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  1. Benolia

    Centennial: Who's Interested?

    Benolia will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of its independence this year (the date of which has not been defined yet so I don't have to rush anything), and I was wondering who would be interested in travelling to Benolia to join in festivities. I am open to ideas, but events would likely...
  2. Benolia

    Aeroporia Airlines

    As Benolia's flagship airline, we take pride in ensuring that your trip is stress-free and comfortable from start to finish. Aeroporia is proud to offer a variety of services and experiences unlike anything else in the sky. Chose from two flight options to fit your needs, and let your journey...
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    Overview of Benolia

  4. Benolia

    Midir-Benolia Trade Agreement

  5. Benolia

    [CLOSED] Air Benolia

    On April 25, Air Benolia and its subsidiaries began a merger with Alexandria Airlines and Air Genovia to form Aeroporia Airlines.
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    The Benolian Embassy

  7. Benolia

    Embassy Programme

    This thread is non-cannon. Now located here.
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    Colonia Embassies

    The Republic of Great Colonia Pax et Libertas Fellow Nations, Nations interested in applying for an Embassy with Colonia are asked to fill out the application at the bottom of this post. If any information filed in the application is found to be incorrect, your application will be rejected. Do...
  9. Benolia

    An(other) Introduction To The Cascades

    A few weeks ago I said that I was taking a break from NationStates. Since than, many things have changed and there are lots of new faces in the North Pacific. I find it fitting that I reintroduce myself to you all. (Feeling lazy and short on time, I have determined to use the form available in...
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    Good bye

    I am quiting Nationstates. My time here has been fun, and I may come by and visit some time. But for the time being I can no longer play. Good bye, Casc
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    Cascadia Embassy Program

    Nations interested in applying for an Embassy with The Cascadian Commonwealth are asked to fill out the application at the bottom of this post and return it to the Cascadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If any information filed in the application is found to be incorrect, your application will...
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    August Council Chair Election

    August Peace Council Chairperson Election This Election, the North Pacific Treaty Organization's Peace Council will select a Councilor that will serve as the body's Chairperson until the next election in four months. Please choose one of the following candidates and submit your vote in the...
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    I need to add a Military section to my Factbook. Here's the problem: I have never made a Military Factbook and I don't know where to start. Do any of you have any advice on creating this section? It shouldn't be long, just three or four paragraphs. I want this to be a modern military, and not to...
  14. Benolia

    Nomination for Council Chair

    Peace Councilors, I would like to call for nominations for Council Chairperson below. The Councilors that may nominate and/or be nominated for Chairperson are the representatives from Plembobria, Eumenor, New Sekai, or Guslantis. Thank you, Delegation from Cascadia
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    North Pacific Space Station

    Outer Space Treaty ~ Outer Space Treaty Organization As passed by the Assembly of the Outer Space Treaty Organization, the member nations of the Outer Space Treaty may now discuss and plan the construction of the North Pacific Space Station in this thread.
  16. Benolia

    The Flag Shack

    There has been many Flag / Coat of Arms Design Shops popping up in this forum, about three that I know of. I wasn't terribly impressed by their work, so I have created my own! Here you can make requests on Flag designs, and I will get to them as soon as possible. I will accept Flag requests...
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    A New Look For Cascadia?

    A New Look For Cascadia? As you may have noticed, the flag of Cascadia has been updated. It is no longer the boring, 20th Century design "The Dough Flag". Instead it is a cleaner, more modern blue flag, with reminiscence of the old one: The original douglas fir design as been transferred to the...
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    ARCHIVED: Election in Cascadia

    Cascadian Presidential Elections Voting has begun in the July election of the President of The Cascadian Commonwealth. As per the Constitution, the President is to be elected every seven months, and may run for reelection only once. On Tuesday, July 26, 2016, Cascadia will have a new President...
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    Blogger Of The Year 2

    Blogger of The Year Contest 2 The Ministry of Culture will be hosting another contest to decide the TNP Blogger of The Year. The last one was kind of a dud, but we hope this time around we will be able to grant this shiny award to the best TNP Blogger, as well as having the Blog pinned in this...
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    The Cascadian Times [Temporarily Closed]

    The Cascadian Times[hr] The Premier News Organization in Cascadia! [/spoiler]
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    Stories of The North Pacific feature: Guslantis

    Stories of The North Pacific feature: Guslantis For the next volume of Stories of The North Pacific, the Executive Staff of the Ministry of Culture has chosen to feature: The Factbook of Guslantis. Congratulations to its author, Guslantis! As a featured author, Guslantis is welcome to display...
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    Cascadian History

    Here, you can find the current written history of the Cascadian Commonwealth. I would like your input on this draft, so please tell me if you want anything added. On a cold November night, thousands upon thousands of squirrels from the forests of Cascadia (Then a province of Darcania) began an...
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    Committee of Interregional Cultural Cooperation (CICC)

    At the request of Lord Ravenclaw, I have posted this thread to provide information about the Committee of Interregional Cultural Cooperation. This is due in part because the election is close to ending, and he would like the new Cabinet to be informed about this. I was contacted on May 16 by...
  24. Benolia

    Festival of the Arts

    The Festival of the Arts Hello TNPers! I am [me], the Minister of Culture. I have recently announced that the Culture Ministry will host a Festival, showcasing the talented artists and writers of The North Pacific. So now, without further ado, the Ministry of Culture presents; The Festival of...
  25. Benolia

    Festival of the Arts

    AN ANOUNCMENT FROM THE MINISTRY OF CULTURE After announcing my plans on creating a Festival of the Arts in the Culture Ministry, it was brought to my attention that I should publicly announce this endeavour. So, I would like to announce that on the 23 of this month, the Culture Ministry will be...
  26. Benolia

    Cascadian Factbook [REMOVED]

    Removed: You can find my Factbook here. Thanks, [me]
  27. Benolia

    The Sentence Chain

    The Sentence Chain Hello, esteemed members of The North Pacific. I present to you my forum game: The Sentence Chain. Yes, I am aware I spelled Sentence wrong in the title. :duh: It's quite simple to play; Just change one word in the last Sentence posted. It has to make sense but have fun...
  28. Benolia

    Don't Break The Chain

    The Chain This topic will be used for discussions on the 19-issue story, dubbed The Chain, recently posted by Issue Editor Sanctaria on the NationStates News page. I created this to talk to you all about issues from The Chain, but you may discuss anything related to the post. Here is a copy of...
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    [CLOSED] Outer Space Treaty Organization

    Outer Space Treaty ~ North Pacific Space Station Inspired by the success of The Outer Space Treaty, The Cascadian Commonwealth has created The Outer Space Treaty Organization. This organization shall be comprised of a representative from willing signers of The North Pacific Outer Space Treaty...
  30. Benolia

    The Green Party

    Platform: Environment The Green Party believes that each individual nation has a responsibility to care for the environment. We promote the preservation and restoration of the natural environment and the use of safe renewable resources. Justice The Green Party believes in the principles of...