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  1. Nasania

    8 Values Test

    Hi community, Here is an ideology test for you all to enjoy! Here are my results:
  2. Nasania

    [DRAFT] General Election Results

    Good work! From what I see, mostly requires tense adjustment, but punctuation is sound for the most part and sentences flow well. Here is list of my edits.
  3. Nasania

    Regional Assembly Draft

    First off good work on Bill, I think that it needs some more work good start nonetheless. Consequently here is a possible editing of the sentences that I think might make the article flow better. I would very much like to see more elaboration on why the CAIN amendment failed.
  4. Nasania

    Opening Statements

    Thank You Scorch for the appointment and I look forward to working with you as well :)
  5. Nasania

    Oaths of Office

    I, Nasania, do hereby solemnly swear that during my term as Deputy Minister of Communications, I will uphold the ideals of Democracy, Freedom, and Justice of The Region of The North Pacific. I will use the powers and rights granted to me through The North Pacific Constitution and Legal Code in a...
  6. Nasania

    Nasania-Vice Delegate 2017

    Thank You Praetor :)
  7. Nasania

    Nasania-Vice Delegate 2017

    I'd accept only if there were no-one else for the position-in all other cases I would decline a ministerial post. If I am not mistaken, those in the regional assembly include any and all citizens(and citizenship isn't too difficult to obtain) so some new ambitious people that want to score...
  8. Nasania

    Nasania-Vice Delegate 2017

    Thank you for your questions Zyvetskistaahn, here are my answers: I personally prefer if candidates did independent tickets and I will be running as an independent, but I can see the rationale for running on a ticket...It would insure greater harmony in the government if elected as the ticket...
  9. Nasania

    Nasania-Vice Delegate 2017

    :tnp: Security Efficiency, Order-Nasania VD 2017 :tnp: Greetings citizens of the region, My name is Nasania and I first joined Nationstates November 06, 2013 as part of an extra-credit college project. TherRegion I was founded in was the north pacific, but I checked out other regions for a...
  10. Nasania

    Candidacy Declarations: May 2017 General Election

    I accept my nomination for Vice Delegate and decline my nominations for Delegate and Speaker.
  11. Nasania

    Old Citizenship Applications

    I, the leader of The North Pacific nation of Nasania pledge loyalty to The North Pacific, obedience to her laws, and responsible action as a member of her society. I pledge to only register one nation to vote in The North Pacific. I pledge that no nation under my control will wage war against...
  12. Nasania

    Release: Issue XI

    Posted in Europe
  13. Nasania

    Vote: March 2017 Judicial Elections

    Court Justice (select up to 3): Crushing Our Enemies | Abbey | Zyvetskistaahn Would you like to reopen nominations? No Attorney General: abc Would you like to reopen nominations? No
  14. Nasania

    CAIN conference Keyword Density Analysis

    1st Draft:Feel free to make edits to this article. Nationstates is a political game and ideologies do have a place in Nationstates politics-though it may not always be acknowledged as such. My hypothesis is that political ideologies can be measured by taking a tally of the buzzwords the...
  15. Nasania

    Declassified CIA report on Smurfianism

    Was looking around on the Internets and found this: a report on Smurfian Socialism. According to the report, the CIA apparently supported Brainy Smurf in an attempted coup against Papa Smurf's dictatorship during the 1980s.
  16. Nasania

    Release: Issue X

    Posted in Europe
  17. Nasania

    The Speaker's Desk

    Congrats! look forward to your term
  18. Nasania

    The Saga Continues

  19. Nasania

    Opening Statement 2017

    Congratulations Bootsie! Wish you luck!
  20. Nasania

    Results: January 2017 General Election

  21. Nasania

    Vice Delegate's Opening Remarks

    Congratulations Tomb!
  22. Nasania

    Work Availability Acknowledgement

    Forum Name: Nasania Position of Preference: Both Level of Availability: Available at night time. Weekends more so. Discord Name: Nasania
  23. Nasania

    US Navy vs Iran

    I have to agree regarding Iran...though I would be tempted to just sink them myself and say it was "pirates"...Iran is a bandit government anyway..on the other hand that would cause a war and Iran already has atomic bombs, or at least the ability to make one in a few weeks. Warning: my National...
  24. Nasania

    Voting: January 2017 Special Attorney General Election

    Attorney General: Lord Emmanuel Would you like to reopen nominations? No
  25. Nasania

    US Navy vs Iran

    Shots fired at provocative Iranian ships by US Navy.
  26. Nasania

    German Foreign Minister confused by Trump

    Trump says recent intelligence report about Russian interference in US election is the work of the Nazis(who btw many seem to like Trump), German Foreign Minister is confused when asked for comment: “To be honest, about your question about the comparison with Nazi Germany, I am as perplexed as...
  27. Nasania

    Voting: January 2017 Special Justice Election

    Court Justice: Abstain Would you like to reopen nominations? Yes
  28. Nasania

    Pallaith for Speaker

    Pallaith, you have my official endorsement for speaker. Good Luck!