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  1. Arthur Somerset

    April 2021 Update

    Foreign Update April 2021 Parliament Keeps Busy Throughout the 48th Imperial Parliament, both the House of Commons and House of Lords have kept busy with various topics of legislation. The House of Commons tabled the Criminal Law Omnibus, a beast of a proposal and a noble attempt to clean up...
  2. Arthur Somerset

    March 2021 Foreign Update

    HMG Foreign Update Early March Update February 2021 Parliament Election Results Theodore Bedford (BRP): 15 votes (10.49%) Alistair Brandon (IND): 20 votes (13.99%) Eli Hesial (TA): 8 votes (5.59%) John Laurens-Wessex (SPOG): 16 votes (11.19%) Madeline Norfolk (TA): 15 votes (10.49%)...
  3. Arthur Somerset

    February Update

    Below may be found the link to a published Google Document containing the Kingdom of Great Britain's Early February Foreign Update: Update | Issued 6 Feb. 2021
  4. Arthur Somerset

    January/December Update

    For our foreign update this time, it can be found in a dispatch at the following link, but I have also posted a screenshot here!
  5. Arthur Somerset

    October/November Foreign Update

    His Majesty’s Government The Monarchy King: HRBM Charles III Prince of Wales: HRH William Rhys Prince Royal: HRH John Lancaster-Stuart HM Civil Executive Government Prime Minister: Madeline Norfolk Deputy Prime Minister: JayDee Bonaparte Home Secretary: Zel Norfolk Foreign Secretary...
  6. Arthur Somerset

    Coronation Invitation

    To our friends in The North Pacific, we invite you to attend the coronation of our new Monarch! To attend, we have culture visas which may be applied for on the cultural terminal in the naturalization centre of our forums! We hope to see you there!!
  7. Arthur Somerset

    Foreign Update | 9 September 2020

    The Abdication of HRBM King Henry IX On August 4th 2020, His Royal Britannic Majesty the King, in a shocking letter, announced that he would be stepping down from duties as Sovereign of the Kingdom of Great Britain. Henry IX ascended the Throne during a time of great strife and uproar, and...
  8. Arthur Somerset

    May 2020 Update

    Foreign Update || May 2020 King: Henry IX Prince of Wales: Charles Lancaster-Stuart Prime Minister: William Rhys Lancaster Deputy Prime Minister: Crushita T. Telcontar Internal Affairs Secretary: Madeline Norfolk Foreign Secretary: John Laurens-Wessex Roleplay Secretary: William Rhys...