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  1. mcmasterdonia

    Deposition of Mcmasterdonia

    I believe I answered this in the post I made on February 3rd. I consider them to be acting as part of a sanctioned intelligence operation through their actions that led to the collation of information submitted to you as evidence both against Castelia himself, against IKEA Rike and against...
  2. mcmasterdonia

    [SC - Nearing Quorum] Commend Arconian Empire

    I think it’s well drafted and overall well written, however I’ve not heard of the player before or the regions they are involved in. I’m not really sure how to assess it based on that. I’m going to vote against for now.
  3. mcmasterdonia

    The AGORA Act

    This doesn’t really make sense when viewed against the contents of the bill and what this proposal actually does. Ultimately if there was more interest in serving as Attorney General and by extension more competence, this bill would not be necessary. As it stands, there tends to be neither and...
  4. mcmasterdonia

    Information of Recourse Act

    I think that is a reasonable solution.
  5. mcmasterdonia

    Information of Recourse Act

    Problem is that often we ban multiple nations within minutes and then they are mod deleted. Seems like a waste of time. Nessie in particular already has a lot to do, so adding unnecessary notifications where it can be avoided seems unduly burdensome.
  6. mcmasterdonia

    Statement on the occupation of Slatos

    Statement on the occupation of Slatos Greetings, I am able to report that moments ago the North Pacific Army, in coordination with a coalition of allies including The East Pacific Sovereign Army, The Black Hawks, Karma, Lone Wolves United, Balder, and JTF have seized control of the region...
  7. mcmasterdonia

    Information of Recourse Act

    Not sure about "serial spammers" though I understand what you're trying to accomplish here. Don't have the exact wording at the moment, but perhaps instead it could refer to the nationstate rules being violated or the nation being deleted by moderators or otherwise warned as a result of a...
  8. mcmasterdonia

    Delegate Question Time

    Funny that you ask. I have been preparing some for release today, but have ran into a bot issue (that was resolved) and now am playing with some archive permissions to make sure citizens can see it... but not non-citizens.. not my strength..
  9. mcmasterdonia

    Delegate Question Time

    This was not part of the standard practice of the last few terms, so we have introduced it this term and I have provided the GA's with a loose template to use in that respect. The one exception where we don't worry about it so much is the serial RMB spammers who are ultimately dealt with by the...
  10. mcmasterdonia

    Volume X, Issue VIII

    Thanks for the update. Cool to hear that roleplay is developing there. I’m curious to see how the monetary system will be utilised.
  11. mcmasterdonia

    [SC - At Vote] Liberate The Union of the Axis Powers

    For as well. I’ve put this proposal before WALL for consideration too.
  12. mcmasterdonia

    A Message in a Bottle

    As I said on the discord, a few people said they forgot to submit! Sorry but the event had to close submissions at some point. However you can say nice things about each other in this thread too, if you like. It doesn't have to be anonymous. Acknowledge the great things each of you contribute...
  13. mcmasterdonia

    A Message in a Bottle

    This message in a bottle has sailed its way to: McMasterdonia This message in a bottle has sailed its way to: Black Cathedral / Em This message in a bottle has sailed its way to: The Great Rise Of Nation This message in a bottle has sailed its way to: Western Vapia This message in a bottle has...
  14. mcmasterdonia

    Deposition of Mcmasterdonia

    I don't believe I said that. Can you clarify the question?
  15. mcmasterdonia

    New Legislation Notifications

    Thank you Mr Speaker! I assent to this bill! Approved. McMasterdonia Delegate of The North Pacific
  16. mcmasterdonia

    Currently Banned

    Banned Dooby for spamming and Scout for the region of New Mexico for spamming/flaming
  17. mcmasterdonia

    Greitbart - Hissy Fit by Slatos

    glad you remembered good article @ACR of Deerfenland!
  18. mcmasterdonia

    A Message in a Bottle

    Final reminder from me! 65 submissions at last check.
  19. mcmasterdonia

    Confirmation of Fregerson as Election Commissioner

    Probably viewing their profile and some of their recent posts would be useful background to that question.
  20. mcmasterdonia

    Retaliatory Recruitment Maintenance

    Slatos has been added to the retaliatory recruitment list.
  21. mcmasterdonia

    Announcement: Endorse Your Heart Out

    Overview | Winners | Scoreboard: Increase in endorsements given | Scoreboard: Percentage endorsed | Scoreboard: Endorsed the Delegate & Vice Delegate | Scoreboard: TNP RMB Hero | What is "Endorse Your Heart Out" all about? It is the season of love with Valentines Day right around...
  22. mcmasterdonia

    Complaint against Bear/Slatos

    Name of Complainant: McMasterdonia on behalf of the Government of The North Pacific Name(s) of Accused: @Bear aka Slatos Date(s) of Alleged Offense(s): February 9/10th 2020 Specific Crime(s): Section 1.1: Treason 2. "Treason" is defined as taking arms or providing material support to a group...
  23. mcmasterdonia

    Currently Banned

    Hellz Hunter (puppet of the guy in the previous post) ejected and banned for continuing to spam.
  24. mcmasterdonia

    Currently Banned

    Joewggyy has been ejected and banned for spamming
  25. mcmasterdonia

    Is McMasterdonia God????

    finally some good fucking news
  26. mcmasterdonia

    A Message in a Bottle

    46 submissions when I checked today! Keep them coming.
  27. mcmasterdonia

    The Call to Serve: Join the NPA

    The third dispatch featuring General @Malphe has been released here:
  28. mcmasterdonia

    Foreign Envoys

    Approved! Welcome.
  29. mcmasterdonia

    The North Pacific Survey and Census 2019

    The gameside advocates survey is open now: