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  1. Gradea

    Grad Wars III: Return of the Gradea

    Hi everyone! I'm back in NS after an extremely busy 1 and a half years and I must say, I matured a lot during my absence lol. Nice to see everyone again! A new Delegate as well who iirc correctly was only appointed WA Minister the last time I was hear. So, hi!
  2. Gradea

    Balder Update

    The Realm of Balder Balder Forum Population - 4,612 nations ~ Delegate Endorsements - 156 ~ Endorsement Cap - 15 ~ Forum Posts - 106,304 Monarchy Queen - Rach Eriksen Crown Prince - North East Somerset Statsraadet (Executive) Statsminister - OnderKelkia Minister of Foreign Affairs -...
  3. Gradea

    The Rather Terrible Joke Thread

    Post bad jokes here! I'll start off. Scroll down.
  4. Gradea

    The Liberal Democrats of TNP

    Platform: Democracy The Liberal Democrats are committed to ensuring that the regional government of the North Pacific are elected in fair and transparent elections. The Liberal Democrats will also work to encourage democratic government in the member states of the North Pacific. Environment...
  5. Gradea

    A Man of Vice (Delegate): Gradea

    Whoops, forget to start a campaign thread. :P If elected as TNP's Man of Vice (or Woman, we have to be politically correct now days chaps), I will limit the power of the trade unions, shut down all the coal mines, and get TNP to withdraw from the World Assembly. Oh wait, Thatcher and I got...
  6. Gradea

    Count to 10 before Cabinet, SC post

    In this game, you have to count to 10 before a member of Cabinet or the Security Council post. 1
  7. Gradea

    Grand Central embassy request

    Name of your region: Grand Central Link to your region's forums: Head of government: 94 Block (Stationmaster) Head of state: Feux (Conductor) Minister of Foreign Affairs: Office currently vacant. Chingis is acting in this position until elections. Short...
  8. Gradea

    Notice to the Cabinet

    --Deleted-- Gradea Sanguine
  9. Gradea

    Q&A with Gradea

    In this thread, you can ask Gradea questions about anything.
  10. Gradea

    TNP Writer's Club

    TNP Writer's Club Welcome to the TNP Writer's Club, a place for writers to share their stories, get advice on worldbuilding and writing and share tips on the ancient art of writing.
  11. Gradea

    Amending Citizenship

    As the Grim Reaper has ceased to be a citizen of the North Pacific, I will be starting a new thread as I wish to see this legislation get through. Chapter 6 "Government Regulations", Section 1 "Citizenship" of the Legal Code will be amended to add the following clause:
  12. Gradea

    WFE suggestion
  13. Gradea

    Rising From the Tomb

    As we are reaching the upcoming WA Delegate elections, I would like to take the chance to nominate the Democratic Republic of Tomb. Tomb (in his half term as Delegate of TNP) served with honour and distinction and was extremely popular with all members of the North Pacific and the wider...
  14. Gradea

    Pacific Underground State embassy request

    Name of your region: the Pacific Link to your region's forums: Head of Government: Newt Head of State: Newt Minister for Foreign Affairs (or equivalent): Vacant Short description of your region: The Pacific is the second largest region in the game and is the...
  15. Gradea

    The Howler: TRR Delegate Election

    GRADEA Editor In what has transformed from a simple election has evolved into one of the most drawnout political sagas in The Rejected Realms' twelve years of existence. Firstly it was Gradea who challenged Unibot, citing the reason that a Delegate should not have served for one year without...
  16. Gradea

    Cormac Stark quits election, Church of Satan sacked

    In what is turning into a shitfest, the Rejected Realms Delegate election has produced another surprise: Cormac Stark has resigned citizenship in the Rejected Realms and has withdrawn from the election. The Church of Satan has been...
  17. Gradea

    Gradea vs Unibot: TRR Delegate election

    I have challenged the incumbent Rejected Realms Delegate for the Delegacy.
  18. Gradea

    Regional Tags Act

    This bill has been written in an attempt to prevent the Delegate from tagging the region however they please.
  19. Gradea

    Archmont embassy request

    Name of your region Archmont Link to your region's forums:nArchmont forums Head of Government: Vacant Head of State: Gradea Minister for Foreign Affairs (or equivalent): Gradea Short description of your region: A neutral, medium sized region with offsite forums, a Regional Assembly and a...
  20. Gradea

    DRAFT: Commend Great Bights Mum

    Applauding the nation Great Bights Mum for their loyalty and dedication to the North Pacific, serving multiple terms as Delegate. Noting that Great Bights Mum particpated in the TNP revolution. Noting that Great Bights Mum has been a citizen of the North Pacific for over ten years, a...
  21. Gradea

    A GradeA Delegate

    Dear concerned citizens, Following the shocking resignation of Delegate Tomb, I have decided to run for Delegate in this Special Election. Before I begin my campaign, I would like to say that I will not suppress any citizen's right to free speech if elected as Delegate. Free speech is a right...
  22. Gradea

    Gradea's Grill

    Welcome to Gradea's Grill, the most refined BBQ & Grill in the North Pacific. Our staff: Owner: [me] Our facilities: Front smoking lounge: Rear smoking lounge: Shooting range: Bowling alley: Credit: Thank you to Ceretis for finding the pictures.
  23. Gradea

    Gradea for Delegate

    Hello TNPers, You may not know me so let me introduce myself to you. I am Gradea, I first joined the game on the 20th of April, 2014 and I identify myself as an Independent in the R/D sphere. Why should you vote for me, I hear you ask? Because I will bring a certain freshness to the North...
  24. Gradea

    The Roosevelt Bar

    Welcome to the Roosevelt Bar, TNP's political chat thread.
  25. Gradea

    Gradea has arrived

    Hello, I have signed up for TNP citizenship. I am a citizen of the Rejected Realms and the South Pacific and is the current Cardinal of Immigration and Foreign Affairs of Werewolves of the Flame and President of Wyvern/
  26. Gradea

    Werewolves of the Flame embassy request

    Name of your region: Werewolves of the Flame Link to your region's forums: Head of Government: Delegate Siburria Head of State: King Alpha Wolf Minister for Foreign Affairs (or equivalent): Gradea Short description of your region: Fun, quirky, silly...