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    Savattenstad Convention

    With the world entering a new era of heightened tension and conflict, the nations of Saintonge and Xentherida have deemed it necessary to stem this tide of violence, especially acts directed towards the most vulnerable. Therefore, on April 1st 2021, a set of rules for war were drafted as an...
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    2nd Dučrijekan War OOC Thread

    Click me for the IC thread, or me if you want to apply for your military forces to be a part of this RP. I will be using this thread to post basic maps and information regarding the thread. Feel free to ask any questions about the RP, whether it's OOC information on Dučrijekan history that led...
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    2nd Dučrijekan War expeditionary forces list

    Click me for the IC thread! You don't need approval in here if your post is not military related. Looking for more OOC information? Click me. Please post here if you wish to get your military to be involved in the Andrennian offensive in the 2nd Dučrijeka War; all requests must be approved by...
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    This thread is no longer for the 2nd Dučrijekan war, and is now solely focused on the terrorist attack on the Andrennian parliament and the build-up to war. If you are looking for the thread for the 2nd Dučrijekan War, click me here. “I wish you good luck, my brother.” The van was ready, its...
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    Military Equipment Information

    Throne to post snippets of information about any military information from your country - about weapons, maneuvers, battles, strategies, anything. Stridsvagn-46 An early model of the Stv-46, fitted with a PSM-43 76.2mm anti-tank gun. As the Fascist War continued, and Dominion tank designs...
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    Eras Wikibox Thread

    Got a wikibox for a conflict or event that you want established in Eras canon? Post it here. Want to make a wikibox? Here's a couple of websites that you can create them on.
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    The Republic of Dučrijeka

    The Republic of Dučrijeka Population: 6,100,000 Density: 22.53/km² Capital: Brzevoda Largest City: Dolizna Official Languages: Dučrijekan Demonym: Dučrijekan Government: - Predsednik: Ensar Berović - Premijer: Redžep Zovko Legislature: - Unicameral House: Kuća Naroda Establishment: -...
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    Sapphire Dream

    Visit the OOC thread before posting: Note: All translations spoilered at the bottom. August 2nd, 2018 'The fuck are they?' Jens had been sitting out here in the sweltering heat for so long. His cool bottle of Rāne had done little to keep him...
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    Sapphire Dream - OOC thread

    Thread to talk about the Sapphire Dream Hotel Siege thread, and drop your character here. IC thread: Roles: Civilian: A bystander caught in the middle of the siege. Roleplay your character from your nation, describing their journey and...
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    Pieces of Aterkom

    I've made this thread to put the random pieces I write about Aterkom on discord. YOU HAPPY NOW MJ Aterkom's creation: Due to dissatisfaction with King Sven II's taxation increase which was used to fund yet more lavish celebrations for himself, the ONXS (Organisation for the New Xentheridan...
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    Xentherida's Revenge on her Detractors.

    The silo door swung open, and with a colossal rumble an enormous missile slowly climbed out of the hatch, flames erupting from the end. It gained altitude quickly, and began to arc high, high into the sky, streaks of condensation trailing from the end. It climbed, and climbed, and climbed...
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    A Thousand Wishes OOC thread

    IC THREAD HERE. OOC Thread for the NAU siege of the hotel "A Thousand Wishes". Sign up is required. INFORMATION: The Neo-Aterkom Union, having found secret documents meant for destruction in a high-security vault in a bank in Marcadia, Central Xentherida, have teamed up with the Cogorian...
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    A Thousand Wishes

    SIGN UP ON THE OOC THREAD HERE FIRST Note: All translations spoilered at the bottom. June 2nd, 2017 'Sir, phone call for you. It’s some people who say they can help us with that traitor problem'. Samuel took a long drag on his cigarette. Chief Clerk Rakatov had asked for his help in finding...
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    A Nation on Edge OOC thread

    Took the liberty of setting up an OOC thread for this RP to prevent the IC thread from getting clogged up. Voice complaints, concerns, and queries here, along with the general out-of-character discussion. IC THREAD HERE
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    Xentheridan declarations of war.

    After joining the Treaty of Verum, which has absolutely no contingencies, approval, checks, or anything at all, Xentherida would like to officially declare war on the following nations: ABC Kaschovia Lebanoro Greenstead These nations, as per the ToV's terms ("...henceforth becomes an ally of...
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    Hands Up

    (OOC: Sign up here!) Nadja smiled to herself. The NAU had managed to close in a deal with De Tünnel Ormar, the notorious Xentheridan gang. The next stage of the plan could go ahead. Fritjolf walked around the corner, where a Tünnel Ormar member stood in a doorway. ‘That’s her. Katarina...
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    Hands Up - Signups and OOC thread

    I'm beginning the story arc of the NAU, and for the first RP there will be a bank robbery. For those interested in character RP in a bank robbery, sign up here. For now, you will be unavailable to RP as a robber, unless (by Saturday) you request that you want to be a robber, then you will be...
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    Taken Ill

    (OOC: Feel free to RP your government offering sympathy, or whatever) A rich smell of oak hung throughout the air of the House of Commons. In the middle of the front row, upon the green cushions of the bench, sat Harald Blomstedt, the incumbent Prime Minister. Politely listening to the...
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    Xentheridan Military Industries

    The leading arms corporations of Xentherida have temporarily banded together as Xentheridan Military Industries in order to provide the countries of Eras with arms to provide the countries (and other groups) of Eras arms and ammunition. As time progresses, more and more products will become...
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    The Pact Against Cimmerien Aggression

    As a result of the Kingdom of Cimmerien's declaration of war on the Armed Republic of Cogoria, following the Crown Conflict that has erupted on the northern peninsula of Cogoria, the Grand Federation of Xentherida motions the International Association of Nations to create the Pact Against...
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    Military Numbers Thread

    Due to the success of my previous two threads, I decided to create a military sizes thread. Post the sizes of your military here, and the necessary information, and see how you compare! Download the military numbers file here! For the percentages, use this website. Replace the Xs with...
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    Twas the night before Christmas in Xentherida. Children across the nation would wish upon the dark skies for Santa Claus to deliver presents, all placed carefully beneath the Christmas tree. Stockings were hung by beds and chimneys, anticipating their filling. Each tree - firs, harvested from...
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    Hijack OOC Thread

    As you may have seen, several months ago I typed a closed RP called One Man's Trash. It was a prelude to this RP. In this, Xentherida's Space Agency (the XSA) has created a space probe to land and examine the planet Ao, one of the binary planets (details here). We're sending out invitations for...
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    ARCHIVED: Hijack

    (OOC: BEFORE SIGNING UP ON A WHIM, READ THE OOC THREAD!!) The Grand Federation of Xentherida is delighted to announce the launch of a space probe, the Inquisitive, which will land upon the surface of Ao, one of the binary planets. This is a momentous occasion in the history of space travel...
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    Currency Thread

    Seeing as my cities thread went reasonably well, I decided to start up a currency thread. Submit yours, and I will convert it against every listed currency. Drawing tables is hard. Updating a second spreadsheet is harder. So instead, I have a copy of the master file here, which will be updated...
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    Maps of Xentherida V2

    Because I'm too lazy to update my old topic, here is a list of maps of the new Xentherida. If you have any ideas for maps, just ask. Currently in the works: Road+cities map, road+cities+states map, relief map.
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    The End is Nigh

    Darkness. Darkness consumed the outer depths of space, only interrupted by the tiny pinpricks of light that were the stars, hundreds, thousands, millions of light years away. An enormous asteroid, eight hundred kilometres in diameter, drifted through the loneliness of the asteroid belt...
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    Non-canon RP idea

    So, if any of you have seen You, Me and the Apocalypse, you'll have an idea what this will be about. This is a non-canon RP in which a 10 mile comet/asteroid/meteor/whatever is headed in a direct collision course with Eras. Each person will RP one select character who makes it into this...
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    Major Cities

    As there is a population thread listing general populations, I realised that there is not a thread for major cities, so I came up with one. Cities over 1,000,000 only are in the list. For each city submitted, please state the city name, population, country, if it is a capital, the % of the...