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  1. Pallaith

    Bootsie 4 Squeaker: Back To The Basics

    Bootsie you didn’t finish your last term as Speaker, and had to resign roughly halfway into it. You haven’t been actively engaged in TNP in a long time, should we assume from this run that you’re able to commit the time needed to keep track of what’s going on and manage the team of deputies in...
  2. Pallaith

    [SC - APPROACHING QUORUM] Commend Nephara

    I wish this wouldn't be considered an "unorthodox" nominee, that right there shows the problem. Anyway, grumble grumble. For
  3. Pallaith

    [GA - AT VOTE - AGAINST] Repeal: “Protected Working Leave”

    I’m disappointed so many people here are willing to repeal a resolution from one of our finest on such spurious grounds. The good faith provisions in WA practice exist for a reason. Limiting a repeal argument to possible interpretations that may be seen as a way to get around resolutions is the...
  4. Pallaith

    [SC - WITHDRAWN] Commend Joe Bobs

  5. Pallaith

    The North Pacific Today Master Thread

    Albrook is a she. And if people have questions for the SC, just ask the VD. He has a thread for this.
  6. Pallaith

    The North Pacific Today Master Thread

    Some of you are spending way too much energy on these “serious questions” when you don’t even take this publication seriously. It’s not fun to watch and is starting to come off as mean-spirited.
  7. Pallaith

    [SC - PASSED] Condemn Dalimbar

    For And if he had just let me write it like I offered years ago, he would have had it much sooner, hmph.
  8. Pallaith

    The North Pacific Today Master Thread

    Thanks. I got a good laugh out of that.
  9. Pallaith

    The North Pacific Today Master Thread

    You should put some of this entertaining content in your actual publications. Well done.
  10. Pallaith

    [SC - PASSED] Commend Pallaith

  11. Pallaith

    Comprehensive Overhaul of Elections Act (COE Act)

    Just combine both your election bills. If this one is so comprehensive why does it need a separate bill to do more election tweaks? Then you have to worry about the order you pass them in, which creates potential language ambiguity and is the sort of thing that caused some of the problems you’re...
  12. Pallaith

    The North Pacific Today Master Thread

    Your characterization of N Day is entirely false. And how dare you make me defend Tim!
  13. Pallaith

    [GA - FAILED] Health and Safety Act

  14. Pallaith

    [GA - PASSED] Drug Decriminalization Act

  15. Pallaith

    [SC - FAILED] Commend LadyRebels

  16. Pallaith

    [GA - FAILED] Recreational Drugs Compact

  17. Pallaith

    Reopened Voting: September 2021 General Election

    Speaker: 1. Fregerson 2. Skaraborg 3. Oracle 4. Bobberino
  18. Pallaith

    Request for Exemption: Boston Castle

    Yes. The exemption lasts only for the term of office it was requested. It must be renewed essentially. I assume this is why you voted against this. Now that I have answered your question, I hope you have all the information you need to make a fully informed and sensible decision.
  19. Pallaith

    Skaraborg for Speaker - Continuing the Great Work

    Skaraborg, thanks for addressing my questions. I hope you didn’t feel too attacked with them, I was trying to point out a potential weakness given past experience. The Speaker’s office, especially in recent terms, often has a bunch of deputies, and their performance is never identical. I do...
  20. Pallaith

    Fregerson for Speaker

    For an outsider candidate who has no actual experience in the Speaker’s office, I found this to be a very solid campaign. As a former Speaker who took the job without having prior experience, I know that that experience isn’t everything, and that you can still be capable going in fresh. I’m not...
  21. Pallaith

    Oaths of Office

    I, Pallaith, do hereby solemnly swear that during my term as Advisor to the Delegate I will uphold the ideals of Democracy, Freedom, and Justice of The Region of The North Pacific. I will use the powers and rights granted to me through The North Pacific Constitution and Legal Code in a legal...