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  1. Polshi

    The Force Flyer - Issue XVIII

    [hr] TapaTalkalypse [hr] Zetaboards, the forum software of choice for many notable regions within NationStates, including Force, The North Pacific, The East Pacific, and The Rejected Realms, is being sold to TapaTalk. This means more than just a simple change of host; it means that things like...
  2. Polshi

    The Force Flyer - Issue XVII

    [hr] Finally, peace with SCUT...or at least temporarily [hr] On the 1st of May, Force and the SCUT opened a secret communications line between each other in the midst of war. Talks began slow and there was a great deal of arguing between Renegalle and Morriband. This continued for the next two...
  3. Polshi

    The Force Flyer - Issue XVI

    [hr] Bennisia Here, Bennisia There, Bennisia Out [hr] Bennisia. First Foreign Minister, then ex Foreign Minister, then Foreign Minister again, then non-citizen. How did this happen? During the last Ministrial Elections, they ran for Minister of Foreign Affairs and won; due to a lack of other...
  4. Polshi

    The Force Flyer - Issue XV

    [hr] A Case of Resignation [hr] Elections. For the Minister of Foreign Affairs there was only one candidate, Bennisia. After candidacy announcements were over, being the only candidate, they won. They started out the term very enthusiastically, but after 3 days they unexpectedly resigned. Prime...
  5. Polshi

    Admin Requests

    may you guys please change the Force flag to the current one?
  6. Polshi

    The Force Flyer Special Edition - Issue II

    [hr] Fexit [hr] Today at 12 AM EST, voting to leave the Supreme Commonwealth of United Territories (SCUT) ended. With 13 votes for leaving and 1 abstaining from voting, Force has left SCUT. What prompted all this, you may ask. It was 1 month and 5 days ago that we became serious about leaving...
  7. Polshi

    'The Force Flyer - Issue XIV'

    [hr] SCUT Referendum [hr] Great controversy over our membership in SCUT began after the Emperor of the organization, Morriband, gave orders to all members of our military to stop all military operations ran by Force from happening and move them to SCUT. After this continued to go on, much of it...
  8. Polshi

    New Ambassador Diplomatic Letter

    [hr] Hello people of The North Pacific! Ingloniania has been chosen as the official Ambassador between Force and The North Pacific. Ingloniania has served our region honorably and we believe they will be the best representative of our region. They are currently the Minister of the Military &...
  9. Polshi

    Old Citizenship Applications

    I, the leader of The North Pacific nation of Polshia, pledge loyalty to The North Pacific, obedience to her laws, and responsible action as a member of her society. I pledge to only register one nation to vote in The North Pacific. I pledge that no nation under my control will wage war against...