    What's Under Their Bed?

    I wish! Super jealous of the action Agent Meacham got. ^Any number of arachnids and snakes that are venomous
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    I Have...

    I have my glasses on tonight because I wanted to give my eyes a break from my contacts.
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    Describe the Person Above You

    ^Shouldn't post enticing pics of food when I am hungry. It is rude.
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    I Am...

    I am cold.
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    "No. It's a mystery. A man's at odds to know his mind cause his mind is aught he has to know it with. He can know his heart, but he don't want to. Rightly so. Best not to look in there. It aint the heart of a creature that is bound in the way that God has set for it. You can find meanness in the...
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    I Have...

    I have resurrected this thread.
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    Word Association