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    It's amazing what one comes up with when they Google "NPD". Ouch.
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    Fedele for MoCE

    I'm sure you don't want to read through a pile of rhetoric and I sure as hell don't feel like typing it right now so I'll just get to the point. The University has not worked out like I hoped it would. Though there was a lot of support for the idea, there has been absolutely no interest in...
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    Some Like it Hot

    London experiences blistering heats reaching a new record of 97 degrees. Wow... :rofl:
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    IRC Virus

    Well, right now I am just sitting at my computer, chillin, trying to pry a virus off of my computer that someone apparently gave me when I was on IRC. Seeing as there are two channels I use on IRC, #TNP and #LWU, I have a fairly limited selection of suspects, don't I? Evil/Blue Wolf, Limitless...
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    NS Government Philosophies

    Yes, those without founders or delegates. Having a forum also places a region in a dictatorship run by the administrator though it would be easily overthrown simply by creating a new forum.
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    Fedele is Leaving

    I can't take this crap anymore. I've decided to go on a seven day cruise. Today. Ciao for now.
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    Fed's Blog

    The other day I went to a baseball game. I sat back in my seat and watched the Astros tear Colorado a whole new asshole and wished I had gone ahead and bet money on them. In nine innings the score was at a remarkably close 12 to 2 in favor of the 'Stros. I always loved watching anything from...
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    Fedelian Olive Oil

    Fedelian Olive Oil is made from the finest ingrediants from Fedele in the small but strong spirited town of Sardinia. Fedelian Olive Oil is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction both in the kitchen and elsewhere. Any orders for 'olive oil' should be made through private message. Orders for...
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    The History of NationStates by Blackadder

    As culled from the most Ancient of Libraries in NS I give you the History of the Pacific. It is a work in progress so patience Comrades. In the beginning there was the book, conceived and wrought out of the Mind of the Great Architect Maxious. He caused this book to be opened and it began to...
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    Fed for Cult and Ed

    I have no speech. Questions are welcomed.
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    Fedele's Portfolio

    I'll buy: $1,000 in DELL $500 in GOOG
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    Proposed Amendment

    I know it's not much but it's a good place to start.
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    If I were delegate...

    Remember, t'is the OOC forum ;) :rofl: If I were the delegate I would post random Rocky Horror quotes in the RMB and talk to everyone in a very suggestive tone.
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    Fedele's Philosophies

    The cup that claims to be half full is usually just a pompous bastard.
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    NationStates 2 (NOT REALLY NS2)

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    Song Quotes

    Simply post a selection from a song that stands out to you for one reason or another or that you have a particular fondness for. It is generally taboo for the selection to be the chorus of the song.
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    Happy birthday DD!

    :mellow: Merry date of birth
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    My ULTIMATE BAND would be: Vocals: Roger Daltrey (The Who) - Such diverse vocals. He ranged from the fast paced and tough "My Generation" to "Behind Blue Eyes". Drummer: Neil Pert (Rush) - This was a tough call but I would have to say that he is just a tad better than Bonham. Pert had...
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    Fallen Angels

    In the depths of Scarcendome city in the heart of Fedele, there walked Louis Pericoloso, a notorious capturer of criminals and professional assassin who was employed by none other than the ruling Fantoccini family. He walked along the sidewalk solemnly looking down at the ground yet still...
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    Most Devout Nations

    I believe that is the first time I have been in the top 200 in TNP although I had a used puppet hit #4 in the RR. :drink:
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    Did anybody watch the Rosebowl? My God, that game was intense. UT against USC. I stopped watching at about the beginning of the 4th quater cause I damned near had a heart attack. Texas pulled the win. *Fedele thanks God for DVR
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    Random Superpowers

    OOC: In this thread your character can obtain and use random super powers. This RP is by no means within the realms of reality and being completely absurd is not only allowed but is in fact encouraged. Bird Boy was enjoying the warm weather while taking a morning stroll on the lake as he did...
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    Hey, welcome to The North Pacific. I think you can find just about anything that interests you here and, if you look hard enough, you'll find some cool people too. We are known primarily for democracy and the diamond "importing" industry. To become a registered voter, click HERE Also, If you...
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    This is so funny CLICK HERE
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    Authoritarian Democracy...? Is that similar to Anarcho-Fascism?
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    History: The Moralistic State of Fedele began as an island with no form of government. For 50 years, large families on the island fought each other in a brutal series of vendettas until those caught up in the middle of the fighting cried out for a saviour to deliver them from the turmoil that...
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    The Delivery

    Fedele Fantoccini lit a cigarette as he walked out of the rain into the sanctuary the bridge made for the homeless in that area of Houston. With the noisy freeway to the right of him he walked forward and looked to his left for the package. He saw what he had come for next to an old man wearing...
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    Draw Your Own Conclusions

    I was politely invited by Eurosoviets to discuss politics on the Allied States of EuroIslanders (RLA Member) forum (whose members were not so polite and accepting, I later found out). I, beside a fascist that was on there debating them, debated with them insisting that Fascism is not the same...
  29. Fedele

    Taking a Stance

    Now, in light of what I have seen, I think NPIA should take a personal stance on the matter of forum crashing. Given my dual roles I don't think I should be one to write up a rough draft (or any draft, for that matter) but I do think that we should have a piece of legislature proposed in which...
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    What regions or organizations have y'all been a part of in the past other than TNP? I have been founder of The Lone Wolves United, general of the sequal (Lone Wolves United), delegate of Star Wars, Delegate of Vineyard, member of The Towers of Quisling (when it was a bit larger and more...