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    Fare Thee Well

    Well, as some of you may or may not have noticed, I dropped off the face of the Earth for some time. My nations (here and in Stars) CTE'd, I'm honestly kinda surprised that I still have GMOD status, and yet it appears life did not end in TNP. This is a very good thing indeed. I do not intend...
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    Fallout 3

    I will be away for a while. It is delicious. I will be back later. Kthxbai.
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    In re: Re-election

    From Felasia - I'm requesting the court to hold all re-voting on the election for CLO and Delegate. Reason: The Council of Lower Officers have no jurisdiction all power that's defined by the constitution to make a decision regarding the reelection. They can only halt the vote or any bill...
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    Elect Tresville!

    No, seriously, that's the man that needs to be the Delegate. I can honestly say that, in my 4 years of North Pacificanism, there are fewer than ten people that I can say I have never considered a remote threat to the region, and he is in the short list. It's kind of sad that "hey, I won't go...
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    Bill Proposal

    In response to Elu's concerns about the legality of kicking a recruiter that specifically indicated refusal to abide by Haiku week.
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    Another short absence

    Due entirely to Meghan Elizabeth Zeigler, born at 0021 this morning. LJ later - must sleep or will die.
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    This is TNP, is it? Nice place you have here.
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    Well, stuff be messed up, yo. Feel free to correct me, but I am currently charged with the enforcement of a legal code which is a.) not recognized by the de facto rulers, and b.) apparently in need of a significant overhaul, according to the GiE. So, in the face of such adversity, let's just...
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    For anyone that happens to read tonight (as far as the US definition of tonight is concerned), is giving away a program which will allow you to create, administer, and analyze tests online. You know, for the end of the classes here and such. The only catch is that you have...
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    A quick query.

    Do any of our players (RL) reside in the New Orleans or So. LA area, perchance? I may need to ask a small favor . . . :shifty:
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    Resignation as Speaker

    To put it very simply, I am not the right person for this job right now. We are at a point where our Assembly needs activity, and it needs a focus, drive, and singular devotion from its leader that I, for various reasons, am simply unable to provide at this moment in time. I want to very...
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    Closed: Board of Regents Nominations

    Please nominate your selves or others here - we will vote in 7 days.
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    The Elections!

    First, thank you all for not requesting my head - I now remember why the old router was the old router. :no: I am going to Office Depot this very night to purchase a new one, and will have the votes counted and certed tonight (if all goes well) or tomorrow (if it takes a bit). Bless the lot...
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    Nomination Thread

    Nominations close 2359 GMT on August 12, Polls open 0000 GMT August 20. All those interested in running, please sign up here. Same with folks that anyone wishes to nominate to office.
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    Notice of Intent to seek Recall from Office

    Pursuant to Article V, Section 9 of the Constitution, I hereby serve notice that i intend to solicit support from a least 15 members of the Regional Assembly to initiate a Recall proceeding against Joshua, as Deputy Minister of Culture and Education , based upon his statements and actions in...
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    Notice of Intent to seek Recall from Office

    Pursuant to Article V, Section 9 of the Constitution, I hereby serve notice that i intend to solicit support from a least 15 members of the Regional Assembly to initiate a Recall proceeding against Blue Wolf II, as Minister of Culture and Education , based upon his statements and actions in this...
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    Help me, deusche-sprechers!

    I need a synonym for "doom" (or something similar) that starts with the letter M. My reasons are my own, and I'll brook no grammatical corrections of my title. GO!
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    Office of the Attorney General

    Howdydoo. So, who wants to be a Deputy AG?
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    TNP vs. Mesian

    COURT OF THE NORTH PACIFIC THE NORTH PACIFIC -V.- MESIAN (Defendant) The Ministry of Justice, on behalf the North Pacific, charges - 1.) That on or about the Twenty-Second day of October, 2006, the Defendant did attempt to infiltrate, through the use of puppet nations and...
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    Seriously, who pissed off the deity?

    I don't have an official count yet, but I recall no fewer than seven spotted tornados reported last night. We had 1.57" of rain in an 18 minute period. My brother ended up working an extra 6 1/2 hours last night, most of it sitting by his flooded patrol car keeping idiots from trying to do the...
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    Request for Review

    What, praytell, would be the ramifications for all involved if a candidate for office had their name misspelled on the ballot, and then some of the votes were cast for the name as it was spelled, and the others for the correct spelling? You know, just wondering.
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    The Running of the Byard

    Posting without a second for my nomination yet - I am bold! In any case, I am largely going to operate in the Q&A format used in the past. This will be like 6 or 7 or 8 or so times on the SC, but my first shot at the Ministry of Justice. Other than having every intention, should a case arise...
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    Be it enacted by the Regional Assembly of the North Pacific - Cognizant of the role of shared national events in shaping and maintaining the culture of a region, and mindful of the importance of a regions history and the lessons it may contain, The North Pacific hereby recognizes the...
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    MoCE Directive 1

    I want classes open by 4-15. What do we need to get that done?
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    The Subfora

    Lectures and Seminars - This is, effectively, the true "classroom" portion of the University. As such, good, heated debate is always welcome, but we need to ensure that we remain respectful of the participants and their viewpoints - personal attacks will NOT be tolerated. The only people who...
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    Chancellor Vote Thread

    Please rank all applicants for chancellor, 1 being your first choice, 2 being your second, etc. Winner will be determined upon overall ranking by all regents, myself excluded.
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    University Chancellor Applications

    The position of Chancellor of the University of the North Pacific is defined by the following : Applicants for the position may express such interest here. In the interest of speed, applications will be accepted until February 23, 2007. A vote will open among the Regents on February 24, and...
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    Regents, ASSEMBLE!

    Please post here to confirm access to the forum.
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    Byard for MoCE

    Hey, turns out I'm running for this as well! Stand by for a platform later today or tomorrow.
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    Byard for SC -

    All right, shoot.