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    Fellow Citizens! I, Lorbank officially end this game now. The reason why I decided to finish this game is that I didn't have enough time to follow the changes of this community, and therefore became lost between a lot of new people. Other reason is that, I feel that I didn't give anything plus...
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    LORBANKIAN NEWS [font=Monaco] [hr] This topic will be used for publishing news in connection with Lorbank. In order to give exact and trustworthy informations about news in Lorbank, the national newspaper of the country, the Daily Monitor will be used. News will include politics, economy...
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    Highlights of sport events

    Hey sport lover nations! I created this topic for everyone to post the highlights of the actualy games. It can be any kinds of sports; football, basketball, ice hockey or rugby. I hope more and more people will use this topic and post their matches' videos or photos. :)
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    Lorbankian coach resigns

    The former coach of the Lorbankian national football team, Antoine Sabala (2013 - 2016) resigned on th 25th of September 2016. The reason why he resigned was the poor performance on the 2017 North Pacific Cup Qualification. After two matches, Lorbankan is the 3rd within its group with 2 draws...
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    Kaschovian leader visits Lorbank

    The Supreme Chancellor of the Grand Parliamentary Republic of Kaschovia, Mattheus Kurgkrovski, currently on an official visit to Lisledo, in a meeting with his Lorbankian counterpart President Leslie Burves of Lorbank, with the aim to strengthen Kaschovia-Lorbank ties in financial and sports...
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    Maps about Lorbank

    Here are some maps I've made
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    2017 Northern Cup Qualification (CLOSED)

    The next year's Northern Cup qualification starts in 2 months! Before the qualification starts, there's need to be a nation who hosts this competition. The host won't need to attend on qualification, but it will be drawn to a group and it will play friendlies with the group's members. The host...
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    Government formed

    Backgrounds: 21st of February, 2016 was a big day in the history of Lorbank. Presidential and parliamentary elections were held in the same time. The people who had the right to vote (above 18 years), were very active. The election turnout was 70,5%, it means that seven people from ten went to...
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    Election Results

    On the 21st February in 2016, general presidential and parliament elections were held in Lorbank. The counting of the votes was taken one day. The voting turnout was 70,5%. Presidential elections: Leslie Burves (RP) - 63,65% Petro Kijuza (PD) - 18,15% Abed Rupert (LJP) - 8,2% Jake Smith (LL)...
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    Elections in Lorbank

    Lorbank can be categorised to the list of democratic countries, and in every democratic countries, elections are held. The 2016 Lorbankian general election take place on 21 February 2016. This is the 5th election since the end of dictatorship, 1992. The parties are going to fight for 260 seats...
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    Treaty about sister cities

    Treaty about sister cities with Lorbank The Lorbankian cities' foreign affairs politicians were liberated from the control of the government after the Parliament passed the act, the "Liberation of the Cities". So Lorbank's cities are searching after twin towns. These cities can be nominated...
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    [Archive this Plz] Flagmaps

    Hi there! Some of you said that I make very good flagmaps. Well, I can say four words and a smiley: Thank you very much! :worship: If you really want to have a flagmap about your nation in TNP, please send your flag's picture (without ripple!) into this forum. I am going to update the...
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    ARCHIVED: 150th Independence Day

    150th Independence Day of Lorbank Dear nations! On the 1st of September Lorbank celebrates the 150th Independence Day! 150 years ago, Lorbank got its independence on that day from Xentherida's predecessor nation Despotoa. This is a very big and serious point in the history of Lorbank...
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    NP Southest island

    Hi there! As you know some nation would join their forces to make a community in the NP. In this topic you can read a discussion and a vote about the name of the island and the group. 1st half: proposals (1-2nd day) 2nd half: voting (3-4th day) The 1st half starts with this message, after...
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    Bilateral relations with Lorbank

    LORBANKIAN EMBASSY AND COOPERATION PROGRAM In this forum you can apply for an embassy or build up economic relations with Lorbank. Important informations: If you want to apply for an embassy in Lorbank, but you don't want to have cooperations, leave the 'Cooperations' paragraph blank. If...
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    Hello, I would like to be a member of the NP. Nickname: Lorbank Main Nation?: The Republic of Lorbank RL Country?: Hungary Favourite Colour?: Green and Blue Do you use IRC?: Yes Political Ideology?: Conservative Do you enjoy Roleplay or forum games?: Yes