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    Applications for the Executive Staff

    As a record, these were accepted.
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    Admin Requests

    Please mask @Tringapore and @Comfed as managers for the Communications Joinable Group.
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    Opening Statement - October 2021

    @Comfed and @Tringapore will be joining me as Deputies.
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    The North Pacific Today Master Thread

    Wasn't created by him. Wasn't introduced by him. Wasn't re-instated by him. Wasn't the GA that voted on him.
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    Opening Statement - October 2021

    Opening Statement Minister of Communications Praetor October 12th, 2021 For several terms now the Ministry of Communications has struggled with content being sporadic and reliant on a select few individuals. The content being produced is typically an uninteresting collection of easily...
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    Admin Requests

    Please mask me as Minister of Communications as appointed here and oath taken here.
  8. Praetor

    New Minister of Communications

    Nothing but news articles about Genshin. ;)
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    Oaths of Office

    I, Praetor, do hereby solemnly swear that during my term as Minister of Communications, I will uphold the ideals of Democracy, Freedom, and Justice of The Region of The North Pacific. I will use the powers and rights granted to me through The North Pacific Constitution and Legal Code in a legal...
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    [SC - WITHDRAWN] Assertion of Mission Statement

    Against. Fascist nations have no rights.
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    Suspension of the Executive Rewards Program

    Oh cool. Makes sense that it was canceled. Outstanding legendaries can be sent to Prae 0. Thanks. :)
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    The NPA Flag Act

    I would like to unironically support this as a member of the NPA.
  13. Praetor

    Sir Kasto Must be Recalled Immediately

    Motion to vote
  14. Praetor

    [SC - FAILED] Liberate The Catgirl Hivemind

  15. Praetor

    The NPA Flag Act

    Because @Former English Colony and I are bunnies and are significant to TNP. I also object to the scheduling for the vote.
  16. Praetor

    The NPA Flag Act

    I'd like to suggest a bunny for the regional animal. Please hop to making this change.
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    Delegate's Office and Questions Thread

    What process will be used in the meantime to determine how the Delegate will vote?
  18. Praetor

    [SC - FAILED] Against Destructive Raiding Practices

    Against. What about war? Is that not a thing...?
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    [GA - PASSED] Drug Decriminalization Act

  20. Praetor

    [SC - PASSED] Statement On The Nuclear Apocalypse

    Against, nukes are fun.
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    Roll Call - September Term

    Appointments: N/A Seeking Appointments: No Willing to take on additional ambassadors at your current appointments: N/A If yes: N/A
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    What are TNP political parties?

    There's not much of a purpose. I've been here since 2016 and haven't seen an impactful political party (yet). Just by creating a platform and encouraging people to join. I will note that parties typically don't have much impact. If you want to create change, you can just propose a law in the...
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    Reopened Voting: September 2021 General Election

    1. < Skaraborg > 2. < Fregerson > 3. < Oracle > 4. < Nubt II >
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    Is Hope Lost Yet?

  25. Praetor

    I am here

    Welcome to TNP and NationStates! Let us know if you have any questions about how TNP or NS works. It's a super diverse game with a lot to take in. :)
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    Opening Address September 2021

    Best wishes in being able to bring TNP up from where it is at. :D Glad to see Sarah in Culture, that's been a long time coming.
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    The North Pacific Today Master Thread

    Close race? Which race was close and how?
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    [SC - FAILED] Commend LadyRebels